Wednesday August 17th 2011

The Finger Pointing Begins
After Dani’s shocking nominations...Shelly is furious and Adam didn’t want to win the award for the most times nominated. Rachel is shocked that they pulled it off and that Dani didn’t nominate Brenchel. On a side note the voice over that recapped in the intro actually said “Brenchel” rather than Rachel and Brendon. Shelly is more pissed at Rachel’s “lies” then being on the block. Shelly and Dani go up to the HOH bedroom. Dani has two plans for the week. Plan A: The veto is not used and Shelly leaves, thus leaving her deal with Brenchel in tact. Plave B: The veto is used and Dani back door’s Brendon. In the HOH Dani apologizes and tells Shelly that Brendon is the target. Shelly is relieved and is on board because Rachel is a liar. Dani asks what happened and Shelly tells her Rachel told porsche that she made a final three deal with Brenchel, which is a lie. Big Brother again shows the clip of Shelly trying to make the deal that she is denying. Shelly is all guns blazing and says that as long as Dani is not lying then they are golden. When Shelly leaves the room Dani turns and says that she sucks at lying.
Meanwhile, In the fortune teller room Rachel is telling Brendon that they are still in the game. They agree to play smart and that Step #1 was not getting nominated and Step#2 is winning the POV just in case.
Adam is the next to go up in to the HOH room with Dani. Adam tells her he is guessing that she wants him to win the veto? Dani says yes and Brendon needs to go. So yes, she basically tells him the same thing that she told shel. In the DR Dani says Adam is not the target but he is expendable. She tells him that he is the pawn and he reminds her that pawns go home. She says that not necessarily because some take longer.

Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are in the bubble gum room. Shelly comes in and tells Rachel that Porsche told everyone a three person deal was cut with Brenchel and herself. Jordan tells Kalia to go get Porsche to straighten this out. Shelly says that everything that has come out came from Rachel. Rachel looks shocked and Shel is calling out Rachel. Porsche comes in and they interrogate her. Porsche says that Rachel told her that you (Shelly) wanted a deal but that she didn’t trust you so there was no a deal. Rachel confirm and says yes that is what happened. Shel starts freaking out. Rachel looks to Brendon to confirm this as the truth. Brendon is trying to stay out of the drama but then he says yes that is true. Rachel continues to tell them that Shel said something like... “if we vote out Jordan”...and Rachel says that she went and told Jordan that too. Brendon confirms. Rachel says everything is coming from Shelly, that is how it is always coming out. Shel tells Rachel to stop and that she will not be intimidated by her. For the first time Rachel is telling the truth and Shelly is being outed. But who will the houseguest’s believe?

Shelly goes out into the backyard and talks to Adam and Jeff. She is worked up about the argument with Rachel and specifically about Rachel saying that she would come after Jordan. Shel talks about doing everything honestly and how it gets you nowhere in this house. Jordan comes out and Jeff is trying to get Shelly to calm down. Shelly is embarrassed about Rachel lying. Shel is crying and in the DR talks about Rachel lying and saying she “compromised the alliance”....But its not a LIE Shelly! Bad girl.

Players are picked for the power of veto competition. Danielle, Shelly and Adam will be participating along with Danielle pulls Jordan, Shelly pulls Kalia and Adam pulls Jeff. Rachel, Brendon and Porsche are not chosen and Rachel is not pleased. This means that they must rely solely on their deal with Dani and relationships in the house to stay off the block. The host for the competition will be Porsche.
Porsche comes in to the HOH. Kalia and Dani are talking and Dani says “can you give us like five mins...totally kidding”(Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.18,CBS). They laugh and Porsche’s face was priceless. Dani feels like the stars are aligned and this is turning out to be a perfect week. Perhaps perfect opportunity to BD Bren with neither of them playing in the Power of Veto.

