BB18 Wednesday August 24, 2016 7:15:00 AM


Safari Room is a pigsty because of Michelle … because she is a grotesque human being. Yeah, Michelle is disgusting. Everybody is a ****ing pig. They’ll cook in the kitchen, raw chicken... they’ll drop the juice all over the floor. 100% salmonella. Will just wipe it up then walk around the whole house barefoot. The bathroom. The bathroom is ****ing disgusting. I wipe everything in the bathroom before using it. That’s how disgusting it is. Walk everywhere barefoot and then go into their beds with their dirty ass feet. Pillows on the floor… Michelle is the top contender for having the grossest feet in the house and then just getting into bed.

Victor is really cleanly. A lot of people in this house think that he’s too cleanly. He’s like everyone’s mom which is not a bad thing cause it keeps the house clean. A lot of tough guys in the house who don’t like authority so they like to rebel against it because they’re all bad asses. Think they’re tough. Don’t like being told what to do. Victor is a lone wolf in keeping the house clean.

James is super annoying. He likes to prank people left and right. Puts Vaseline on every ****ing door handle. Gets really old really fast - trust me. He just goes overboard with his jokes … and he thinks they’re funny. Nobody else thinks they’re funny. So if you like being annoyed constantly that is what living with James is like.

Natalie, also annoying. Can’t wait to let these people know … the second I step out of this house how I really feel about them. Natalie likes to address America all the time as if yawl are her one-line hot-line. “America … America … America … America … America do you see this … Amer” Sure. She constantly pats herself on the back on how she’s this philanthropist that deserves this and that … who made it on her own … who yada, yada, yada. How she’s such a good person. How we need equality in this world. How … That’s all I have to say. Constantly just patting herself on the back. Constantly. Constantly telling us how much of a good person she is and how she does this and does that. Honestly, if you have to constantly talk about yourself to convince others that you are a good person chances are you’re probably not a good person. So if you want to hear an earful about ones-self that’s what living with Natalie is like. Constantly patting herself on the back and making herself a victim to any and every situation.

Corey is actually not too bad to live with. He minds his own business. Keeps to himself. He isn’t loud. Just eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all day. So if you really like peanut butter and jelly you might not like living with Corey because he’ll eat it all. Other than that, the guy minds his own business. I’ll give him that. Very chill. Very laid back. Cleanly. Doesn’t do anything stupid. But does not exist at the same time, so if you want an active roommate that’s not Corey. He doesn’t exist. Sometimes I forget he lives in this house. That’s how quiet he is. Not a bad thing.

Nicole. I think Nicole is pretty cool. She’s very uppity. High energy. If you’re not annoyed by her voice then she’s pretty okay to live with. She reminds me of a newborn chicken. I don’t know why. A little chickling that has just hatched. Constantly bobbing her head. She looks at herself in the mirror a lot. For the most part she’s pretty cool. She walks around barefoot a lot too. Too each their own, but it’s pretty gross.

The worst to live with out of all these people is probably Michelle. That girl is a ***** lost cause. She throws tantrums. Legitimately throws tantrums. Screams, and throws things. Has thrown many things at me. Stubborn. Ignorant. Dirty. Doesn’t clean up after herself. Doesn’t listen to any suggestions or authority. Cries all the time. Michelle is definitely the worst person to live with. Second worst? Probably James. Just because he constantly pranks you and makes things dirty. He doesn’t clean up after himself. Will use things and just leave them. He leaves egg-shells in the carton and puts them back in the fridge. Things that just don’t make sense. Why? Just ****ing throw it away.

Paulie is pretty easy to live with. He has OCD. So if you can get past his OCD … he’s a cleanly person. He’s constantly moving *****. If something is not perfectly on the center of the table he will be fidgeting with it but that’s his own deal. If you’re not bothered by that, who gives a ****? Yeah, he’s constantly moving things to make them perfect. So if you’re a perfectionist live with Paulie because your whole house will be symmetrical cause he has OCD. But other than that he’s a laid back dude. Easy to live with. Cleanly. Chill.

[Paul] I think I’m easy to live with. I’m loud as *****. If you don’t like loud people then no I’m not easy to live with. If you can handle a little bit of crazy sometimes. I mean I’m quiet for the most part. I won’t prank you too much. I won’t put Vaseline on your *****. If you don’t want to talk to me, I won’t talk to you. If you want to get crazy, I’ll get crazy. If you were living with me outside of this house, I’d probably just be playing music all day. And writing music. Hanging out. Drinking beer all day.

