BB came to Chicago for casting and here is how it went:

It said that casting was being held from 6-9pm so I got there around 5:30pm, but there were already like 30 people in line, something I, myself (and apparently the casting team) were not expecting. They seemed very unprepared. Should have got there at 5pm! Anyway, I waited in line for about 5-10 minutes and all of the sudden Crazy James walks out of the building we are all waiting to get into and hands out these mini sheets of paper for us to fill out info on. They ended up replacing the 13-page applications that we were all told we HAD to fill out and bring. P.S. for the record, he doesn't have pink hair anymore and it is shorter now, so I had to do a double take but it was definitely James.

Unlike Chelsia, James has not gained 20+ lbs. post-break up, and he seems to actually be on Robyn Kass' casting team now. I couldn't help myself... when he came by I told him that he had a very nice penis. I told him that all of the hardcore fans saw it a lot circa 2008. He gave me the most puzzled, uncomfortable look (and I was just joking around, and my tone was obviously sarcastic). Some girl in front of me goes "HA! How often do you hear that, James?" and he goes "...uh, not enough" and just ran back inside. He didn't smile, he actually (of all the casting team) seemed like he was the LEAST excited to be there.

So much for "Crazy" James. Of all the people BB found for season 9 , I hated James less than most (Sharon was robbed on that STUPID guinea pig tie breaker). However, I was like the only fan that said anything to him, and he totally blew me off. Whatever. Glad to see he is living it up..

Anyway, so they let the first 30 people in at 6pm and the next group of us had a whole hour (until 7) to be let in. I was #00XX. Long-ass wait at the douchiest bar in northwest downtown Chicago (Manor). So they let us in, we get snapshots, and they told us if we wanted to order a drink we had about two minutes. I grabbed a vodka/Sprite and wound up sitting with a short, bald gay casting director and about nine other applicants. He described himself as "the white Beau". I was none too excited.

So the first guy is like this out-there Coach-esque dude who everyone wrote off right away. Then, another gay guy who was right in front of me. He sounded intelligent, but he wasn't what they were looking for. Next came the 40-year-old woman who has "tried out eight times" and she was, of course, the worst of the bunch. She said the fakest person to ever be on the show was Janelle, and everyone was like "WHAT ***** SHOW WERE YOU WATCHING!?!?" Then two hot, young fame-whores went (nothing special), and then me.

I KILLED IT! I went over how I'm a very self-aware goal-oriented 21-year old, not consumed by materialism, and a great "people" person etc. etc. but my crowning moment was when I asked this girl sitting next to me to stand up. She did. I then immediately told her to sit back down. She did right away. Then I turned to the casting director and everyone else and said "You see? People listen to me and they don't even know anything about me. Let me in the house, and I'll make a GAME happen." They LOVED it, roars of laughter. Then, there was a Lydia-type (big plastic jewlery and pink eyeliner) casting did not like her. Then a 50-yr old dad who was really boring and a 20-something latin guy who tried to play the "I never live a dull moment" card and I called him out in front of everyone.

SO after all of this, the casting dude goes "GREAT! Thanks guys, we collected your mini-sheets and we'll call you by tomorrow if we are interested." They didn't even take our applications that we HAD to bring. As we walked out, everyone shook his hand, I was one of the last to leave (planned) and he told me I did an excellent job. And I didn't get that call the next day.

Overall, the whole experience went as expected. I think the casting team was a tad under-prepared and thus, I missed out. They spent a lot of time with the original group of 30, but everyone after that was like "Lets just get 'em out of the way." Not trying to be a sore loser, but it was OBVIOUS that I stuck out and to hear nothing back was annoying. The only thing I can think of is that I told the casting director that I didn't just want to fill a stereotype, I wanted to project a different image for gays and he said "..but you ARE a stereotype." and, caught off guard, I was like "...yeah, but that's not where the ball stops rolling" or something and I don't know if they are looking for much more than "the gay stereotype." Either way, it's probably more fun to watch than to actually be on the show.