Friday August 26th 2011

Last night’s episode of Big Brother was a roller coaster ride for both the fans and the house guests. Depending on which alliance you were supporting you either loved the first half of the show and hated the last half or you hated the first half and loved the last half. Regardless of what side you are rooting for, two major competitors and veterans walked out the door last night which is a shame. The double eviction night was intense as promised and this is how it went...

Julie welcomes us to tonights special double eviction episode of Big Brother. She tells us it is day 55 and all week Jeff has held all the power. First putting Kalia and Porsche on the block while keeping his eye on one of the biggest power players in the game and then using the POV to try and backdoor Dani. Julie ran through the format, eviction, HOH, nominations, POV, POV ceremony, eviction.

Julie brings us to the events of the week and says that hope can be found in the most unlikely of places. After Dani is nominated she is ready to campaign to stay in the house. Porsche is glad to be off the block but does not want to choose between Porsche and Dani. Kalia’s plan is to lay low this week. Jeff knows that if Dani gets the votes to stay that means his alliance has flipped on him. In the backyard Dani and Shelly talk about the possibility of Shelly giving Dani her vote. Dani thinks that Jordan and Rachel’s votes are a wash and she shouldn’t even attempt them so she sets her sights on Shelly and Adam. When talking to Shelly, Dani mentions that Jordan is a guaranteed final two as is Rachel.Shelly doesn’t think Rachel is final two but Dani said she is because everyone will bring her with them because nobody likes her. Dani’s way of getting to Rachel is to remind her that Jeff and Jordan will be skating to the end with Rachel as the third. Shelly knows realistically that she should not bring Jeff and Jordan to the finals because she will not win anything, in the DR she is upset about flipping on them. Shelly then goes and talks to Adam. Not only has Dani gotten Shelly’s vote BUT Shelly is also campaigning to Adam to save Dani...SHOCKKKER. Adam is unsure about risking his game with Dani because he does not trust her. Shelly tells him that with Jeff and Jordan that neither him or Shelly will get any money in this game. Shelly wants Adam to make a big move because this is his chance. In the backyard Shelly and Dani talk about trying to get Adams vote as they watch Adam, Jeff and Jordan working out. Dani says that Adam is not using his own brain that he is using Jeff’s and that this doofus is the deciding vote that will send her home.

A Glimmer of Hope in Red Extensions & Furry Boots
In the backyard Big Brother has given the house guests a game to practice. Shelly knows Adam is not swaying his vote so she decides to tell Rachel that Jeff threw the Cornhole POV. Rachel is NOT pleased because this is the competition that got Brendon evicted. In the DR Rachel is not happy about this news and realizes that if Jeff screwed Brendon over like that, then he will do the same to her. Rachel decides to go investigate this. She asks Dani if they can talk in private. Rachel and Dani go talk in the Have Not bedroom. Rachel asks Dani if Jeff threw the veto and Dani confirms that he did. Rachel tells Dani that she has been thinking of coming to work with her and Porsche that they could still have a chance in the game. Rachel’s logic is that keeping Danielle keeps Jeff targeting Dani and Dani targeting Jeff which takes the heat off of her and pushes her forward. Dani plays to Rachel’s competitive side by saying that if she leaves Jeff and Jordan win the game and they both know it. Rachel asks Dani if she has the votes. Dani tells her she has Porsche and Shelly. Rachel tells her that she doesn’t have Shelly and Dani says she does. Rachel tells Dani that if she does this they can’t tell anyone because Rachel will blame Adam. Rachel tells her to think about it and not tell anybody. In the DR Dani is shocked and says, “You would have thunk. I already planned my whole funeral, i’m ready to get this over with and then in comes a glimmer of hope in red extensions and furry boots”(Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.22,CBS).

