Friday July 8th 2011

Big Brother Season 13…Let The Games Begin

The day we have all been waiting for has arrived. After months of speculation and anticipation, last night Big Brother premiered its thirteenth season. This season has high expectations of providing its viewers with all the things that Big Brother has to offer…SLOPPY competitions, EXPECTED showmances, UNEXPECTED blind sides and so many more wonderful clichés that this summer's guilty pleasure provides. BUT FIRST we must ask if this season's houseguests will measure up to the dynamic duos of the past.

The theme of dynamic duos was introduced in last night's premiere. The new cast of eight had the opportunity to choose a team mate. The format appears like that of season nine, the only difference being that although teams will play as couples when a team is nominated the team mates must compete against each other to save themselves. The eight new houseguests teamed up in the following order: Dominic & Adam, Kalia & Lawon, Keith & Porsche and Cassi & Shelly.

Then the second twist of the night was thrust upon the houseguest as dynamic duos from the past made their way into the house. The first being the couple that everyone loves to hate Brenchel… Rachel Reily and Brendan Villegas (Season 12). The second couple to enter the house was America's sweethearts Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd (Season 11). The last but certainly not least was the infamous Evel Dick and his daughter Danielle Donato (Season 8). These duos have not changed much in the years since we last saw them. Rachel and Brendan are engaged and her laugh is still going strong, Jeff and Jordan are still dating and have been for a year and 6…no 8…no 2 years….Jordan’s math skills have not improved and ED and Danielle have not spoken for three years.

The first HOH competition started with giant bananas that each team had to attempt to stay on while getting sprayed with chocolate and shot in the face with whipped cream. Most of the new houseguests dropped like flies while the veterans stayed strong…expect for good old Jordo (Jordan Lloyd, Season 11 winner). At the end it was against Dick and Danielle Donato (Season 8) and Rachel Reily (Season 12). A deal was cut between Rachel and the Donatos and Rachel won the first Head of Household of the Big Brother season.

For all of my newbies out there here is a quick lesson on Big Brother format: The HOH (Head of Household) gets to nominate two houseguests for eviction and they go on “the block” (chopping block). Then a selected number of houseguest get to play for POV (Power of Veto) This gives them the opportunity to veto one of the HOH’s nominations which means they take themselves or another player off the block. If the POV is used the HOH then has to replace the removed house guest with a new nominee for eviction. In the live shows there is a vote where each houseguest besides the HOH and the two nominees get to vote in the DR (Diary Room). The person with the most votes is announced by Julie and they have been evicted, they have only minutes to say goodbye and walk out the front door. Immediately following eviction another HOH competition begins and by the end of the night a new HOH is crowned.

This brings us to the final twist of the night…the GOLDEN KEY. To me this was the most shocking twist of the night. Big Brother fans everywhere know the importance of this new twist. For the next four weeks the remaining member of each duo that stays when their partner is evicted receives a golden key which automatically advances them to the final 10. Not only is this like a four week pass but in the event that they are evicted after the four weeks this also guarantees them a spot on the jury and an opportunity to crown the winner of Big Brother 13. The only drawback to this new element to the game is that since the key holders will not be participating in competitions they will not have as much practice at competing. This brings a whole new aspect to the game…would you be willing to throw your partner under the bus and risk getting evicted for a ride into the top ten? Dani Donato (Season 8) is ready to get rid of her dad in exchange for the golden key.

This season promises to be a fun filled summer of drama, laughter and intense competition with our hostess Julie Chen as our guide I am thrilled to welcome you to the world of BIG BROTHER.