Monday July 18th 2011

“I’m thanking all my lucky stars that these newbies are idiots”

Jordan is HOH and the veterans are victorious once again. The newbies panic because they know one of them is leaving for the second week in a row. None of the newbies own up to switching sides and voting with the veterans. Rachel expresses shock that the veterans were in such a bad spot and yet they were able to pull off a majority. She is right in saying that if the newbies had banned together, that they could have had a better chance of taking down the veterans.

The veterans celebrate in the ice cream bedroom, while the newbies start to play the blame game in the have not room. All of the newbies are suspecting Adam and no one suspects Shelly. Rachel comes into the have not room and asks the newbies how they are doing. They are unhappy because two of their own switched “sides”...okay so we all know that there ARE sides in Big Brother but you are never suppose to admit it! When Rachel says... “are there sides, is that what you guys are saying?”, the newbies back sides...then Cassi says “just a matter of how we all felt about Porsche is all”(Cassi Colvin, BB13, Ep.5, CBS) to which Rachel her own special Rachel way “well, some of us like Porsche...and she’s here for a month”(Rachel Reilly, BB13, Ep.5, CBS). Jeff and Dominic also have a similar conversation about the house being split without saying directly that there are “sides”. Dominic is basically looking for answers as to who the vets got onto their “side”. Jeff does a good job at deflecting by telling Dom that they just voted for who they wanted to leave and that it is actually the newbies fault because they didn’t tell the vets how they were voting. Kalia admits to Dani that she voted with the vets and that everyone thinks its Adam. Shelly feels bad because Adam is getting blamed for her vote. Shelly is really fooling everyone. They all think that she is trust worthy and honest...I'm starting to think Rachel is on to something, because if these newbies think that people are honest in the BB house then they really are idiots.

Who wants to see Jordan’s HOH room????
Up in Jordan’s HOH room, there is a picture of Jordan and Jeff at her friends’ wedding and a picture of a mad Jordan as a little girl. Jordan reads her letter from her Mom, it is very supportive and she wishes Jordan and Jeff luck this summer. Jordan deserves HOH and is grateful that her and Jeff can enjoy some time together and “hang out” ...not that type of hang out...but “chilling out”. i missed you Jordo!

Brendon losses his marbles and dresses up in his super hero costume. He introduces us to the house pet, Franklin. A plastic turtle... Dominic and Brendon have a moment of insanity and play around in the backyard. Adam goes up to the HOH room and admits that he voted for Keith to stay. It takes a big man to own up to his mistake and accept responsibility. Dani and Dom talk in the hammock about strategy. Dani has been hanging out with Dominic a lot and the question is...does she actually want to align with him? or is she just using him for information?

The House guests get ANTZY!
In the have/have not competition the back yard is transformed into a giant picnic obstacle course. They are in groups of two and are wearing one ant costumes in which they share the leg holes. The HG’s have to go over a giant sandwich, get ketchup and mustard squirted at them, go through a can of baked beans and over a giant hot dog to retrieve a crumb from a picnic basket and then they have to go back through the obstacle course to return the crumb to their ant hill. The first team or “super ant” who retrieves four crumbs gets to choose who will be the have nots for the week. Rachel and Brendon and Dominic and Adam are in first and second place. It was a close game but Brenchel won...again! After the competition ended, Kalia was injured and panicked in the can of beans. The Big Brother medic had to come out and Lawon had to be cut out of the ant suit. She was cleared by the medic and explained that she was upset out of fear more than anything else. Rachel and Brendon choose Cassi and Shelly and Dominic and Adam to be have nots for the week...shocker! Or perhaps they did not want Kalia to be a have not after what she just went through. America voted and the have nots were given Jelly Beans and Jerky to feast on in addition to slop. In the competition Adam kept rolling on Dominic and crushing him and now he gets to eat slop, jerky and jelly beans for the week.

Dominic goes up to Jeff and Jordan and pleads his case, he is looking for a deal to save himself. Jordan still doesn’t trust him. Cassi goes up after Dominic and also asks for safety, saying that J squared isn’t her target and that it is Brenchel that she would put up. Dani feels like they could use Dom to their advantage and that she does not trust Cassi and the drama that is surrounding her. Rachel also wants Cassi to leave. Jeff and Jordan like Dominic but they also do not trust Dominic enough to agree with their alliance. The nomination ceremony comes and Jordan decided to go with her gut. Since Jordan won HOH both her and Jeff are safe, Danielle and Porsche both hold golden keys and are also safe. As the nominations progress...Rachel and Brendon are safe...Shelly and Cassi are safe...Kalia and Lawon are safe...This means that Jordan has nominated Adam and Dominic.

This week we should have an eventful Power of Veto as Dominic promises to dig, scratch, lie and do whatever it takes to stay in the house. Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used take Adam and Dominic off the chopping block?