Monday July 11th 2011

The All Star Veterans vs. The Newbies vs. The Regulators

Last night Big Brother had its first nomination episode of the season. BUT FIRST...the episode spent time showing the divisions of the house. The newbies know that the All Stars will band together and have come to accept the fact that they will be picked off one by one. Therefore an alliance was formed, one member of each of the pair of newbies came together and called themselves the Regulators. This alliance is made up of Keith, Dominic, Cassi and Lawon. They have decided that as each of them gets put up they will band together to make sure the partners of each regulator goes home, leaving all four of them with golden keys and tickets into the top ten. The strategy does not seem like a bad idea in theory, but in the past alliances’ strategies formed in the beginning of the season tend to fall apart before they can come to fruition. It is clear that the All Stars alliance has a stronger advantage having been made up of people who have all played the game, know the strategies and most likely know each other well. They have learned from the mistakes of their seasons and all have a different outlook of the game this time around. They know they have big targets, that they have to stick together and that they have to play hard every week. Therefore, they also know that they don’t have the numbers. Evil Dick decides to bring in Porsche and Adam for the numbers. This could kill the Regulators plans right off the bat.

Who wants to see Rachel’s HOH Room??????
Apparently nobody!!! But they all went up like good little house guests and kissed Rachel's butt. Rachel may be...well Rachel but she is not stupid and she can see through the fake. One comment that came from Dick last night was that Rachel and Brendon may not have have been good with strategy last season, but that is where him and Danielle come in. Dick and Danielle are master minds when it comes to Big Brother strategy and with fighters and competitors like Brendon, Rachel and Jeff and with Jordan’s social game play, this alliance has the ability to excel.

MOOve over newbies because Big Brother just got UTTERly insane with the first Have/Have Not Competition of the season. For all my newbies out there I will give you a quick lesson on the Have and Have Nots. Since the beginning of Big Brother there have been food competitions. The concept of the food comps have evolved through the years. Originally the losers of the competitions were sentenced to a week of only Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches while the winners were allowed to eat normally. Then starting in season 7, Big Brother came up with the concoction of Big Brother Slop. What is slop you ask? Slop is an oatmeal like substance that has many nutrients but does not taste like oatmeal. Instead it has been likened to dirt. Finally starting in Big Brother 11 the food comps were replaced with Have/Have Not competitions. The losing group of house guests are known as the have nots and are sentenced to a diet of slop, cold showers and they are also forced to sleep in the have not bedroom. Every year the room is different. This year it looks like an insane asylum and is complete with bright yellow padded walls a hard bed and bright lights that stay on 24hours a day. If that doesn’t scream welcome to Big Brother then I don’t know what does.
This first competition has the house guests dressed as space cows and running from a vat of milk to a drain while the teams milk man squeezes the milk from each player to fill milk jugs. The players are separated into three teams...The Green Team was made up of Keith, Porsche, Adam and Dominic. The Orange Team was made up of Cassi, Shelly, Kalia and Lawon and of course the final team was The Blue Team made up of All Stars, Jeff and Jordan and Evil Dick and Danielle. Can anyone guess which team finished first???? Well it was the All Stars! They all know what its like to be on slop and none of them want to go down that road again. The second team to finish was the Blue team which left the Orange team as the Have Nots for the week.

Evil Dick assures Rachel and Jordan in the HOH room that Porsche and Adam are on board. After some last minute meetings and contemplating finally we have reached the nomination ceremony. Since Rachel won HOH both her and Brendon are safe. As the nominations progress...Danielle and Dick are safe...Jordan and Jeff are safe...Lawon and Kalia are safe...Shelly and Cassi are safe...Adam and Dominic are safe...this leaves Keith and Porsche. Rachel’s reasoning for her nominations were that she wants Keith gone and feels like she is doing Porsche a favor by giving her a golden key and welcoming her into the All Stars alliance.

Who will win the power of veto...and will it be used to save either Keith or Porsche from eviction...

In addition to telling us to tune in to the next episode, the voice over at the end of show announces that one house guest will be leaving the game. Most of you have probably already discovered that the houseguest who has left is Dick Donato. Joker’s Updates has kept us all informed on what has been happening in the house, so this wont be a shock to most of you. With Dicks departure, Danielle was given the first golden key. Which made me think...which one of the Regulators will be the first to be bumped out of the group? Seeing as the first golden key is no longer up for grabs only three of them will be given keys...IF their strategy works. I guess we will find out next time...on BIG BROTHER.