She was Frank Eudy's loyal ally. And he was hers. He affectionately called her his 'Cabbage Patch Kid.' 

It was kinda of a joke. Cause it's certainly not all that she is. Bridgette Dunning is a 'traveling E.R. Nurse,' for god's sakes, out in the world. But in the Big Brother world things are never the same.

The one thing she would be accused of, like Natalie Negrotti, another target, is being too nice, too fluffy.

Like a happy puppy,

And they sure can't have that.

In a house full of cats, they've gotta manufacture a couple of rats. 

It's really not all their fault.

Somebody has to be 'it.'

It's the rules of the game.

It's the nature of the Beast.

Big Brother, as a 'game' encourages paranoia;

The culling of the herd;

The eating of the innocent and young.

So we got a whole class of girls playing kitty cat games using kitty cat rules.

While a shallow, contingent of shomance dudes-encourages the use of kitty kat rules.

Right now Nat's - the latest kitty cat caught in their claws..

She wasn't supposed to act happy about getting a special gift (she neither asked for, or expected,) from the viewers.

It was something they claimed to care little about. But within minutes Nat's receiving this gift-meant they wanted her immediately gone.

 So suddenly Nat's too nice. Too this. Too that.

One thing this kitty cat ain't got is the claws & simplistic jealousies of people like Michelle Meyer.

Seems, unbeknownst to Frank, she wanted him for herself.

So when Bridg was HOH, and Frank started hanging up there with Bridg, Michelle accused Bridgette of "swooping in" and stealing him...

Apparently Bridgette's sin is destroying some fantasy in Michelle's head...And so she has to pay. 

 Day's sin is allegedly saying she'd have Bridgette's back. Supporting Natalie too.

This just means war to someone like Michelle.

Cause, yeah, she's a real piece of work. And her true colors are only really starting to show.

It's like she's coming out. Exposing her nasty, catty mean self- to us, the house, the rest of the Big Brother viewing world

She's one big, giant Meow. And not in a good way.


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