For starters, I deliberately used Jordan's nickname for Brendon in the title of this post -- Brandon. I thought of writing it as Booki, but as no one has yet decided on the spelling, I'll stick with Brandon. (Quick aside: my spell checker flags “Brendon” but accepts “Brandon”, so maybe Jordan is right?)

Yesterday, after the Have-not competition, several of the house-guests had small bandages on their knees. We don't know why specifically, but from the Feeds we can gather that it was a rather physical challenge of some sort. All last night, Brandon had 1 medium sized band-aid on one knee. Kalia had an equal sized band-aid on one knee. I saw one or two other contestants with even smaller bandages on one knee. Of the bandaged people, the rest of their knees looked fine, no scrapes, bruises, tears, or exposed knee-cap bones. In fact, nothing appeared wrong with their knees at all, aside from whatever the bandages covered. but apparently there were a few minor scrapes to the knees from the Have-not competition.

Well, it is now 11:35 House Time, Saturday morning. I just tuned into the feeds in time to see that Brandon is now wearing band-aids on both knees. Well, wearing band-aids is a bit of an understatement. He's wearing bright pink bandages on both knees (even the uninjured one). But these are no normal bandages. Both of his knees are completely wrapped with huge pink bandages that look more like knee-pads than bandages. Aw, poor Booki!

Unless... well, I did turn off the feeds at about 1:30 AM house time last night. Perhaps that was a mistake? No, no mistake! I don't WANT to know what Brandon might have been doing last night to injure both of his knees to the point of requiring knee-pad sized bandages today!

Man-up Booki! It was only a tiny little boo-boo!

And while we're on the subject, aren't you engaged to be married Brandon? Then get off of Dani's nuts, fool, unless you are looking for an out from your wedding plans! Man-up, if you LUV the red-headed terror so much! (Sorry Rachel, you aren't NEARLY as annoying this season. In fact, I'm starting to feel more sorry for you than annoyed by you.)

I first noticed Brandon's infatuation with Dani during the night of the drum circle. Dani was sitting between Rachel and her man in the circle, and Brandon was acting like a hyper-active kid at Christmas toward her. But I thought NO one comes between Rachel and her [wo]man?

Then, two evenings ago Jeff, Brandon, and Dani were in the kitchen. Dani whispered something to Jeff, and as she did so she put her hand on his shoulder and stood tip-toe to stretch up and whisper in his ear. Let me state here that I really do like Dani. I liked her in her first season when many others didn't, and I still do. But her intimacies in the kitchen, if deliberate, were completely lost on Jeff. He is obviously rock-solid with Jordan. However, Dani's intimacies towards Jeff were NOT lost on Brandon! I'm not sure which best describes him, envious or jealous, but he was shaken when Dani whispered something to Jeff.

Aren't you engaged to Rachel, Brandon? So what's your justification (kinda rhymes with emasculinitization, LOL) for being ?!?! that Dani whispered in Jeff's ear? As soon as Dani and Jeff broke apart, Brandon desperately NEEDED to whisper something in her ear too, just to make sure he was getting equal (or better) time with her. So he grabbed her, pulled her close, and pawed on her while trying to whisper to her. And he made sure that his time was thrice that of Jeff's brief, intimate interlude. (Thrice means three times as long, if that threw anyone).

But hey, lets NOT stop here. After all, three's a charm -- or curse. Yesterday evening, Brandon grabbed some fresh vegetables, including three zucchini, which coincidentally were just a little bigger than his manhood if you happened to see the uncensored version of the 'sexting' scandal picture he was in. Vegetables in hand, he found Dani alone in the Katy Perry / Candy Room. I tuned in just in time to find him alone in the Candy Room flirting vigorously with Dani, attempting to use the vegetables suggestively to lure Dani into a hypnotized state of carnal desire. It didn't work out too well for him. At one point, Dani even said he was making her nervous or uncomfortable, iirc (that's If I Remember Correctly - iirc). Eventually, seeing that it was going nowhere, he got up to go back to the kitchen. Now, I didn't see him come into the room, but upon going back to the kitchen, he suddenly wasn't able to carry all the vegetables back to the kitchen. He NEEDED Dani to help him carry one of the zucchini back to the kitchen (I assume after he had managed to carry them into the room all by himself). If that wasn't bad enough, when he got back to the kitchen, he proceeded to slice up the zucchini on the counter with a knife. It appeared that he was preparing to cook them for everyone's dinner, and he didn't even rinse them off first! After seeing how he had been playing with the zucchini, the thought of people eating them almost made me throw up. It definitely made me leave the live-feeds for a while. I couldn't watch anyone actually EAT those zucchini!

I'm sure that there are other examples of his flirtatious infidelities towards Dani that I've missed on the Live Feeds. So by all means, if you've caught anything I've missed, post a follow-up and tell us about them! I'd like to hear about them, and others probably would too. On second thought, maybe I WOULDN'T like to hear about them, but I'm still pretty sure that others would!

I'm not sure what to think about Dani. Is Dani a natural flirt, or is she deliberately using her charms to advance herself in the house? I don't know or care, but I do see that she's probably going to be the source of some drama before this season is over.

But I DO know what I think about Brandon. I really want him to get caught for his attempted infidelities, if he isn't going to man-up to his promises of unrequited love for the red-headed terror. Or do I? I don't want to hear all the crying and begging, especially coming from Brandon! And I don't want to be pulled even further into the Rachel corner solely out of sympathy for her, either.

For crying out loud, Man-up Brandon, before it's too late!!!