Some say she's psycho...some say she's funny....some call her a strong competitor.

Many people act differently in the Big Brother house than they do outside the house.
I am not here to judge Rachel actions one way or another but rather to take another view of her and ourselves.

We read in the forums. Rachel’s crazy. Rachel’s Psycho. I believe some people are too quick to judge and often judge too harshly, especially when those they chose to judge (often as a knee jerk reaction) are “not” in the same of room but rather on-screen and unable to respond, explain or defend themselves.
The other evening Jordan noticed the fun and relaxed side of Rachel and mentioned it to Jeff when he was worrying about Rachel state of mind.

If you notice, Rachel appears relatively calm and has actually been somewhat personable during these last few days since Jeff won HoH. She is fine when the pressure is off; when things are going the way of her alliance. She is more personable when competition isn’t necessary. As Jordan indicated, she stresses out from time to time but has her funny moments. During heavy competition or setbacks in the game she will act erratic. But once competition is not a factor, she relaxes and can be friendly.

Calling her psycho may be a rush to judgment where it is done with ease from many who are realxed and on their couches watching from the comfort of their own home, where judgments flow without any fear of repercussion. I hope that next time someone decides to write something disparaging about Rachel or any houseguest, that they will pause to consider the words they choose. To slander a person’s reputation should never be broadcasted lightly and without a fair amount of sober deliberation.