Oh Dear Ragan "Otev" himself, Know it all and so self righteous.

(self-right·eous–adjective ...confident of one's own righteousness, esp. when smugly moralistic and intolerant of the opinions and behavior of others.)

Before you do another interview please watch the season so you can stop making an A$$ of yourself. A season of no alliances...Yes Ragan, it was the season of the biggest alliance ever, because of all the side alliances put together. And you Ragan and Britney could have been a Part of the greatest alliance of this season. That is if YOUR HEAD WAS NOT SO FAR UP MATT'S A$$ to allow you to see it. Had you stayed close to Rachael and Brendon, who not only had your back but actually liked you Ragan. And the reason Rachael acted that way to you was when she was at her lowest point in the game, (Yes Ragan the point you reached before you went home, thowing tantrums (this comp is not fair I can't win), Crying (were they too fake tears as you said Rachael always did for attention) and the best was your poor sportsmanship (throwing the cd and hitting Enzo)oh yes I was saying the lowest point in the game where Rachael needed support and you told her all those things that you yourself have done in the game and turned on her. She never got that Ragan, she never understood why you thought all those things because she was your friend and accepted you for who you were. My feelings are that you find out how wrong you were about the game and about the people that you played this game with.