Thursday July 28th 2011

The cat is out of the bag

Last nights episode basically repeated the same theme. Danielle continues her encouragement of Rachel to make a game changing move. After nominations Rachel talks to Adam and Dom in the have not bedroom. Rachel explains that this week lies in the veto. She tells them that she is open to making deals.Dominic already made a deal with Brenchel and he is worried about them, especially because he is on the block. He is relying on Dani to work her magic. In the HOH bathtub Rachel and Brendon talk about their possible moves. They are going over Jeff and Jordan’s behavior. This game talk is basically the exact same conversation that went on last week when Jeff and Jordan were contemplating taking out Brendon and Rachel. When Dominic comes in the HOH and talks to Rachel and Brendon they say that everything is still good. They ask Dom to throw the POV. BIG MISTAKE DOM!!!!! He has no reason not to trust them at this point. Dominic’s logic was that if throwing the POV and giving them all of the power means that he would be safe, then of course he would do it.

Jeff is nervous by Dani and Dom’s love/hate relationship. One thing I would like to note is that Brenchel and Jsquared are eager to split up DD’s relationship but in their seasons God forbid someone try and break them up or hell hath no fury like a Rachel scorned. The couples beg and plead: “please just let us make it to the jury house to spend the summer together”...but are they willing to extend the same favor to Danielle and Dom? Perhaps they would like to hang out together for the summer as well. These people want the floaters out so that they can play a real game...but they are taking out all of the game players! I’m looking around and seeing a house of vets and floaters.

The players picked in the veto competition were Jeff and Jordan. SURPRISE! They will play along with the nominees Adam and Dominic and the HOH couple Rachel and Brendon. Dani is not happy with this player selection. Jeff and Jordan talk in their bedroom about...well first sex and then about how they need to think about getting Dani out sooner rather then later.

When Rachel and Brendon started to waiver on the deal, Dani got nervous. She was especially nervous when they asked Dominic to throw the POV and he agreed. Dani thinks it would be better for Dominic to win. But for some reason clearly they have both fell out of bed and hit their heads (doing who knows what) because they don’t want Dom to be able to remove himself. They want the power...thats funny because I didn’t take Brenchel for being power hungry? Rachel questions Danielle’s motives. The two couples talk in the HOH about how Dani may be pinning them against each other. Brendon finally understands the logic when he says that Dani is looking for a partner to bring to the final two because she knows if it were to come down to it that both couples would bring their significant other rather then her.

The POV gets HAIRY
For the POV competition the backyard is transformed into a bathroom. There is a big bath tub in the centre with a fake body and hairy legs sticking out. The object of the game is that the house guests have to run through the soap and pluck out a long hair that has a letter on it. They have to collect the letters and run to their razor station to make a word. The HG that spells the longest CORRECT word wins. We all know how well Jeff spells...Technotronics? So he is looking to redeem himself this time around. As they are running back and forth soap is getting sprayed at them. Jordan wants to be in the soap while Rachel chokes on the soap suds... I can only imagine what some fans were thinking at that point. The results are as follows:

Jordan spells: LITTLE a correctly spelt 6 letter word (her initial word was Farting)

Dominic spells: STANDINGS a correctly spelt 9 letter word (he was throwing the comp and he still beat Jordan)

Rachel spells: MOUISTURIZING... a misspelt 13 letter word, she meant to spell Moisturizing. She takes Jeff’s crown this year. But at least her word exists.

Adam spells: FRACTIONS a correctly spelt 9 letter word

Jeff spells: EXPRESSES a correctly spelt 9 letter word and because he finished before Adam he is in the lead. More importantly he has redeemed himself from the Technotronics situation.

Brendon spells: UNDERSTANDING a correctly spelt 13 letter word. This is the same word that Brendon used last season to win.

Post POV Dom is happy because he feels safe with his agreement with Rachel and Brendon. Dani is still pushing to back door Jeff. Rachel suggests putting up Lawon and Dani thinks that is a waste of a week. Dani is trying to reassure Rachel that keeping Dom is the right decision.

Dominic confides in Shelly...Bad move #2. He is trying to make sure he is covered by campaigning. He tells Shelly that he knows he has Dani, he has her (Shelly) and that he can get some others. They talk about splitting up the couples. Shelly is all on board but when she hears Jeff and Jordan’s names she panics because they are in a secret alliance with her. Shelly does what a good little rat would and runs to Jordan. Does she not realize that Jordan will NOT bring her to final 2 and Shelly doesn’t stand a chance as a third wheel. When Jordan gets wind of the possibility of her and Jeff getting targeted by Dom and Dani she runs right up to the HOH to tell Rachel. Jordan asks Brendon and Rachel if they are using the Veto. They don’t give her a straight answer so Shelly starts to blab...i mean talk. She tells them that Dominic and Dani are planning to go against the veteran couples. Brenchel and Jsquared start to talk about Danielle because they know she is the ring leader of this brigade. Jordan says that Dani really plays as if it is just a game and she doesn’t care about hurting people. Jordan asks if they have a deal with Dominic and if they really like him and Brenchel say oh noo nooo. LIESSSSSSS all around. They know that they have to take out Dominic so that Dani is alone. Brenchel feels like Dani has turned on them and they are disappointed because they were friends. Tag team and in comes Jeff. Jeff and Brendon talk in the HOH. Brendon spills it all and says that Dani had a plan to back door Jeff and that he got suspicious because she was trying to push them into putting Jeff up and save Dominic. The goal is now for the four to stick together and get Dani out.

During the POV ceremony Brendon keeps the nominations the same and Dominic and Adam remain on the block. Brendon reveals that he is in an alliance with Rachel...and that he does not want to make her nominate another duo. He was trying to be funny...only Rachel found it funny. Dominic threw the POV for them in return for safety and now they are going back on their deal. Dani is pissed after the POV ceremony and says, “If Rachel thinks that she can screw me over like that, she has another thing coming. I’m about to get back in this game and God knows I’m ready to play. I am done looking out for you and your boyfriend, I am done” (Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.9, CBS)

Happy Eviction Day everyone!!!
I am very excited for tonights episode and I suggest that you do not miss it. The HG’s have been on lock down so everyone is anticipating an Endurance competition. For all the newbies out there that means your going to want to turn on those feeds, pop up the Joker’s website, get some snacks and get ready to hold your bladder.

Whenever I am watching an endurance I turn on Jokers because if I miss something it is a good resource because usually someone else catches stuff that you may not notice.I also pick a good feed chat room with a fun group of people (look for me in the chats tonight) and I stock up on snacks because these competitions have been known to last hours.