Goodbye Jordan

Jordan winning wasn’t in the cards this season
The best you could do was final four
If only you had won that final veto
Porsche would have walked out the door

But that was a problem that plagued you
Throughout the entire game
You just couldn’t win big comps when you had to
So there is no one else to blame

Not that you would ever blame another
You knew yourself that your game wasn't strong
And you always gave credit where credit was due
To do otherwise would have just been wrong

In comps you may not have been the smartest
Nor were you the quickest on your feet
But Jordan who you are on the inside
Is something that can never be beat

You brought something else to this game
Not just this season but in your other
And that was kindness, honesty, integrity and truth
You are the classiest player of Big Brother

So the Big Brother sweetheart leaves the game
Your second attempt at this is done
But I’m sure good things await you in life
The best is yet to come

Goodbye Jordan and thanks for showing that there are still good people like you in the world.