Tuesday September 6th 2011

Sunday’s episode brought us to the continuation of the HOH competition. Rachel and Kalia talk about how difficult it is to maneuver through the doughnut glaze. Adam wants to win so that he can prove to Rachel and Jordan that he is with them. He knows that Kalia was the single vote to evict him and he is coming after her. Kalia tried to vote with Rachel and Jordan this week by voting to evict Adam, but it turned out that her assumption was wrong. Adam and Rachel are neck and neck. Rachel’s strategy is to stay on her hands and knees, so as to not get any frosting on her clothing and get weighed down. Adam’s strategy was not to get stuck and to keep moving. Jordan’s strategy was to put the doughnuts in her mouth to carry them back and forth. She said that sprinkles were real and that she ate some. Rachel comments that maybe Kalia would not be struggling if she had not slept all summer, and worked out with Jordan and Rachel instead. With only two minutes left Rachel still has the lead with Adam close behind. Kalia is praying for Adam to pull out a win. When the time has run out Rachel comes up victorious and has won HOH!
She hugs Jordan and says that the win was for Brendon and Jeff. Adam is disappointed but says that Rachel is a machine, especially when her life is on the line. Kalia feels like this is a nightmare and is not happy.

In the storage room Rachel and Jordan celebrate the win and start to talk strategy. Rachel says in DR that she is ready for them to make her some deals. Meanwhile, in the bathroom Kalia tries to explain to Adam why she voted how she did. She does not want another enemy. Adam is still mad despite brushing it off and says that her word now means nothing. Porsche goes and tells Adam that she is happy he stayed and she wants two newbies in the end.

Who wants to see Rachel’s HOH room????
Everyone except Kalia who is too busy snoring away to know what is going on around her. The house guests call to Kalia to wake up, Rachel says that is is day 62 and all she ever does is sleep. Adam says that Kalia’s nickname is Koala because Koala’s sleep 22 hours a day and she is pretty close. Rachel opens the door to her HOH room and it is a “Brenchel Room”. The pictures that cover the room are of Rachel and Brendon in the Big Brother house last year as well as some from their private lives. Rachel is almost brought to tears. The girls woe over a picture of Brendon from Season 12 with hair and scruff. Adam comments that the girls are ohh-ing and aww-ing over a picture of a man, when the real thing is right in front of them. They are all looking at the one picture. Jordan can’t get over her good he looks and she says, “Not as cute as Jeff, of course...cause...ah...you know, of course Jeff is my Jeff”(Jordan Lloyd, BB13, Ep.26,CBS).

Collateral Damage
Kalia talks to Rachel in the HOH room. Kalia pleads her case and tells Rachel that they both believe in fighting and competing. Kalia says that she pegged Rachel wrong from day one and that Rachel will be hard to beat at the end because of her performance in competitions. Kalia hopes that the final four deal that her and Porsche did not take last week is still good. Rachel says that she wants to play with competitors and that she thinks that Brendon, Jeff and Danielle in the jury house is a TRAVESTY. Rachel asks Kalia is she will take Jordan and herself to the final three over Porsche. Kalia says that she will and that if Porsche is collateral damage then she is sorry. Rachel says that she needs to make sure that the people who stay in the house are on team Rachel for the final three.

Oh look a dog!...CRASH
Rachel and Jordan talk in the backyard about their plans for when they leave the house. Rachel says that first her and Brendon need to find and apartment and then she needs to switch her license to one for LA and to get insurance. She says that the plan is to put Rachel as a secondary driver so that hopefully her insurance will go down. Jordan asks her why it is so high, if it is tickets? Rachel says that it is accidents. Jordan asks how many accidents Rachel has had? Rachel says a few and continues to tell Jordan stories about how she “wasn’t paying attention and then...” She says that she is a spacey driver and is looking at her hair or a dog and not paying attention and she ends up hitting the back of cars. She says that Brendon does not let her drive and Jordan says that neither would she.

