If you take the time to read my weekly Random Thoughts and Rankings – thank you! I do this to hold myself accountable, but also because I enjoy sharing my thoughts with others and hearing your thoughts. (Past weeks posted in BB In-Depth forum)

Now that we are in the final 7, I am going to add a new section for each house guest and review their game play and how likely I think the are to win. My ranking is completely biased, since it reflects how much I want them to win. However, I try to be as objective as possible when discussing their game play and position in the house.



 1. Tommy: He was my preseason favorite and has stayed in my top 3 all season. I love his positivity and really hope he wins.

Position in the House: Tommy’s position is precarious. For now, Christie is still the bigger target, but only barely. Cliff, Nicole and Holly would put up Tommy and Christie. He needs to gun for every HOH and veto from here on out. If he wins HOH, he will put up Jackson/Holly or Jackson/Cliff. He definitely hopes to get out Jackson and work with Holly to go after Cliff.

Game Play: Tommy has played a great game. (1) He was a key member in a strong alliance. (2) He maintained relationships with everyone in and out of his alliance, even the Camp Comebackers. (3) He kept his alliance from imploding on multiple occasions when Christie was going off the rails and wanting to go against Jack. (4) He won an HOH when he needed to and used it to rebuild relationships with Holly and Jackson that needed fixing. (5) He won veto when he needed to to save his F2. (5) He continues to have an amazing social game -  the extent that every other HGs has said how much they would hate to evict him, even though they know it's best for their game. (6) Jack, Sis and Kat have all talked about what a great game Tommy is playing. (7) Christie has been emotional and pissed people off. Out of all the HGs left, I see Tommy’s road to F2 to be the most difficult. If he does make it, I truly believe that Tommy would beat Christie at F2. I think he could also beat Nicole and Holly. The only people he might not beat are Jackson and Cliff.


2. Christie: This girl has played hard. She has played hard some of the time when she didn’t need to or against what was best for her (e.g., when she was thinking of targeting Jack and when she thought Nick was going to put her on the block. She begged Kat to not use the veto on Jess), but she hasn’t laid low or stopped playing for even one week. Of course, she hasn’t been allowed to either, since she was even on the block when her F2 was HOH!

Position in the House: She is in the worst position in the house going into the DE. She has Holly, Cliff and Nicole who are going to put up her and Tommy AND Tommy can’t save her with a veto win. If she wins HOH, she will put up Jackson and Holly. Like Tommy, she has to hope they win every HOH and veto between them because she has a huge target on her back.

Game Play: She won the first HOH and didn’t end up being the next target – great job! She was part of a huge alliance AND she kept the alliance from overreacting and keeping Sam. She has now been on the block week after week and has managed to either save herself or be a pawn – all through her social game! Her road to F2 is as difficult as Tommy’s or almost as difficult. I think Christie could beat Holly and Nicole. I don’t think she could beat Tommy or Cliff. I’m unsure about whether or not she could beat Jackson.


3. Cliff: He played a solid floater game for the first seven weeks and has been with the majority for the past 3 weeks through his wheeling and dealing. It’s not my “favorite” game play to watch, but he continues to be successful. I also really like his relationship with Nicole and his love for his wife.

Position in the House: Cliff is pretty safe, even though he’s on the block. I don’t see any chance of the vote flipping against him. For the next two evictions, he won’t be a main target. However, I could see him going if he ended up on the block against Holly after the veto comp. If Cliff wins HOH, he will target Tommy and Christie.

Game Play: I know some think he shouldn’t win due to his eviction, but I don’t think the HGs agree, and that’s what matters. He has a great argument at F2. He came back from banishment. He came back from eviction and won HOH. He was in the minority for 7 weeks. He has been on the block 4 different weeks. He has won comps AND he knows the dates and events better than anyone. Finally, all 4 of the current jury members have mentioned respecting him and his game AND several of the current HGs have said they wouldn’t mind if he won. I could actually see him beating all of the other HGs at F2.


