Saturday September 10th 2011

Thursday night was the second last episode of this season of Big Brother where Jordan, Rachel and Porsche’s future in the house rests on the POV.

We are brought to moments after Adam has won HOH. Julie says that he can no longer follow the power because he is the power. Adam is happy to have finally won HOH. Jordan and Rachel still feel good with Adam in power and Jordan asks how much sucking up she can do.

Who wants to see Adam’s HOH room????
The girls and Adam head upstairs. The door opens and there are pictures of Fara, Adam’s girlfriend. A picture of him at his Bar mitzvah and one of him and Tori Spelling that was taken just last week in the house. His basket is full of bacon and bacon themed treats as well as a stuffed bacon. Rachel says if he could he would marry bacon, or Tori Spelling.

Porsche helps Adam bring his stuff to his HOH room and it is her only chance to talk to Adam before the nominations. Porsche wants to talk strategy and she says “I wouldn’t mind being at the end with him, or Jordan or Rachel to be honest. I just want to be sitting in those final two chairs” Porsche Briggs, BB13, Ep.28, CBS). She asks how it feels to be in power and he says that it is the perfect week to be HOH. They talk about how they have both ran with vets but would like two newbies at the end. Adam and Porsche seem to be on the same page.
Rachel is next up in HOH, she says that he has always sided with whoever was in power but now that he is in power what does it mean for the house. She does not want to kiss a floaters butt. Rachel talks about Jordan, Adam and herself as final three. Adam likes to see all the girls coming to him. He is secured in the final three and wants to see the girls battle it out.
Jordan is the last one up and asks Adam what he is thinking. He tells her that he thinks Rachel will be impossible to beat in the final three, but he kind of would like to go head to head with her. He asks Jordan to understand if he has to nominate her. She is not pleased because she sees this as him helping Porsche. Jordan knows that if Porsche has the voting power that she is gone. She asks what he will do if he wins the power of veto. He does not give her a straight answer. Jordan is disappointed because she feels like Porsche does not deserve to be in the final three. Jordan is getting frustrated with Adam and his wishy-washy attitude.

It is nomination time and there is only one key to be pulled. Pre-nominations have the girls nervous for Adam’s nominations. Realistically speaking if there is any week in Big Brother that nominations do not is this week. The only thing that matters this week is the POV. The person who wins the POV gets the second seat in the final three and gets to cast the only vote to evict. The POV holder choses the last person to come with them into the final HOH competition. The nomination ceremony begins and Adam pulls the only key...Rachel is safe. This means that Jordan and Porsche have been nominated for eviction. Adam says that the best sleep he had in the house was when he won the POV and was able to save himself. He says that Rachel has done that already and he is giving them the opportunity to do that since they have not saved themselves with the POV yet.

Everyone wants that POV
After nominations Porsche is not happy to be back on the block and now the pressure is on to win the POV. Rachel is shocked that she isn’t nominated but still knows that she has to win the POV. In the diary room Jordan gives herself a pep talk and tells herself that she needs to win that POV and gets herself off the block. She says that she needs to buckle down and win this veto!

Who will top the charts?
When the house guests go into the backyard it is decorated in a 50’s jukebox theme. There is four jukeboxes separated by partitions for each house guest. There are ten clues on the left and ten clues on the right of each jukebox. There are also blocks with the names of past evicted house guests. They must choose the block with names that match a clue from both sides of the jukebox and slide it on the pole in the correct order. There is only one way for the blocks to be stacked for the answers to be correct. Example:

(Left) Never A Have Not: Keith

(Right) 4th HOH: Danielle

The block they slide down has to have Keith’s name on the left and Danielle’s name on the right. There is also two other house guest names on the opposite sides. They must do this for all ten blocks, but if one is in correct they must flip blocks to find the correct configuration.
The competition starts Adam, Rachel and Jordan all have the same strategy, they find the answer and slide their blocks on the pole. They are all being cautious coming up with the correct answers. Porsche’s strategy is to plan everything ahead of time. She is going to stack her answers on the ground and then move them onto the pole. Porsche is getting nervous because she can hear everyone putting their answers on the pole. Rachel is second guessing herself and Adam has to unstack his blocks after he cannot find a block with Brendon’s name on it. Porsche is done on the ground and stacks all her answers on the pole. She presses her buzzer but is wrong. They do not tell you if you have all ten or just one wrong. In her case she has only one wrong. Adam is relieved that who ever hit the buzzer was incorrect. Hearing the buzzer has lit a fire under Rachel. Porsche realizes which answer she had wrong, she had forgot that Danielle also had a golden key. She fixes and rings in and she is correct. Porsche has won the Power of Veto.