Bridgette is pretty easy to live with. She’s kinda ****ing crazy but easy to live with. Minds her own business. Cleans up after herself. Makes really good cookies. You’ll get fat as **** if you live with Bridgette because she’s constantly baking sweets but she’s a sweet girl. She’s just a little bit crazy. Tiny bit crazy. Doesn’t like authority either. Doesn’t like authority, doesn’t like being told what to do. Stubborn … and very hard headed. If you guys disagree on something she might punch you in the face but other than that she’s pretty cool to live with.

Zakiyah. Pretty easy to live with. It’s almost like she’s not even there. Doesn’t exist. Just pops up, and just pops in and out of places. Quiet. Makes pretty good food. Zakiyah is actually not too bad of a roommate. She keeps to herself. If you want to be social with your roommate don’t be a roommate with Zakiyah because she hates everybody. She’s like a little widow. She just comes out, gets what she wants, crawls back into her little hole. But she’s a cool girl. Chill. Very catty. But to males she’s okay. Females? Jesus ****** I would not want to be a female around Zakiyah. She’ll tear you apart. She keeps to herself most of the time.

Day is pretty cool to live with. It depends. She has all this ****ing hair … all these braids and weaves and ****ing I don’t know what they’re called – clip ons? What is it? Extensions? Who knows. Just leaves hair everywhere. Hair. I’m terrified of wigs and fake hair because they’re ****ing scary. So she would just leave them around places. Just ***** hair. Other than that, a lot of baby powder. She uses a lot of baby powder … which isn’t bad. She smelled nice if you think baby powder smells nice. She’d mind her own, read her bible. She’s funny. Doesn’t bother anyone. So if you can put up with the massive amount of hair extensions just ****ing everywhere then Day is cool but I’m terrified of that *****. It’s creepy to me. Who knows?

Frank. Frank, farts a lot. A lot. A lot of farting. Funny guy. Really chill. Easy going. Laid back. Fun to live with. Frank is fun to live with. You’ll have a good time. But he does fart a lot so if that’s a pet peeve of yours don’t live with Frank. He’s a simple guy. Very simple. Laid back. Clean for the most part. Very clean. Cleanly. Frank wasn’t too bad, just a lot of farting.

I don’t even remember what Bronte was like. Bronte was cool. A little sassy. Too sassy for my liking. Would constantly try to one-up you or zing you and it just got old. Some sort of defense mechanism. I don’t know what it was with her personality but she would constantly have to belittle you or make you feel belittled next to her. Some sort of personality compensation. I don’t know what it was. That got kind of annoying but other than that she was a very sweet girl. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. But her own little sass came from I don’t know what. I was annoyed with it though. But she was cleanly. Very cleanly. Kept to herself. Wasn’t ever in the way of things.

Tiffany. Oh God... I would never live with Tiffany. Intelligent, very intelligent girl. I’ll give her that. A little bit annoying. I think the house just made her weird to be honest. I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt. She seems like someone I could have a legitimate conversation with, like hold a legitimate conversation with. Probably the most in this house. Tiffany was probably the most tangible, intelligent, well-conversed person in this house. I think she went a little ape-**** because of being stuck indoors but I think she had a lot of substance to her. She was very cultured in my opinion. But she went a little bat-**** crazy. I will give her that. A lot of paranoia. A lot of back and forth … just weird mannerisms. But she wasn’t like that in the beginning so I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt that the house made her a little bit crazy. She was very intelligent. I will say that about her. Well conversed. Intelligent. Speaking of intelligence, Natalie likes to portray that she is intelligent but she is not. She acts like she can speak well. Like she can hold well rounded conversations. She can’t. It’s just a lot of repetition and self-patting of the back and self-experiences to make her looks like a philanthropist or God’s gift to the world. That she deserves things more than anyone else. I’m sure she’s a hard working girl. I’m not taking that away from her but there’s no humility in her actions. She’s not humble. She just likes to act like she’s humble. She will say something and then cover it with an ending statement to show that she has humility but she doesn’t. I guarantee you that if the cameras were off she would leave open ended statements that fuel her own ego. **** Natalie.

Glenn. I knew Glenn for 28 hours. He seemed like a really cool dude. I don’t know what his living habits were like. He’s a grown *** man so I can’t imagine that he was ****ing strange. He had a kid and he was a grown man so I’m assuming he knew how to take care of himself. He made really good food. I can say that. He made a pasta dish and some other stuff. Very nice guy. Very humble. Intelligent? Yes. More like life experience intelligent. He had a lot of life experience and he was ready to talk about it. Very down to earth. Very kind. Very humble. Just a sweetheart. Glenn was a sweetheart. Granted, I only knew him for 28 hours. My first impressions were he’s a very nice guy.