A hoedown throw down
Porsche is in a cow girl costume. The HG’s are all dressed in lots of plaid. Out side of two large barn doors is a farm setting complete with hey, farm animals and corn stalks. In the DR Jeff jokes that he wants to take Jordan on a hey ride and spits. The game is corn hole. They play ii the backyard every day and set up mock comps with eachother. Dani says she isn’t bad but Jeff is really good. In the DR Jordan says that Jeff looks like someone from a 90’s boy band and talks about how he calls her from his friends house and sings songs from boy bands to her on the phone. She also tells the DR not to show this because he will kill her. Naturally they show it...thank you production!
In this game of corn hole there is a hole on a slope. The players must throw a bean bag and aim for the single corn hole worth 1 point. Underneath there is a platform that is moving clockwise. When you toss the bean bag if it lands on the spinning wheel the point amount that you land on is the number of points that you receive. The players with highest scores are eliminated. Each Houseguest will get a prize as they are eliminated. The players in the later rounds can chose to keep or trade their prizes.
Jeff has to be careful because he wants to save Shelly but doesn’t want to piss off Brenchel. Rachel is unsure of what Jeff and Jordan would do if they won, but they are their only hope.

Round #1: Jeff scores 5, Adam 13, Jordan 7, Shelly missed the board, Kalia 11 and Dani 1 in the corn hole.
Shelly is eliminated and has won the POV.

Round #2: Adam scores 9, Jordan 13, Kalia 9, Dani 1 in the corn hole and Jeff 9.
Jordan is eliminated and receives 24hrs of solitary confinement and a phone call from home. Jeff jokes that it is a good get away. Jordan starts crying and got excited about the call, so she could talk to her mom. She said she would take the solitary confinement if it meant talking to her mom. As she is crying she looks at Shelly and she wants to give it to Shelly so that she could talk to her daughter Josie. Jordan says she has Jeff and Shelly has no one. Jordan gives it to Shelly and trades for the POV. Shelly is moved to tears that Jordan would give up talking to her mom for Shelly. Jeff says that Jordan has a heart of gold and is an angel on earth.

Round #3: Dani scores 1 in the corn hole, Jeff 3, Adam also scores in the corn hole and Kalia scores 7.
Kalia is eliminated and has won a Caribbean vacation and keeps it. Rachel tells Brendon, there goes their honeymoon.
Jeff comments that he might not want to win. Adam tells Jeff to let him win. Adam asks Dani if Jeff is safe? She says yes. In the DR she says Jeff get over yourself, that he is not her target and to throw it to Adam.

Round#4: Dani throws the competition and she scores 13, Jeff 3 and Adam 1 in the corn hole.
Dani is eliminated and wins a veto ticket and decides to keep it. She says that a veto ticket is more important then a vacation, just ask Rachel and Brendon.
Kalia is happy Dani did not take her vacation and said if said if she had there would be a hoe down because a hoe would go down.
Dani makes the decision that she will back door Brendon and asks Kalia is she is okay with it. They agree and that will be the plan.

Round #5: Jeff throws the competition and scores an 8. Adam scores a 7 and wins the corn hole game.
Jeff picks his second place prize. It is 5,000 and he keeps it
Adam picks his prize and it is a “humila-tard”, the most humiliating unitard to date. Adam apologizes and trades with Jordan for the POV.

Adam has won the POV and is gloating even though both Danielle and Jeff threw the competition to him. Jeff is hoping he made a good move by doing what Dani wanted.

Brendon and Rachel talk and Rachel wants to go on the block instead of Brendon. He is getting mad at her. She tells him it is too risky for him to go on the block especially because she just got him back. He tells her that he knows but he will go over her. Rachel is really worried he will leave again and he wants her to calm down so that they do not look like targets.
Jeff and Dani talk in HOH, Dani says she wants Brendon out and that Jeff and Jordan are not on her radar. She wants to put him up but is afraid that Shelly will go instead. Jeff would prefer Rachel gone because he doesn't want another week with Rachel...especially without Brendon. Dani says no because she is more threatened by Brendon. Jeff tells her that from a game stand point...yes its a game move... yes. Jeff says that he is in and its better for everyone. Dani feels better with Jeff on her side and the plan is to back door Brendon.

