The 53 Reasons Why This is the Worst Season in Big Brother History

1. The Newbies
2. Kalia
3. Lawon
4. Adam
5. (Most of) The Veterans
6. Rachel
7. Daniele
8. The 1000000 floaters that are still in the game.
9. The fact that none of these newbies ever had a shot of winning.
10. The fact that none of these newbies made a single move ever other than being the Veteran’s bitches.
11. The fact that none of these newbies have the balls to vote against the majority.
12. The Golden Key twist and the “throw the veto so your partner can go” easy way out perk that comes with it.
13. Shelly
14. Dick’s early departure
15. Jeff’s arrogance showing too early this season.
16. Kalia’s mouth.
17. The obviousness of it being rigged for Daniele.
18. The horrible, awful cast of newbies.
19. Cassi
20. Lack of Jessie (LOL JK)
21. Not a single Likeable person other than Jordan and (Jeff?)
22. Jeff screwing himself over of winning fan favorite and being liked ever again with Dumbledoregate
23. Dominic
24. The pounding of twists: Duos, Veterans, Golden Keys, Someone is definitely returning. I have no doubt that there will be at least 8 Pandora’s boxes this season.
25. The lack of Coup de ’tat for Jeff and/or Jordan
26. The Regulators – Biggest Fuckup in BB history
27. Porsche
28. Anything Lawon wears
30. Lawon being the worse gay contestant in BB history over a guy who called a girl the c word about 5000 times in 7 seconds.
31. Daniele’s bitchiness
32. Daniele’s whiney voice when she doesn’t get what she wants. “If Dom goes…I will be FURIOUS. OKAY BE QUIET BRENDON!!!”
33. Brendon
34. Rachel’s laugh and voice
35. Lawon’s mouth.
36. More horrible cast than BB9.
37. The fact that when Shelly is playing the best game of the season, you know something’s ***** up.
38. Keith
39. The fact that all of these people combined are probably dumber than Chicken George.
40. Jordan talking about farts every second of every day.
41. The house: why are there 7 bikes just randomly hanging from the ceiling?
42. HOH: Round bed? Really?
44. Julie Chen’s ridiculous questions: How does it feel to have won Big Brother? How does it feel to be alive?
45. The lack of Saboteur (LOL JK)
46. The lack of any good/memorable/likeable player who will even be considered for an all stars season.
47. Dominic’s irritating yelling CONSTANTLY in the DR: BOOYAHH! WHAT!!!! OH YEAH!!!! SORRY ADAM, BUT YOU’RE GOING HOME!
48. The two idiots who throw the veto thinking they’re safe: Keith, Dominic. YOU NEVER THROW A VETO!!
49. The obviousness of Grodbeast rigging the show for the Veterans.
50. The fact that a dumbass like Lawon, Kalia, or Adam will most likely end up winning this season, making it the worst season ever.
51. The fact that Dan and Memphis WEREN’T BROUGHT BACK. Yeah, greatest duo in the last 5 seasons who had the greatest player of all time…Nah let’s not bring them back…instead….HAHAHAH I’M BACK BITCHESSSS.
52. The fact that this season was attempting to be a Fans vs. Favorites, but now it’s just The Clusterfuck Alliance vs. “Dear God Jordan Better Win.”
53. The fact that EVERYONE wanted a real all-stars season, but instead we get this *****.