Jozea. Jesus ******. I had to take a sip of coffee before we got into Jozea. I think there was some deep seated psy.. I think there are some deep seated psychological issues with everybody in this house. Granted I’m no psychologist. I’m just an ***hole with a beard who has nothing better do to at 7am on a Wednesday than psycho … micro analyze people he’s lived with for the past 100 days. 70 days. Jozea. How do we get into this? I think Jozea’s personality and attitude stems from a ****ing strange childhood. I really think so. I think he was picked on as a child. I think maybe him coming out of the closet at a certain age gave him some sort of confidence but at the same time he built a wall of defense around himself which again fueled his own ego. I think he had it hard growing up maybe because of being gay. He is very prideful in it which is great. Be proud. But I think because maybe he was made fun of he built a very high wall for himself and unfortunately that wall was non humble and self centered, ego driven. That is as much as I can say about that. He thought that he was God’s gift to the world, would constantly talk about how he was better than people, how he was smarter than other people, He was not intelligent, in my opinion. These are all my opinions and perceptions. I could be completely wrong. You guys could see a whole other side of someone. **** me. I’m just talking. This is just from me living and observing people. He’s a good dude. He means well. I don’t think he ever wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings. I don’t think he would intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings as much he liked to make himself seem catty and this bad bitch. I don’t think his intentions were to ever hurt anyone’s feelings and I don’t think that he could and that could stem back to him probably being bullied. But he would definitely put someone down to bring himself up. It’s like a see-saw there, who knows? Was he cleanly? Not really. Did not shower much. In a weird way he embodied his masculinity yet he brought out a lot of his femininity. I’m very confused with that because he was very masculine but at the same time he was very feminine. It was interesting. An interesting mix there of when he would turn on his macho-chaco and when he would turn on his feminine side. I think he’s a good dude. I really do. I don’t think he would hurt anybody, but in his eyes you would definitely have to meet a certain level of something for him to give you the time of day which is ****ty. If you were a nobody in his eyes he would not give you the time of day. That’s the way he rolls. To each their own. Very egotistical. Very narcissistic. Thought he was better than everyone else when he clearly wasn’t.

[Paul] I’m loud. People probably think I’m annoying. I don’t doubt that. I’m definitely a lot different outside of this house than I am inside of this house. Toss the hipster jokes my way. He’s obsessed with coffee. He likes Kraft beer. Reads philosophy. I think people would be pleasantly surprised of my personality inside and outside of this house. Granted everybody’s personality is probably way different outside of this house. The one thing that I know here is that I am different than outside is that if I don’t have a connection with people – which I don’t really have that kind of connection with the people in this house – I can’t sit down and have serious conversations with people. I can’t have intellectual conversations with people here. As you could see I was put up on the block because I’m probably going to win this game and I’m super intelligent. Which I’m not. I’m a smart guy but to some of the people here I’m super intelligent. That goes to show if I actually sat down and had a conversation with them I’d probably be friggin Einstein to these people because I haven’t sat down and conversed wholly with anybody in this house. I haven’t talked about things I would normally talk about, topics I would dive into. I just can’t do that here because, a, I don’t think any of these people can offer any form of ping pong back and forth of a conversation that I value because it’s all very open ended, nothing behind it, nothing backs it. A lot of the things they say is very self-driven, self-opinion. Not factual things, but most of their conversation or arguments are heavily based off of their own opinion as opposed to the fact of the matter. Speaking with people like that, it’s very hard to take from a conversation as opposed to “here we go … ****in talking about yourself again or about this or that or about why you think” which is fine. It’s fine to toss your opinion into things but when you’re having arguments about a certain topic your opinion doesn’t necessarily hold much weight when discussing certain matters. I don’t think a lot of people in this house can do that. They can’t take themselves out of the equation and just talk about something. Granted I studied that. I just amp up the silliness in here. I amp up the funny Paul - which is here outside of the house - but I’m not running around saying “Friendship” every ****ing 30 seconds.

I like to think I’m mature for my age. Probably not. Probably difficult to see that inside this house because all I do is make jokes and say stupid ****. You got to imagine the kind of people I’m around. That’s the only thing they can reciprocate. Humor. I kind of got to come down to something they can relate with. If I just sit here and converse with them for hours they’re just going to be like “what the **** is with this guy or he’s too something or he’s a genius or he’s too in…” which is why I couldn’t tell people I studied philosophy at first because not everybody understands social sciences, not everyone understands what philosophy is. [He references Michelle taking him for an atheist after their 30 minute discussion about life and what he believes happens after death as an example. He repeats he is not an atheist. He doesn’t really abide by a religion. He talks about his constant work with homeless charities, and his compassion for homeless people at length. He goes in on Corey about his thoughts on homelessness; thinks maybe he had some bad experiences but thinks Corey’s thoughts are ignorant. Discussed how humans have more compassion for animals than each other.]