Friday July 29th 2011

Double Trouble is DONE
Day 27 in the BB House and tonights twist is...since its is top ten the duo twist is over, the golden keys are done and everyone will be playing as individuals. Everyone was expecting this to happen so I am a tad disappointed that the twist wasn’t something better.

All deals are OFF
When Brendon decides not to use the POV it is evident that they will not honor the deal with Dani and Dom. Jeff is happy because he wants Dom gone. Dani is the first in HOH after the ceremony. She tells them straight up that if Dominic leaves she is going to be pissed because she has been on their side and tried to help them. Dani says that she gets that Brendon is afraid that Dom will beat him in the end but they should have trusted them. She sees this move as them screwing Dani and nothing else because there is no benefit to keeping Adam. In one ear...out the other. Jordan and Kalia talk in the Have Not room and Kalia admits that in the last day or so she thought maybe Jeff and Jordan would be nominated. She lies to Jordan and said she was not in on it and then Big Brother shows a flashback of her and Dani discussing it. Kalia told Jordan she would have given her a heads up.

Jeff talks to Dominic because he wants Dominic to tell him the truth and sell out the person who had the plan to back door Jeff. They go in the purple room and Jeff tells him he has one minute to tell him what he wants to hear. Dominic says that he has no idea who thought of the idea to back door Jeff and that nobody told him about it. He keeps denying because he is trying to protect Dani. Jeff wont listen to Dom until everything is out in the open. Jeff and Jordan want to get a house meeting together in order to get everything out in the open and throw everyone under the bus. Your going to need a BIGGG bus. Dom goes up to HOH and tries to do damage control with the veterans. Brendon says that it wasn’t Dom’s idea but he knew about the back door plan. Jeff says that Dominic was 100% safe but now because of this plan is why Dominic will be leaving. Dom tells them that we all know who’s plan it was and there is no point in him saying it to throw that person under the bus. Jeff straight up says that it is “her” fault, that he is leaving. Brendon calls him “tainted” now. Rachel finally speaks...I think that was the longest she has been quiet in her whole life. She says that she doesn’t want him to go and that she likes him and wants to work with him. Rachel hates floaters and she knows that Adam is a floater and would much prefer to play with Dominic. He is a competitor like her so this makes sense.
Kalia goes to the veterans to make sure that she is still good with them. She knows that they are obviously excluding her. Brendon starts to lecture her about how he has studied Rocket Science and that this game is easier. He calls her a floater. He talks over her continuously and Kalia starts to flip out.

House Meeting aka FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
Jordan calls a house meeting and everyone gathers around the kitchen. Brendon and Jordan start on Kalia about knowing about the back door plan and not telling them. Kalia was saying that she knew that nothing was going to happen so there was no point in telling Jeff about the back door plan because she did not want to start what just happened. Jeff thinks the anger from Dom and Kalia should be directed at Dani because it was her plan that they are taking the fall for. Rachel starts a lecture about Dani and the kind of friend she is, by backstabbing and turning on her alliance. Dani finally speaks, “Rachel...Rachel your an idiot first of all...”(Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.10, CBS) Of course Brendon jumps to her aid and tells her not to call his fiance an idiot. Dani calls out Brendon and Rachel by saying that they were 100% on board with the plan. Dani admits that it was her idea but she was with them. Brendon tries to put it back on her by saying that they were only in on it because she made them think Jeff was coming after them (which he was and probably still secretly is). Dani tells Brendon to shut up and naturally he doesn’t. Jeff asks why he was the target and he thinks it seems personal. Danielle tells him that it was not PERSONAL and that he is her biggest threat in the house. Jeff can’t believe that she would put Dom in danger and Danielle reiterates that he was not in danger because they promised him safety. Rachel has no response but to call her ridiculous. Jeff’s main target is now Danielle. Danielle is mad that these veterans are walking around like they own the place and she says...and I quote! “With the HOH competition coming up I will win and I will get one of them out of the house this week” (Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.10, CBS).

