With all of the conversations that have been going on in the Big Brother house this year, one subject has been consistently discussed. Prior Big Brother seasons. This has led me to pose the question: "Is it time for Big Brother All-Stars 2?"

Reminisce with me about the days when Evel Dick of BB8, was banging pans over sleeping houseguests' heads. Or when Janelle of BB6 and All-Stars, was the PoV queen. Or when Russell of BB11 argued with ... well, everyone. Whether we liked those former houseguests or not, they made an impact on the game. They gave us a reason to watch.

Former houseguests with big personalities stirred our emotions. They shared a small portion of their lives with us for a short time and we were invested. We rooted for them to win or we counted down the days until they were evicted.

It will be interesting to watch how returning houseguests choose to play the game. Will they stick with the same strategy they used the first time around or will they change it up? Whom will they align themselves with? Will we see a different side to our favorite players? And the big question - will Jessie Godderz (Mr. PEC-Tacular) be permitted to enter the Big Brother house for the fourth season in a row?

So many questions left unanswered until the next edition of All-Stars. I, for one, believe it is time.

So what do you think? Is it time to bring on the All-Stars 2? If so, who would be on your wish list to make the cut for Big Brother All-Stars 2?