4. Nicole: I find her to be a refreshing addition to BB. Her and Cliff’s relationship reminds me a little of Elisabeth and Rodger from Survivor S2. I have enjoyed watching her transformation and getting to see more and more of her fun and quirky side.

Position in the House:  She is by far in the best position in the house. Everyone wants to bring her to F2. I don’t see her getting evicted even if she’s on the block. If Nicole won HOH, she would target Christie and Tommy because that’s what Cliff, Jackson and Holly want her to do.

Game Play: Nicole was in the minority for 7 weeks. She has survived being on the block and she has developed a great relationship with most of the HGs and jury members. Unfortunately, she has no comp wins and has never actually influenced strategy. I think she could possibly beat Holly at F2 (see below), but I don’t see her beating anyone else unless she wins something.



 5. Jessica: I haven’t been a Jess fan all season, though I respected her HOH, and I am not sad to see her go this week.

Position in the House: Not good! Jess should go this week unless Jackson loses his mind. If some miracle occurs and Jess stays and wins HOH, she would target Jackson and Holly.

Game Play: Awful! Jess has been on the outside all season and hasn’t really understood what was happening in the house – even when people explained it to her. She talks as if she understands how BB is played, but that hasn’t been demonstrated in her decisions and game play. I don’t think Jess could beat anyone at F2.


Can’t be redeemed and I want them out ASAP

6. Jackson: I respect his game (see below), but I have no respect for him as a person. I do not believe “deserve” comes into play when it comes to a game. They are all there and “deserve” to be there. If they make it to F2, the “deserve” that, too. When it comes to Jackson, I don’t think his poor treatment of others all season and poor sportsmanship in the game (e.g., as a HN) should be rewarded and I sincerely hope he isn’t in the F2. If he is, I sincerely hope he doesn’t win.

Position in the House: Jackson is still in a pretty good position. Though Christie and Tommy would target him, he has 3 other people playing in the next HOH comp who wouldn’t target him. Also, he has proved he’s good at comps and will play in all the remaining veto comps. It will be difficult to get him out. He can’t win the DE HOH, but he can win the 2nd HOH comp on Thursday. If he’s there, it means that one of Tommy, Christie or Cliff are gone. I don’t think Holly or Nicole will go (see above and below). If he wins HOH, he will put up whoever remains of Tommy, Christie and Cliff.

Game Play: Jackson has played a good game. He has the respect of the jury, despite them all acknowledging at different times that they don’t like how he treats people. He won Camp Director and managed to not be an immediate target. He was part of the majority alliance for the first 5 weeks. Though he was the catalyst that caused it to implode (telling Jack about Kat and Holly knowing each other), he still managed to survive the block during Jess’ HOH and to get back with Tommy when Tommy was HOH. Since then, he’s been back in the majority with Holly. I can’t imagine anyone bringing him to F2 with them. If they do, he would probably beat everyone except possibly Cliff or Christie.


7. Holly: I don’t have any respect for Holly or her game and that hasn’t changed since the feeds came on. I will add that I feel extremely sorry for her lack of self esteem and self worth and hope her family and friends encourage her to seek therapy after this season.

Position in the House: She’s actually in a pretty good position. Christie would put her up as the pawn with Jackson and Tommy might, too. However, if Jackson won veto, I could see Tommy wanting to target Cliff instead and keep Holly. Holly/Cliff on the block during the DE is definitely the biggest question mark. The only way to guarantee that Holly goes, would be for Christie to put up Nicole as the renom instead of Cliff.

Game Play: I don’t think Holly could beat anyone (accept Jess) in the F2. The jury and HGs do not think she has played her own game. Yes, she has won HOH twice and, yes, WE know that Jackson let her make her own choices. However, none of the HG believe this and have said it, as well as demonstrated it by talking to Jackson during her HOHs to make deals. Holly also didn’t try to make any connections with most of the other HGs until after week 7.


Thank you for reading my thoughts, if you got this far! Please reply and let me know what you think. :)