The End of Team PB&J
The tension in the living room could be cut with a knife. Julie addresses Kalia first and she says that they are all adults and it is just a game. Brendon says he agrees and even if they evict each other and put each other up it is no hard feelings. Julie asks Jeff what the point was of the house meeting and he asks Jordan, since she is the one who called it. Jeff says that it gets everything out in the open and draws lines and its go time. Julie goes to Dani and asks if she is surprised that it has already gotten this controversial in the game. Dani says no she is absolutely not surprised because she has been through much worse in this house. After all she does have a very intense season under her belt. She tells Julie that it is a game and she did not come to be part of a dictatorship. Its about making moves and if they back fire you have to keep going. Julie calls them all serious “gamers”.
Adam stands for his speech, he gives the typical thank you’s to everyone and says that he knows its just a game and do what you have to do. He also tells Dominic that he is sorry that its going to end this way.
Dominic stands for his speech and FINALLY we have a speech that is worth being mentioned. He first thanks everyone for getting to know them and that he knows they will be friends out side of the house. THAT BEING SAID “I think some of you guys are spineless jelly fish, that are really riding on peoples backs and you don’t have a chance of winning if your going to play like that. I think you guys need to man up, get some guts and fight. Fight for you and not for anyone else. And I think others...congratulations because this far you’ve come a long way with some gigantic speed bumps and really playing against no one. So kudos for you guys, you’ve done a great job. And lastly I think me personally pause pause pause I think like all of you guys collectively, I think we all suck at this game and I think if I had a player or someone that had a spine to play with me aside from the last week, I think there would be a game being played and not what it is right now. Thank You” (Dominic Briones, BB13, Ep.10, CBS). I was excited for a speech that wasn’t just “Thank You...I want to play with you...I love you all”

Eviction results are as follows:

Jeff: “terrible speech, I vote to evict Dominic”

Jordan and Kalia vote to evict Dominic

Danielle: “...because I’m not afraid to go against the King and the Queen, I vote to evict Adam”

Brendon, Shelly and Lawon vote to evict Dominic

Porsche: “this jelly fish votes to evict Dominic”

By a vote of 7 to 1 it is official and PT is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Dominic stands, gives hugs and says his goodbyes. He leaves to massive cheering from the live studio audience.
Back in the house everyone is rushing to get ready to compete and they are in athletic wear for the endurance competition. I have never seen the house look this determined and pumped for a competition before.

Outside of the house Julie asks Dom what he wanted to accomplish with his speech. He says its the newbies that had no spine because they always wanted to run to the veteran alliance because they didn’t want to fight. He was hoping to light a fire and get Dani some help. Julie asks him about Danielle and his feelings for her. He talks about how they trusted each other and had a real bond and friendship that went beyond the game. Julie points out his bad move at throwing the POV. Julie asked why he targeted Jeff? He says that the reason they targeted Jeff was because Jordan is a sweetheart and wouldn’t go after him. Whereas; if you target Brenchel then you know the other one will go psycho and come after you and your dog and cat and everyone. They watch his goodbye messages. Shelly says that Dani was his downfall. Dani talks about how she said she wasn’t going to play with emotions but that she is truly sorry that it is her fault he is leaving and she is really sad to see him go. Her message was very edited and she talked about everything she said on the feeds last night. Lawon says that they are boys for life and he can’t get rid of him, just like a pimple that you pop and it always comes back. Jeff and Jordan’s goodbye message takes the cake, Jordan says “as Rachel would say...nobody comes in between of me and my man” (Jordan Lloyd, BB13, Ep.10, CBS) They both laughed after and her imitation of Rachel was priceless.

Back to the living room Julie reveals to the HG’s that the duo twist is over and that from this point on golden key holders are back in the game and everyone will be playing as individuals. She warns that the summer and the twists are not over.

“Big Brother Slalom”
I would have called it “Nobody stands a snow balls chance in hell”, but after all it is a family show. The back yard is transformed into a winter wonderland. The house guests are standing on an snowy cliff like wall. They are standing on skis and holding onto two small bars (ski poles) coming from the wall. The object of the game is to be the last one standing on their skis. There are also five snowballs on a stump. The first five eliminated house guests have to choose a snowball. In one there is $10,000 and in the others there may be something good or bad. When the music starts the skis slide from side to side bringing the legs of the players with them. The mountain begins to tilt forward and eventually snow is blown at the players. The music was very Nordic and it looked like a fun competition.

Who will win this HOH and who will they nominate for eviction?
Julie tells us that we could play a role in the next game changing twist. My guess is that America will vote to bring a player back into the game. With Evil Dick’s departure they are short a week and they will need to bring someone back or they will not be able to have a double eviction week.