Sunday August 28th 2011

Tonights episode did something that we have never seen before and took us back to before the live double eviction and showed clips of what happened through commercials.

First we were brought back to the night before the eviction when Rachel goes up to the HOH room asks Jeff if he threw the corn hole competition. Jeff gets very defensive and is mad that Shelly told Rachel this. Jeff lies and tells Rachel that he did not throw it. In the DR Jeff talks about being heartbroken by Shelly acting to be on his and Jordan’s side. I am certain that these DR sessions with Jeff occurred after he was evicted. I am assuming this because of the events he is talking about (Dani being evicted) and what he is wearing during them.

Two hours before the eviction...
We see the house guests come down from the HOH lockdown. Shelly is walking with Dani in the kitchen. Jeff is getting mad at Shelly acting “buddy buddy” with Danielle. Shelly asks him what is up his butt and calls him a meanie. He says that there is too much back and forth and that everyone is best friends. Kalia asks Shelly what that is about and Shelly says that she does not know, even though she knows that someone has spilled the beans.

Ninety minutes before the eviction...
Shelly pulls Adam in the fortune teller room. Porsche is getting ready in the bathroom which is the next door over which means she can hear everything. Shelly asks what he is doing and he confirms that he is eviction Danielle. Shelly questions Adam about outing her to Jeff, Adam deflects and says that Jeff is just getting nervous. She knows he is lying to her. Adam wants his final four to stay strong but Shelly is very paranoid (as she should be).

Seventy-five minutes before eviction...
Jeff pulls Adam into the fortune teller room. He wants to know what is up with Shelly. Shelly is sick of Shelly and is angry with her. He calls her a rat. Shelly now enters the room and gets on Adam and starts to try and target Adam and put it all on him. In front of Jeff, she tells Adam that he is lying to Jeff behind her back. She starts to advocate for herself to Jeff. Adam asks if she didn’t come to him to try and keep Danielle? Shelly spills it and says that he has been in on the plan the whole time. Adam said Dani came to him and Shelly says that Adam said yes to her (which he didn’t). Jeff is pissed, Shelly just admitted there was a plan and is now trying to say that Adam said there was a plan. She tries to tell Jeff that the entire house was in on this plan. Shelly then calls Jeff a bully...when he has been quiet for most of the time. Dani is in the bathroom getting ready and therefore has heard this entire conversation. Shelly is still trying to deflect from herself and Jeff said that Shelly just told on herself and that Adam said nothing. Shelly was caught red handed and Jeff points out all of Shelly’s deals. Jeff also says that Shelly told him to nominate Dani and get his hands dirty. The conversation is going in circles.

One hour before the eviction...
Jeff, Jordan, Adam and Rachel are laying down in the bubble gum room. Jeff asks Kalia to leave the room and she does. They start talking about Shelly and make sure they have the votes. Shelly walks in the room and asks Jeff what the problem is and the issue and lets talk about it. Jeff talks about how they were on a team and Shelly once AGAIN turns and tries to blame Adam by saying that Jeff should listen to her and not Adam’s “lies”. Rachel gets up and leaves the room. Shelly tells him that he will tell her what “the plan” was because Jeff was assuming. Adam is laughing at Shelly and her attempts at spinning this around. She says she is not and he says she is trying not to answer a question. She asks for the question and he straight up asks why does she want to keep Dani here so bad? Shelly is still not answering the question and the two are yelling. Shelly admits that they ALL discussed keeping Dani to prevent Jeff and Jordan from getting to the end and no one having a chance at any money. Jordan is shocked by Shelly and is hurt. Shelly says that Adam has been in consultation with Dani as much as she and everyone else has. Jeff asks why she told Rachel he threw the corn hole comp. She says that Danielle told her that. Jeff is mad that she did not come to him before telling Rachel. Porsche is in the living room and is talking to Rachel who is sitting on the landing above the living room. They can hear everyone (excluding Dani and Kalia) in the bedroom fighting. Porsche says that they are going to blow up. Rachel does not want to deal with the fighting. Jeff tells her she rode the fence too close and that he could have cut a deal and burned them all. Shelly said that her and Adam could have too but are not going too. Shelly tells Jeff he is worried about himself but he said no he is always saying US but that she is exploring her options. He knows exactly what she is doing and Shelly leaves the room. Jeff says that he is hurt.

