Reminds me a lot of the "alliance" Rachel always thought she had every HOH. Except it was really Brit/Ragan using them like old towels.

This alliance is quite similar, in my view. Brenchel are the big targets, now doubly so, because they win tons of stuff and now their goal is to avoid "bad nominations." Meaning they're coming for physical/game threats rather than Rachel's jealousy/falling for the rumor lies to set Rachel up. Now they're that much more dangerous because they won't waste weeks.

Dani knows this and is already plumbing the house for info, alliances and angles. She isn't a Dreamcrushers agent, she is her own player and won't be taking orders from anyone this year. JeJo is gonna be JeJo - Jeff is very worried about being a target while Jordan is in her deep sleeper F2 mode. That would unnerve me too if I were Jeff, since we're playing together but I'd carry the entire burden of threat to be evicted. Jeff is gonna try to copy Jordan by laying low and using Brenchel as a bullet-shield. They just won't have the maneuverability of Daniele to enter/exit deals and alliances as fast because they play a more straightforward game and are more image-conscious as well.

This basically leaves Brenchel 'all alone' in defending the 'Dreamcrushers' alliance, which I believe more or less doesn't exist. DCA is the giant smokescreen around the Brenchel threat, tripled in importance b/c of the couples twist and also their dominance in early comps. This leaves a lot of room behind them to hide, so we're even seeing some newbies (like Porsche) use this to their advantage. They learned from Britney that working over Rachel is the game-wise difference btwn Monet and Britney. Brit did ten times better in her interactions w/ Rachel to stay, stayed, and kept going to that well to keep herself in the game. I think Porsche is hitting the same buttons as well but I don't buy for a minute that she will have Rachel's back (or any fictional DCA).

The good news, for veteran fans, is that Jeff was no competition slouch himself, neither was Dani, and Brenchel (in a shortened house dynamic thanks to duo play) is an absolute beast mathematically as you try to figure out what may happen. Their chances of either winning HOH, or saving themselves/influencing eviction w/ the Veto, are both so good for either of the two players, it dramatically affects all scenarios. So hope remains for the people who comprise the 'DCA' in our heads, but really, if this matters to you it's time to realize that it will soon be Brenchel vs. The World again. And yes, at some point it may have to be JeJo vs. the World again as well. This was their ratings formula from the two years prior and it's a lock to begin to emerge again.

My point is, though, it's purely fiction to think that this is a Real me, Dani is already on her own team (coaching newbies on how to swing veteran votes... but scared to take credit for the coaching). That's a swing vote player move, not an alliance capo move. JeJo are technically in it and ok w/ Brenchel but are basically trading their 'membership card' for a 'sleep/hide the duration of this alliance' card.