Eviction #1: It’s GO time...literally
Julie tells us that just moments ago the house exploded when Jeff learned that Shelly has flipped sides once again. It’s time for the first eviction of the night. Julie goes to the living room and nerves are running high. Jeff and Jordan look angry, Shelly looks upset and Dani is shaking her leg like crazy. Julie tells them that Brendon has moved into the jury house and will soon have some company but they won’t be alone for long...Dani says wooah and Julie tells them it will be a live double eviction. Dani seems really happy about this and is clapping (she guessed that it would be this week or next) and she is happy she won’t have to be alone in the jury house with Brendon. They get started...
Danielle stands to give her speech, she thanks CBS for allowing her to come back and play a second time because it meant so much to her. She tells us that she has been a fan of this show since season one and she has the greatest respect of the game and a love for the game and it saddens her that she is the only one in the house that feels that way (that is a jab at both Rachel and Adam). She says “It also saddens me that these people are to afraid to stand on their own two feet and make a stand and use the brain that the good lord has graciously given them [audience laughs]. And I came here to play a game that I love but unfortunately other people had a different agenda and that agenda is to sit around for the entire summer to write Jeff and Jordan a pay cheque. So congratulations and absolutely NO regrets, only choices because at the end of the day I can sit here and say i’ve made my own. Coolio”(Danielle Donato, BB13,Ep.22,CBS). This was definitely the best eviction speech so far in the season.
Julie asks Kalia to keep it short. She says that she does not think she can follow that so she just says vote for me...Yah thats right “vote for me”. Not a good choice of words Kalia.
The voting begins Jordan is first. Jordan looks visibly upset and flustered by Danielle’s speech. She votes to evict Danielle. Porsche votes to evict Kalia, Shelly votes to evict Kali against the wishes of her alliance. Rachel decides to evict Danielle and the audience sighs because they know Dani will be leaving. Adam votes to evict Danielle. By a vote of 3 to 2 Danielle is evicted from the Big Brother house. Dani stands and gives hugs as she says goodbye and tells them to step it up.

Danielle walks out of the house to applause and as she gets to Julie, she tells her that she has never had this walk before. Julie says “never, the walk of shame” and they hug.That is because the last time she walked out of the Big Brother house it was with her father on finale night. Julie says “Should you say it or should I?” and they both say SHOCKKKER! [the audience laughs] Julie tells her that she seemed so close to getting the votes she needed what happened? Dani says that she thinks everyone is in the house to push Jeff and Jordan ahead and they can’t make their own decisions. She says that Adam is the worst player to ever play the game, no question [the audience laughs...because they know its true], she says that she came to play a game and they didn’t. Julie told her she made a big move in the beginning when she was in a good position because both sides liked her and she looked like she was going to coast especially with the golden key, why? Dani says that she is not a coaster she is a fighter and she came to play a game and they didn’t want to play and she got bored with the golden key. She says that it would have been a good move had it gone through but that people are playing emotional and that she wasn’t going to go against Jeff and Jordan but he went back on their deal, so it is what it is. They watch her goodbye messages, Shelly says she feels bad if the flipping the house didn’t work but she was happy to get to know her. Jeff is next he says “Hi Danielle, Its your best friend, remember me? Sorry the way things went, I wished we could have worked together. Overall the way things went in the end I could not trust you”(Jeff Schroeder, BB13, Ep.22,CBS) He called himself best friend because that is what they called each other the first few weeks in the house. Kalia’s goodbye message is her crying and saying that she did not expect to come in the house and make a friend. Kalia says “Shocker, I’m crying, if it is the last thing I do I will make sure that Rachel gets to see her stupid fiance and that Jeff is right behind her”(Kalia Booker, BB13, Ep.22,CBS) and Dani is laughing at Kalia’s message. Rachel is next and her message is very Rachel like. She says that Dani is arrogant and a BITCH, she calls her a Bitch twice and tells her that she doesn’t care about Dani’s jury vote. She also says that Dani is not half the player that her father was. Julie tells Dani that she gets the last word, rebuttal? and Dani says, “Absolutely not, she is what she is. You see it. Everybody says I hope she’s getting the right edit. How can you edit something like that? Give me a break (Danielle Donato, BB13,Ep.22,CBS). The audience laughs and Julie thanks Dani and tells her we will see her finale night. Dani tells her its been a pleasure.