Shelly is so happy about Jordan giving up the phone call for her. Shelly goes into to the have not room for her 24 hrs of confinement. In the room there is a toilet, a shower curtain, bread, water and a bucket of slop. In the DR Shelly is crying that she is so happy get to talk to Josie. She feels bad because everyone got what they wanted, except for Jordan...who did the nicest thing.
Jordan tells us to take one last look at regular Jordan because she will be gone for a week. Jordan comes out of the diary room wearing a green unitard with a pink tutu and a dunce cap with a propeller on the top. Her shirt says “I’m With Stupid”. Jeff loves her pig tails and says she looks “cute as a stupid little button” (Jeff Schroeder, BB13, Ep.18,CBS). Adam’s favorite part is the dunce cap propeller because it spins when Jordan walks.

Kalia and Dani talk in the HOH room. Dani tells her about her conversation with Jeff and voting out Brendon. Dani explained that she wanted the deal with Brenchel only if he stayed in the game. She explains that only four of them knew about the deal and they didn’t talk as a DENY. Dani is happy and feels accomplished.

Shelly is so grateful and the phone comes over the intercom in the have not room. Tony comes on and Shelly is crying. She says it is so good to hear from him and He tells her she is doing awesome and everyone misses her and loves her. Josie comes on and says hi and that she loves her. They are both crying. Shelly calls her a big girl and says it wont be long she promises. She asks about school and Josie tells her that she got the teacher she wanted. Shelly tells Josie to keep taking care of daddy and Josie responds with a yes mam. Shelly tells her not to cry and to be strong. Tony tells her they love her and to keep her head up and keep fighting. Lots of crying from both sides. Shelly says that they sound awesome and Josie sounds grown up. Shelly says that it is her happiest day ever and was her secret weapon. They come and take her out of solitary confinement. They tell her three more hours and surprise her and they break her out with treats. A little celebration follows with hugs and she gets to see Jordan in her costume.

POV Panic!
Brenchel goes up to the HOH with Dani. Rachel wants to work something out to keep her and Brendon safe. The want to make sure that the deal is still good. They are with Jeff and Jordo but need to stay off block so they start to throw Jeff under the bus. Rachel asks Dani if she has a deal with Jeff and Dani says no deal with Jeff and Jordan and she only talks to them occasionally. Rachel asks if Dani would consider back dooring Jeff? Dani diverts the question by saying how she keeps making enemies. Rachel points out that Jeff is making an army and also racking up money 15,000 + America’s Favorite if he wins that would be almost the equivalent of second place. Rachel continues to speak to the loyalty that Brendon and her have to offer Dani. Dani agrees to consider it and Rachel says that Dani holds all the cards.

Adam feels good that he can use the veto and finally feel safe for one week. Brendon really wants Danielle to stick with their deal and his fate is in her hands. Danielle knows that picking Brendon gets out the biggest competitor. But if she nominates Jeff, she will get Brenchel on her side. She is trying to decide what move to make and asks herself if she trusts her game enough to get out Brendon and does she think she can she win without the help of Brenchel. She is all about the risks and making big move so I would expect nothing less.

Be-Heading the Zombie
Adam calls the veto meeting. Everyone comes inside and assembles in the living room.
During the power of veto ceremony Adam decides to use the POV on himself because he worked hard to win and is glad to come off the block. Danielle stands and says that Big Brother is full of twists and that one twist is the zombie in the house that they keep trying to kill and just wont die. On that note...Danielle’s replacement nominee is Brendon. The meeting is adjourned and Shelly feels good up against Brendon, but still doesn’t feel 100% because Brenchel will lie and scheme to stay intact. Brendon says Danielle should fear him because even though he is nominated does not mean he will be leaving and just like she said he is a zombie and that zombies never die.
Danielle says that the only way to kill a zombie is to cut off its head and she has put Brendon on the chopping block. The only problem is his zombie bride left in the house. Jeff says that this will be a game time decision because both Brendon and Shelly are allies.