Goodbye Shelly

Shelly you are gone from this game
No longer a houseguest on Big Brother
You will soon return to your normal life
That of a wife and a mother

You had so many fans supporting you
Who cheered you on right from the start
Not only because you aligned with JeJo
But because you seemed to be playing with heart

For a while your game play was working
You knew where everyone’s head was at
But the others were starting to doubt you
Thinking you were playing the part of a rat

Then came the night when you made your big move
Refusing to give Big Jeff your vote
Turns out the only thing your big move got you
Was a trip to sequester with the title turncoat

It’s not the fact that you made a game move
That has most of Jeff’s fans pissed
It was the friendship you extended to him and his love
That in a second you so quickly dismissed

It will be hard to justify the lies you told
When into your daughter’s eyes you peer
And I hope it will be just as hard for you
When you face yourself in a mirror

And when your daughter has you writing sentences
Saying why it never pays to lie in the end
She might also want to get you a dictionary
So you can look up honesty, loyalty…and friend

So I am happy to write for you this poem
To be able to say to you goodbye
As I don’t think you deserved to stay a minute longer
And Shelly…that is no lie

Goodbye Shelly and thanks (if for nothing else) for showing that you would be willing to do anything for your family. In some small way, some could see that as admirable.