Goodbye Brendon…FOR GOOD! (Never thought I'd agree with Kalia...shudder)

Brendon you’re gone yet again
Evicted for the second time this season
I don’t like that Dani’s plan worked out
But can understand her reason

You are the other half of crazy
The psyche to Rachel’s o
And once you were back in the game
I can see why you had to go

You were willing to throw JeJo
Directly into the line of fire
So for JeJo fans you simply had to leave
And Dani was the perfect gun for hire

You were also a direct threat to Dani
And to Kalia, her siamese twin
You and Rachel would have done anything
Anything for a win

So while at first I was happy to see you back
I’m just as happy to now see you go
Not that you care what anyone thinks
But I just wanted you to know

So the jury house is now where you’ll be
Taking the nicest room…that’s fair
But my advice; look for another padded one
As Rachel could soon be there

Goodbye Brendon, and thanks...for taking the heat off J/J this week.