Porsche is overjoyed that she won the POV when it matters. Rachel is devastated and Jordan knows that her chances are not looking good. When they go back into the house Rachel is crying in the bathroom. Rachel thinks that she is going home. Jordan tells her that she is not and that after loosing again Jordan thinks that she should be going home over Rachel. Rachel is saying that she deserves to go because she did not do better, Jordan says no that she deserves to leave because she has lost everything and that if it wasn’t for Rachel she wouldn’t still be there. Jordan brings Rachel to talk in the purple room, the pass Porsche in the hallway and Porsche asks what’s wrong? Rachel tells Porsche that she is so sad, but that she is really happy for Porsche and that she is sorry. They hug and Jordan brings Rachel in the purple fortune teller room to calm down. Jordan says in the DR that she would not have made it this far, if it had not been for Rachel. Jordan tells Rachel that if she gets to the final two that she will win because she will have the votes.

It’s Do or Die
Rachel puts her game face on and pulls it together to try and save herself with Porsche. Porsche and Rachel go and talk. Rachel tells Porsche that is she brings her to the final three that Porsche will make it to the final two because both Adam and herself will take Porsche. Rachel also tells her that Jordan would take Adam over her. Rachel is flattering Porsche and says that she deserves to be where she is. Porsche is weighing out the pros and cons of Rachel vs. Jordan. Porsche says that if she brings Rachel to the final three that Rachel will bring her to the final two BUT if she makes it to the final two with Jordan that she probably has a better chance of winning the jury votes.

A $500,000 Decision
Julie brings us into the living room with the house guests. The final veto meeting occurs live. Julie tells Porsche to stand and make a decision about whether or not she will use the POV to save herself. Porsche stands and says that she has been playing the game and is going to continue into the final three. Porsche removes herself from the block and Rachel takes her place.
The live eviction begins BUT Jordan’s not wearing her eviction dress! Julie ask the girls to stand and address Porsche before she casts the only vote to evict. Rachel is first, she says that she is honored to be back in the Big Brother house again. She tells Adam he is amazing and that she is glad that they got to become friends. She tells Jordan that she never knew she would find a friend like her and that she is a sweet, beautiful, amazing person. She turns to Porsche and says that she is happy they have been friends and they have had their ups and downs. She gets flustered and mixes up veto’s for votes. What she was trying to say was I kept you last week so please keep me this week but she asked for her to use the veto by accident. Jordan stands and says that she knows that she going home but it has been a great summer. She tells Adam that she is so happy she aligned with him and that he is a great man, that his word is good and that Fara is a lucky women. She tells Rachel that she is awesome and a great person and that the way she thought of Rachel when she first came into the house is completely changed walking out. She says to Porsche that in 69 days they never really talked but she knows that Porsche likes to wear bikinis and host competitions. She hopes that her and Jeff’s family are not disappointed and that winning it for them again just wasn’t in the cards.
Porsche stands and says that they are both great women and that she has not played the game with Jordan, but has with Rachel and she has to evict Jordan. Jordan stands and gives hugs and says her goodbyes.

Goodbye Jordo!
Jordan walks out and the audience cheers for her. She has never done this walk before, since she walked out as a winner the last time she played Big Brother. The final three hug and celebrate they stand in front of the memory wall and watch Jordan’s picture turn grey. Rachel is emotional and says that it is very surreal. Outside Julie mentions that for Jordan being out there with her is a new experience. Jordan says she knows and that she is a little disappointed. Julie asks why Porsche voted her out instead of Rachel? Jordan says that she never talked to her and knows nothing about her, so she knew that she was going to go home. Julie asks Jordan why she didn’t try to get closer? Jordan says that it was too late and it is day 69. Julie asks why she has no hard feelings towards Adam? Jordan says that she is nervous and Julie tells her to come closer because Joran is practically falling off the far side of the couch. Jordan says that Adam has to nominate someone and he didn’t put Rachel and her together on the block because they were in an alliance together. Julie asks about Shelly. Jordan says that she was playing personal and Shelly was so nice that she got caught up in it and that she was a mom away from home. Jordan says “you can’t trust anybody in here, even if your a mom, you still can’t trust a mom” (Jordan Lloyd, BB13, Ep.28,CBS). The whole audience laughs. Julie asks why Jordan threw in the towel and encouraged Rachel. Jordan says that she won everything and is the best competitor. She says that her and Rachel balanced each other, because we all know that Rachel can’t keep her mouth shut where Jordan has a good social game and then Rachel is a good competitor. Jordan said that she would have felt bad if she would have stayed because Rachel saved them and she did not want to benefit from Rachel’s work if Rachel had left. They watch Jordan’s goodbye messages. Porsche says that she could not keep Jordan in the game because she is too close to both Rachel and Adam and she could not take the risk going into the final three. Adam says that she is thankful that Jeff and her showed him how to play the game fair and honest and he thanks her. Rachel says that she is sorry that she could not save them in the final veto and that they have worked together all summer and have become really good friends. She says that their boyfriends have the bro-mance of the century so they can have a chick-mance. She tells her to go to the jury with her head held high because she is an amazing person and she feels that she has made a life long friend.

“The Big Brother Mixer”
The final head of household competition of the season begins.The final three are standing on a platform with their backs on a mixing blade clasping their hand around the blade that they are leaning against. They are in a bowl of yellow “batter”. The blade turns and brings them in circles. As they turn on the blades they are splattered with colored “icing” and lowered up and down into the batter. This is only the beginning of an intense three part HOH competition.