Decisions? Decisions?
Porsche and Rachel talk up in the HOH room. Porsche asks how Rachel is thinking and what she wants to do. Rachel says that she needs to trust someone who will take her to the final three. Porsche tells Rachel she can offer a mutual final three deal. Rachel asks if that means she can trust her? Porsche does not answer. Rachel says that it could have been Porsche and Rachel from the beginning. Porsche offers that they can make a deal where Porsche will protect Rachel next week and not nominate her. Porsche said they can even start legitimately working together and it is Rachel’s decision. In the DR Porsche says that if she wins HOH, she will nominate Rachel for sure but she can’t tell Rachel that because she does not want to be nominate this week.

RUN Tori RUN!!!
Adam and Jordan talk about Farrah. Adam is excited to see her and hug her. He reveals to Jordan that he once called her Donna Martin in bed. For those of you who don’t know Donna Martin was the character played by Tori Spelling in Beverly Hills 90210. She is Adam’s idol. Jordan can’t believe that he called Farrah that in bed. She says that Adam talks about Tori Spelling and 90210 all the time. Big Brother shows a montage of Adam educating the house guests on 90210 and clips of him talking about Tori Spelling. They even show him knocking on the front door and saying “Tori are you out there?”. He says the only thing missing from this week is Apple-tinis and 90210. Jordan says that her advice to Tori Spelling if she ever sees Adam on the street is to RUN.

Mr. Pectacular
Rachel goes up to her HOH room and discovers that she has received a Pandora’s box. She reads the first card and then looks up at the screen. She sees Tori Spelling in the backyard surrounded by clothes. Rachel says Adam would freak out and there is clothes, she is pregnant and she has a wedding show. The second card hints at a shopping spree with a celebrity. Rachel gets excited and says but unless it was Brendon and a wedding that she can’t open the box...but she continues to contemplate the decision and possible twists. She says that Adam would kill her if she did not take it. Rachel chooses to open Pandora’s Box. Rachel opens the door to Pandora’s box and is greeted by Seasons 10 & 11 Jessie Godderz aka Mr. Pectacular wearing a sparkly speedo. He is surrounded by Mr. Pectatcular merchandise that says “Continuously Awesome” . The room is filled with clothes, water bottles, books, plates, protein powder, mugs and pictures that Jessie will personally autograph. Rachel says that she thought she was getting Tori Spelling and that Jessie is not a celebrity.

Mrs. Spectacular
Downstairs the front door bell rings. The house guests gather around the front door to answer it. The door opens and Tori Spelling walks in the house. Adam is in complete shock his mouth is wide open and he screams. He is overwhelmed and he gives her a hug. He is still screaming and his face is red. She greets the other house guests. She tells them that she is there because Rachel opened Pandora’s box and she is locked up there but she gets to know them. Adam is over the moon and is chanting “Donna Martin graduates”. He high fives her and is shaking. She says that she heard about what a huge fan Adam is. She tells them that she is due in a month and a half and that if it is a boy she will name it Adam. He looks so happy that he looks like he believes her. She wants them to show she around. Adam is the DR saying OMG OMG OMG, he is in heaven. He says that being in the final five and having a visit from her, he feels like he has already won. He shows her his bedroom and the have not room. The television in Pandora’s box turns on and Rachel sees what is happening down stairs with Tori and the house guests. Rachel is watching the TV and says that she wants to go with them and is saying NOOOOO. Jessie is telling her to ignore that and trying to distract her from the television. Rachel is focused on the TV and Adam walking with Tori. Downstairs Adam introduces Tori to his water floatation duck. She gives the duck a kiss. He blushes after she kisses the duck and puts it back down. He says that his duck is so lucky that Tori Spelling kissed it. Tori says, “Donna Martin graduates, now Donna Martin procreates...a lot”(Tori Spelling, BB13, Ep.26,CBS). She drills Adam on his Donna Martin trivia and he passes with flying colors. She tells him that she watches and he is adorable. Rachel is upstairs watching the excitement down stairs. Jessie points to himself and says celebrity wrestler. Rachel points to the TV and says that Tori is a celebrity. Jessie tells her that he is going to sign pictures for her and asks what her name is. She is spaced out and says what? and she says Rachel. He asks how she spells it and she says with an R. Rachel is actually hilarious with Jessie and is being a good sport. Downstairs Big Brother gave them a camera and Apple-tinis and Tori and Adam took pictures together. Upstairs Jessie took pictures with Rachel as she made a motion of shooting herself in the head. Jessie then hands Rach the camera to take a picture of just him. He says that it is going to be her Christmas card and she says that she will send it to everyone. She says thank you Mr. Pectacular and they both go Jessie’s famous pose. Downstairs Tori reveals that there is a shopping spree set up in the back yard. She tells them that they have three minutes to put on as much clothes as they can and what ever they get on they get to keep.Tori hugs Adam goodbye and he is still glowing, he tells her good luck with the baby, the show and Dean and if it doesn’t work out with Dean to contact him. She tells him to tweet her when he gets out. He thanks her again and he shrieks with joy when she leaves. Kalia, Porsche and Jordan were loving it and smiling and laughing the whole time. Porsche gives him a high five. He says that he doesn’t even need clothes or anything. Kalia tells him to step aside then. Porsche is excited for the shopping spree.

