Britney’s right – everyone loves alliances. A villainous one gives us something to root against. A smart one gives us something to cheer for. One where even the people in it don’t know they are in one? Yeah, not so much. Such is part of the downfall of the Brendon, Rachel and Andrew alliance.

Things started off slowly enough after Matt nominated Kathy and Andrew for eviction. Honestly, I think Matt really had no intention of putting up Brendon or Rachel, even as a back door option. He’s playing to win $500,000 and they have already told Matt that if they were to make it to the jury house, he has both their votes. While some say it’s way too early to think about jury, I actually think it’s pretty smart on his part. How many more votes does he need? Two?

Kathy and Andrew were friendly as well, promising each other that they wouldn’t throw the other under the bus. While Kathy initially stuck to this, she just went after everyone else instead. Really, it was a spectacular display of the ability to lie. Just making stuff up left and right. As Kathy and Andrew had become friends in the house, Andrew shared his information about Hayden and Kristen being a “couple” with her. What does she do? She runs to Kristen and tells her that Rachel is spreading the rumor around the house. While Rachel did, in fact, say they would vote as a pair, that’s really as far as she went. Rachel truly believed them to just be in an alliance with nothing romantic about it. Now, me personally? I’d probably pin it on the person I’m on the block with. In Kathy’s head, I’m not sure how throwing Rachel under the bus would flip their vote from Andrew.

Kathy then proceeded to lie to everyone in the house about all the stuff she knew from when she was stuck to the HOH bed. Her, “They wouldn’t even let me talk, you know?” is laugh-out-loud worthy as the woman never shuts up. She made up the reason she voted for Monet to stay: “To show Rachel and Brendon they can’t tell me what to do and now they’re furious.” When two seconds before it was because Matt was untrustworthy and she “just couldn’t do it”, she’s got “morals”, you know? Here’s the thing with Kathy, she’s not even sly in the least. Week one, she was buddy-buddy with Monet and Britney, as soon as Rachel won HOH, she was on them like glue and spilling everything they had discussed. When the power shifted again, she attached herself to Kristen and did the same about Rachel and Brendon, tossing in random lies for good measure. It’s unfortunate that everyone in the house has tunnel-vision for Brendon and Rachel or they would see what a danger she is and that she will back that bus over each and every one of them if given the opportunity.

Andrew’s had a much tougher week. Unfortunately for him, the house suspected him of being the saboteur week one. This isolated him from the rest of the house during the initial “getting to know you” phase. Brendon befriended him and Andrew never forgot it even while he was teamed up secretly with Hayden and Kristen. Andrew was golden going into the POV game and he knew it. Andrew supposedly told Brendon that he was going to throw the POV to him. This makes some sense to me in that if Andrew is safe and Brendon wins the POV, then he’s able to keep two more people on his side for votes, along with Hayden and Kristen. I think he was hedging his bets in case he didn’t win. However, after watching the POV competition, I don’t see how he could have told Brendon to “stay”. They were nowhere near each other and it would have been completely obvious, so I’m left wondering if that wasn’t something Brendon just said to Rachel to bring her around to Andrew or what. Who knows with Brendon?

Andrew was right – he was golden. Kathy was a lock to be evicted. Unfortunately, Andrew’s lack of social skills killed any chance he had for that. He told Brendon that he was going to do something at the POV meeting, and to “trust him” but “not to tell Rachel”. When the POV ceremony rolled around, Kathy basically told the entire house that she wanted Rachel to stay, so not to use it on her. This important fact was swiftly overlooked by the entire house as soon as Andrew said he was after Brendon and Rachel. Good in theory, horrible in its execution. They all immediately assumed it was a ploy to make them think he wanted them out, while Rachel was left blind-sided and crying. Andrew’s initial undoing is by his own hand. The nail in his coffin though? Brendon.

Brendon is great to look at. I mean, really great to look at. He’s sensitive, if overly so, and awkward. He clearly lacked love and support from his parents, I think particularly his mother. He’s been devastated by a broken engagement that left him shattered and seeking approval from any woman he comes across. Almost a desperate approval. But, then, he’s so focused on the fact that they are going to hurt him or whatever, that he becomes controlling to a degree. I don’t fault him for having issues – at all – but he really needs to sort this stuff out. On the flip side of that, he sincerely believes every single word anyone says to him. It’s bizarre how he can know he’s in a game that hinges on lying, yet has no clue that anyone would actually do it. His analytical skills override any social ones he may have.

Brendon: “Do you think Hayden would put us up? Let’s ask.”

Hayden: “No.”

Brendon: “See? We’re safe. He wouldn’t put us up.”(pause) “Everyone’s gunning for us.”

Huh? Are there more houseguests there that I’m unaware of? I understand his need to want to keep Andrew in the house, but if the plan is to make it seem like they are not in an alliance and Andrew has done what he thinks will throw that off, shouldn’t you follow along and at least pretend you want him out of the house? Brendon’s so clueless; he’s actually fighting for Andrew to stay. Even while Britney and Ragan are telling him straight to his face that Andrew is telling everyone in the house that he wants Brendon out, his response is still, “Well, he told me he didn’t.” Who in their right mind would believe that logic? Brendon has no grasp of this game whatsoever. None. He sealed Andrew’s fate for sure, although I don’t think there was any chance it could have changed from keeping Kathy. But, to not even be able to read when people are saying, “What the hell is wrong with you?” and shut the hell up about it or act surprised and say, “well I totally believed it, now I feel stupid.” just shows how lost Brendon is as well as his need to be right. He seems to want to force that fact to no end. Not to mention in that one conversation, he not only shoved Andrew out the door, he lost a solid-ish ally in Ragan. Instead of just thinking Brendon’s an idiot, Ragan and Britney are sure that he and Andrew are the life-long friends, with help from Rachel on that one, and that he’s trying to play everyone. Because Brendon and Rachel have no communication and are blindly trusting of talking about anything and everything in front of just about anyone, Rachel asking Brendon if they are the secret pair in front of Britney and Ragan just locked it down in their minds that they are. Brendon’s totally destroyed any game he might have had and will most certainly take Rachel down with him, as her allies are already beginning to doubt her.

Andrew has assured everyone that his speech will be epic on tonight’s show. My guess is that he’s going to out Kristen and Hayden as a romantic couple. Here’s the problem, by telling everyone beforehand that he’s going to out something, it allows everyone to get the jump on saying he’ll be lying instead of just blind-siding them. The Brigade thinks it might be them, Hayden thinks it might be him and Kristen – it’s nice to see them squirm, but it’s not going to be as epic as he thinks. It won’t save Brendon and Rachel. To add to that, unfortunately, Rachel heard Kristen and Hayden making out last night, so she’s going to confirm what Andrew says, which will only serve to make people think they were in an alliance. She has no credibility. None. The only thing this might do is start the wheels spinning in Enzo and Lane’s collective head. Particularly Lane as he already thinks something could be off there. One seed is all it takes. One seed to split the Brigade and let Big Brother 12 actually begin.