Goodbye Jeff

Jeff here you are once more
Evicted from the game of Big Brother
You played the game pretty strong this season
Perhaps stronger than any other

But in the end it came back to bite you
Dani left and you were soon to follow
You tried to plead your case to your fellow houseguests
But to them your words were hollow

Other players were happy to just sit back
And coast on big Jeff’s name
But when the chips were down, they (she) bailed on you
All in the name of the game

You were right in that you were a leader
A role that you say you didn’t desire
But most sat back happy to give you that role
Keeping themselves out of the mire

You did do your share of shady play
Telling lies from time to time
But I’ve yet to see a player play Big Brother
Without having to cross that line

But I guess what goes around comes around
You know how that old saying goes
I’m just saddened that you had to leave the game
At the hands of both friends AND foes

So now your role is to be a member of the jury
To help decide who Big Brother will be payin’
And while in sequester, you might wanna hide all the knives
Because Dani’s there too…just sayin’

Goodbye Jeff and thanks, for the best BB moment of the season, watching Dani walk out the door. Good luck to you and Jordan in wherever your lives take you.