Shop ‘till you Drop
A horn sounds and Porsche, Kalia, Jordan and Adam run into the backyard to start the three minute shopping spree. Upstairs in Pandora’s box Rachel yells NOOOOOO as she watches the house guests shop in the back yard. Rachel says, “No way, I have got to go outside, OMG that’s a real shopping spree, shoes, glitter shoes, shoes with glitter...NOOOOOOOO, OMG shut up!, What NOOO. Porsche doesn’t even deserve that stuff. She wears sweat pants every day. They don’t deserve clothes”(Rachel Reilly, BB13, Ep.26,CBS). Adam says that he needs to get something for his girlfriend because if he comes home with Tori’s lipstick on his cheek and empty handed he is in trouble. Rachel is starring open mouthed at the TV screen while Jessie is piling clothes on top of her. He closes her mouth. The buzzer goes off. Rachel tells Jessie thank you and asks if she has to keep all this stuff? He says she GETS to keep all that stuff. He goes over and gives her a hug. She says thank you and goodbye. He tries to give her a plate and mug. She says no he can keep that. He tells her to go out there and make everyone else a fan. She heads out of Pandora’s Box and out of the HOH room crying noooo....whyyyyy....she looks shell shocked. As she walks down the stairs with her arms filled with Mr. Pectacular merchandise she tells them that she hates them all. Adam says that he met Tori Spelling! They ask her what she got...she says “Impact, superstar, wrestler...Mr Pectacular” [she even made the signature arm motion]. She tells them that she got them all shirts. They all feel bad for Rachel and Adam hugs her and repeatedly thanks her.

Jordan, Rachel and Adam have a pow-wow in the HOH room. Adam tells them that the fact that they saved him means so much and he knows that Rachel and Jordan respect the game. Adam tells them that he wants to stick with them to the final three. In the DR he says that what he is telling Rachel is the truth. Rachel wants to make decisions so that the three of them are benefited by it. In the DR Rachel says that she always wants to see a competitor win Big Brother every season but that maybe keeping someone who is weaker and easier to beat in competitions wouldn’t be such a bad idea. That is why she wants to keep Adam around.

Jordan and Rachel discuss their options and Jordan says that it is Rachel’s HOH. Rachel says that it is not just about that because they have to think about what is best for them to make it to the final two, sitting next too each other. Jordan believes that they can do it and she refuses to let Kalia and Porsche who have slept the whole season make it to the final two. Rachel knows that she has to be careful this week because her butt is on the line if she makes a mistake.

It is nomination time and as expected...Jordan and Adam are safe and Kalia and Porsche have been nominated for eviction. Rachel says the reasoning is simple, that both Kalia and Porsche have nominated her and are coming after her so she is nominating them. She tells them to play in the veto and if they win it to take themselves off. She says may the best man...woman or man win. Kalia expected to be nominated because she did nominate Rachel half the time that Rachel has been in danger. Kalia says that pay back is a bitch name Rachel.

Tonight the feeds have been turned off because someone is being evicted and an HOH competition between the final four is happening. Tomorrow’s episode will feature: The POV competition, POV ceremony, NOT live eviction and HOH competition. Feeds will return after tomorrow’s special eviction episode.
Thursday will be a LIVE eviction and the start of the FINAL HOH competition of the season. This week is definitely a BIG one.