Head of Household Competition: “Before or After”
We go right into the backyard for the live HOH competition. It is a game of Before or After. Each house guest is at their podium. Julie will name an event that occurred this summer and the players must decide if it happened before or after a second event. They must lock in their answers. The players who are incorrect are eliminated until one is standing.

Question 1: Did HG’s dress as cows and squeeze milk from one another before or after they dressed up as super heros for the POV?
Correct answer is Before and everyone got it correct.

Question 2: Did HG’s count pepperonis on two giant pizzas before or after Danielle hit the corn hole in a veto competition?
Correct answer is Before. Adam is wrong and is eliminated.

Question 3: At an eviction ceremony did Dominic say “I think we all suck at this game” before or after he said “I think you guys need to man up and get some guts and fight”?
Correct answer is After. Porsche, Rachel and Shelly are eliminated. It is between Jordan and Kalia.

Question 4: Were Jerky and Jellybeans revealed as the Have Not food before or after HG’s stuffed their mouths with gum for the POV?
Kalia says Before
Jordan says After...
The correct answer is BEFORE, Kalia has won the head of house hold!

The audience gasps. Porsche and Shelly run to hug her and Jordan puts her head down. It is no secret that Kalia winning HOH directly after Rachel, Jordan, Adam and Jeff sent her BFF Dani packing means that she is out for blood. The four know they are in trouble and go into the living room.

Nomination Ceremony: Payback is a BITCH
Jeff is pacing and Shelly, Porsche and Kalia are talking in the kitchen. They gather in the living room and the ceremony begins. Kalia stands and says she is going to stick to her word and she nominated Jeff and Rachel. She says for the week but it is actually only for the next 30minutes. Julie tells Jeff and Rachel that they may have an opportunity to save themselves because the POV is next. Jeff is nervous and Rachel looks defeated all ready.

POV: There is no clowning around in this backyard!
The house guests get into the backyard guns blazing. The HOH, the two nominees as well as Shelly, Adam and Porsche were selected to participate. Jordan was not selected to participate in this competition. In the backyard there are lanes set up with a ball pit at the end of each lane. The house guests must run into the ball pit and search for clown shoes to bring back to their shoebox. They can only bring one shoe at a time and when they have both shoes they must run back and retrieve their veto symbol and push the buzzer in front of their shoebox. It is do or die and desperation makes for a good veto competition. Jeff is throwing balls out of his ball pit very quickly and does not realize that he threw out one of his clown shoes. You can see his show fly out of the pit right after Rachel gets back in the pit after finding her first shoe. This POV is intense and for the first time all season I think everyone is actually fighting to win this power of veto.
Rachel is the first to find a shoe
Shelly, Porsche and Adam find their first shoes
Jeff find his first shoe
Porsche finds her second shoe, runs back down the lane, grabs the POV symbol runs back down the lane and hits her buzzer.
Porsche has WON the POV!
Kalia and Shelly hug her. Rachel crushes a ball in her hand and Jeff sits down on the sidelines looking defeated. Shelly tries to talk to Jordan and Jordan does not want to talk to her.

POV Ceremony: Will Porsche use the POV?
The houseguest go into the living room. Porsche stands and Julie tells Rachel and Jeff to plead their case to Porsche...
Rachel stands and says “Good job winning the veto Porsche, I don’t know what to say. I’m in this spot because I lost the HOH and veto. If you save me I think it would be a good choice for you, for your game. Think about your game moves before you make them. If not then good game everyone”(Rachel Reilly, BB13, Ep.22,CBS). At this point it looks like Rachel thinks that she is going to be evicted.
Jeff stands and says “Well, not much to say. I think my actions speak for themselves. If you think you want me in this house over Rachel I want you to vote for me. As far as veto goes you won it fair and square. I used mine on you last week, you have nice hair too. If you want to reciprocate that’d be great. If not I’d appreciate everyones vote to stay in this house. I think I deserve it”(Jeff Schroeder, BB13, Ep.22, CBS).
Porsche makes her decision and says that it was what Danielle would have wanted, for her not to use the veto. Therefore she does not use the veto and the nominations stay the same. Either Rachel or Jeff will be the second evictee of the night.

