Monday July 25th 2011

After the eviction the house guests talk about Cassi being gone. Rachel is happy because she got her way, Lawon states that Cassi’s departure was personal, Jordan feels bad but she didn’t want to rock the boat with her alliance and Dominic talks about the regulators being possibly the worst alliance in Big Brother history...I can’t say he is wrong about that.

Rachel wins HOH for the second time in a row. Of the three HOH competitions thus far Rachel has won two...and one she didn’t play in. Jordan must be relived with her decision not to try and back door Brenchel. The newbies are getting frustrated that the veterans keep winning and are not looking forward to kissing up to Rachel. Jeff wants Rachel to listen to them and put Dominic and Adam up since she got what she wanted last week.

Who wants to see Rachel’s HOH Room?...Again!
When Rachel goes into the diary room to get her key to the HOH room all of the house guests hide from her. When she comes out and shrieks “Who wants to see my HOH roooooom?” She looks around and no one answers and then as she walks through into the dinning room the house guests jump out and they proceed to throw pillows at her. It was a fun and light hearted scene from the Big Brother house. As fun as it one actually wants to see her HOH room. As Dominic says it is like Deja vu. Nothing is really different from two weeks ago. Theres a pink unicorn stuffed animal and more pictures of her mom and sister. There is a letter from her sister about how she is excited because both Rachel and her sister are engaged. Jeff commented: “When Rachel got her letter from her sister, surprisingly I had no idea Rachel’s engaged. I don’t know if anybody knew that around here but Rachel’s engaged. I just found out” (Jeff Schroeder, BB13, Ep.8, CBS).

It was a busy night in the Big Brother house, between all of the butt kissing going on and Dominic’s snoring it is a wonder how anyone got any sleep. Adam is up in the HOH room pleading his case about wanting to be in the house. He throws Kalia and Lawon under the bus as floaters. We all know how Rachel feels about those floaters...grab a life vest. Lawon is next and he goes up trying to convince Rachel and Brendon that he is there for them and on their side. He tries to tell them that he is ready to play and basically he is talking in circles.
Dominic or “a small dinosaur” as Danielle called him, has a bit of a snoring problem. The house guests talk about Dominic’s snoring problem. He had no idea that he snores and is driving Jeff crazy at night. They showed a clip of Jeff throwing things at Dominic while he was sleeping. It took three shots before Jeff got him good and Dom woke up.

Name That Celebrity
The house guests are treated to a luxury competition and also an opportunity to promote CBS’ new show ‘Same Name’. The show features people who share their name with a famous celebrity and swap lives with the celebrity. The house guests had clues to guess the celebrity that the mystery man in the back yard shared his name with.

Clue #1: Three bars of soap and opera binoculars
Most of the house guests are thinking that it must be a Soap Opera star. However, out of nowhere Jordan thinks opera sunglasses=binoculars=watch, soap=soap it must be Bay watch. She thinks of the character of Mitch Buchannon in Bay Watch. Her official guess is David Hasselhoff. Jeff thinks there is no way she got it. I am clueless as to how the hell she figured it out.

Clue #2: A microphone
Brendon guesses Michael C. Hall from Dexter, Porsche guesses Michael Jackson, Adam guesses Ricky Martin, Lawon guesses Barbara Streisand. I have no clue how these people came to these conclusions.

Clue #3: A Knight with the signature red Bay Watch float
Jeff guesses Mike Knight, Rachel guesses Keira Knightly, Porsche guesses again Brian McKnight, Jeff guesses again Christopher Walken, Dominic guesses John Stamos and Markie-Mark .
The knight leaves and outside in the backyard they hear a car. It is Kit from Night Rider and David Hasselhoff. The house guests give him a tour of the house. Dom tucked him into the Have Not bed. The Hoff reveals that Jordan has won the luxury competition. Up in the HOH she and three others get to hang out with David Hasselhoff and then they get to watch the first episode of ‘Same Name’ and eat and drink. Jordan chooses Jeff, Shelly and Kalia. Naturally Rachel is pissed that Jordan did not choose her because she is the HOH. Upstairs while the winners are enjoying the reward, Rachel and Brendon are down stairs fighting...Again. During this argument it is Brendon that is loosing his cool. For a change Rachel seems like the level headed one in this argument. Dominic, Lawon, Danielle, Porsche and Adam can hear them fighting and they are used to it. The Hoff says that if he was in this game he would align with Jeff and Jordan because they seem like nice, positive people.

Side Note: ‘Same Name’ premiered after Big Brother and I thought it would be cool to note that in the episode they showed a restaurant called The Geisha House. It is operated by Dolce Group which happens to be co-owned by Mike “Boogie” Malin (star of BB2 and winner of BB7 All-Stars).

Dominic comes to Rachel and Brendon and tries to make a deal. He tells them that he wants to play with them and needs them in this game. Dominic is thinking that if he keeps them in the house that they will remain the targets. They propose an alliance of Brenchel with what I like to call DD or Double D (Dominic and Dani). Dominic plays on Brenchel’s insecurities with J squared. (It is so much easier to use acronyms when you are dealing with three power couples) Rachel wants to work with him but she still doesn’t trust Dominic. Dom goes and reports back to Dani about his pow wow with Brenchel. Dani tells him how it is crucial to separate one of these couples to keep them from going all the way to the end. Dominic responds; “You’re the Donato, you need to do some damage”(Dominic Briones ,BB13, Ep.8, CBS). She is already preparing him to put up J squared and is planing to turn the two couples against each other so that there is no blood on her hands. He does not even realize how she is working him to make all of her moves. Dani is really excelling in her social game this year. She is campaigning to have Brenchel turn on Jeff and Jordan to save Dominic.

Rachel tampers with the idea of back dooring Jeff and Jordan. She wants to keep Dominic and play with Brenchel and DD in an alliance. In the nomination ceremony, her partner Brendon is safe. Dani, Portia and Shelly are safe as Golden Key holders. The nominations begin...Jeff and Jordan are safe, Kalia and Lawon are safe. Rachel chose to nominate Dominic and Adam for eviction. Both Dominic and Adam think that they are the pawn. But it is Adam that Rachel is targeting for eviction. Dani is thinking that if the POV is won by Dominic and Adam that it would be in her best interest to try and convince Rachel to put up Jeff and Jordan as replacement nominees.

Will Dominic or Adam win the Power of Veto?
Will Rachel and Brendon pull off another win?
Will the POV be used?