Eviction #2: Who will follow Dani to the jury house?
We are back and it is eviction time. Rachel did not move from her eviction chair whereas, Jeff decided to campaign for Shelly votes. Shelly tells him that Jordan isn’t even speaking to her! Jeff wants to put it behind them and start over. He is begging Shelly. He knows he has Adam and Jordan and that Rachel probably has Porsche. He needs Shelly or else it will be a split and Kalia will be the tie breaker. The nominees stand to give their speeches...
Rachel goes first and tells them that it has been great competing with them and they will make the best decision for themselves and they have to. She says that it is no joke and she has played two summers in a row and wants to be there. She says she is one of those people that take the game seriously and love it (like Dani). She also tells them she respects them as game players and good luck.
Jeff stands up and is flustered. He tells Adam that he is his boy and he has to vote and then directs the rest of his speech to Shelly. He tells her that they had a blow up earlier but to push it aside because this whole time they have been together. [Jordan is balling] Jeff tells Shelly to get past it and make amends out of respect for him and how he has respected her and out of respect for Jordan (who gave her a phone call home). The voting begins...
Jordan is first to vote and she is very very upset and crying. It is no surprise she votes to evict Rachel. Porsche votes to evict Jeff, this is also no surprise since he just sent her ally out the door. Adam hesitates big time but finally votes to evict Rachel. If he was going to flop he should have done it in the first vote of the night, there is no time for his flip flopping now when Jeff’s neck is on the line. Shelly is next and she is also upset, she apologizes but votes to evict Jeff. This means there is a tie. As the head of household Kalia will be the final vote. Julie tells the house guests this. Jeff looks nervous and Rachel thinks she is gone. Kalia stands...She says that she is sorry but he is awesome at this game and has the ability to win it and that is why she is voting to evict him. There is a gasp and boos from the audience. Jeff stands, hugs Jordan and tells her he loves her. He then hugs all of the house guests and says things that CBS has bleeped out. He tells Jordan to stay strong and he leaves out the door. His final words get bleeped out and as he walks through the door the audience gives him applause. He hugs Julie and inside we see Jordan and Rachel in the kitchen crying. Jordan is mad and confused at who voted in which way. She tells Rachel they have nobody on their side and this is exactly what Danielle would have wanted. Shelly is also crying and Porsche is talking to her in her ear and telling her they are doing it right this time and they are not going to let people walk over them or yell at them and tell them what to do and they are playing their game for themselves. Julie says Big Jeff made a big move and he mentioned back dooring Danielle could be his down fall, was it? He says absolutely not. He said he had to make a big move because he was the only one that would have done something, “...and then a couple of people who slept until now, its day 55. They just woke up in there, won a couple competitions and what are you going to do. I played hard. I did what I had to do. I made strong moves. People looked at me as a leader in there, when thats not what I wanted to be. But I went as that and...I’m a man,I do and I’m strong for my team and I’ll go and I’ll fight and I’ll take all, I went down with my ship. Thats all. I’m a little fired up Julie, you know what I mean” (Jeff Schroeder, BB13, Ep.22, CBS). He was definitely fired up and still in competition mode. The audience laughs and Julie backs up a little.
Julie signs off: “From outside the Big Brother house with Big Jeff, I’m Julie Chen goodnight”

It was a crazy night in the Big Brother house. I had a feeling that if Dani was evicted that her girls would fight and send Jeff out right behind her. Regardless of if you are on team Jeff or team Dani, it was a sad night to see two veterans, who actually fought to play the game, walk out the doors. The only hope for the vets is Jordan and Rachel, with their backs against the wall will they pull it out and win HOH this week? Or will one of them be joining their boys in sequester?