We then flashback to Dani being evicted and saying goodbye. Kalia says that it is bitter sweet because she gets to stay but the person she wants to play with more than anything is gone. Jeff in the DR says that he is not remorseful for Danielle walking out the door and does give her credit for being a good game player but she wanted to do the same thing to him. Shelly knows that voting to keep Danielle means she burned her bridges with her alliance. If the blow up never would have occurred I am curious to see if Rachel was going to vote to keep Danielle and perhaps she got scared after what happened with Shelly so she did not want to put herself in the same position. After Dani leaves they listen for the applause. Porsche smiles because it is so loud and long. Adam attributes the loud applause to her eviction speech. The house guests are waiting to play HOH and the pressure is on and Jordan feels it. She is against Kalia and Kalia wins. After the win Kalia is happy about it and says that she has to make this HOH a good one (especially because she REALLY screwed up her first one). Shelly is excited that Kalia won HOH. Jordan in the DR says that she is still in shock and worried that Jeff is disappointed. Adam is also disappointed that he could not pull it off. Porsche, Kalia and Shelly talk about nomination options in the fortune teller room and they are quickly running scenarios (this was during the commercial break). Shelly is pushing to put up Jeff and Jordan but Porsche and Kalia are actually thinking like game players. Porsche says that Jordan is just a vote, not a contender for the POV. Kalia does not want to put up Jordan because she has had a deal with Jordan since week one that she would never nominate her. Kalia does not want to break her word because she has yet to do that in the game. They decide on Jeff and Rachel and those were the nominees. Rachel is not surprised by the nominations and says that she will win the POV. They flashback to Porsche winning the power of veto. This is Porsche’s first win in the DR she thanks her dad for taking her to the ball pit when she was a kid because it paid off. When Kalia hugs her she tells her not to save them. Rachel says that she is convinced that she is going to get voted out because she is public enemy number one and this is their shot to get rid of her. Clearly she forgot that Jeff just back doored Dani and they two people that just won power were Dani’s two closest allies. When they are walking into the house after the competition...
Jeff: “I saved you Porsche”
Porsche: “You got out my biggest ally man”
Jeff: “Saving you meant nothing?”
Porsche: “It did, but you told other people you were going to do it anyway, so I felt like I was a pawn”
(BB13, Ep.23,CBS)
Jordan thinks that Jeff should use it on Jeff, since he used it on her. He only used it on her because he wanted to backdoor Danielle and she knows that. Therefore as we know nominations stayed the same and Porsche did not use the POV.
Jeff walks by Jordan and tells her to stop crying. In the DR Jeff is mad that Porsche did not use the POV based on what Danielle would have wanted. In the kitchen Adam and Jeff talk and Jeff knows that he needs Shelly’s vote. Adam does not think he has it and that it is going to be a split house. Jeff calls out Shelly and says that he wants to talk to her. Jeff and Shelly talk and he asks if she is honestly going to vote him out? She says that he took everyones word against hers. They go in the fortune teller room. He tells Adam to vote for him because she is not. Shelly is pissed about that comment. Jeff says that he told Adam to do that because Adam is worried about voting against the house, which explains Adam’s hesitation when he was placing his vote. Kalia tells Adam that Shelly is not going to break. Shelly is still trying to say that she is loyal. Jeff tells her to give him a chance after everything he has done for her. Julie calls them in the living room. When the tie is revealed Jeff turns to Adam and questions if Adam voted for him. Adam confirms that he did vote for him to stay. Jeff can’t believe that in the end Shelly voted against him. Kalia stands and evicts Jeff.

Post Eviction Chaos
Rachel is shocked that she was not evicted and that her and Jordan are now alone together and screwed. In the DR Shelly says that she voted that way because Jeff stood between her and money for her family. In the DR a teary eyed Jordan says that on a scale from 1-10 for anger that she is a 20 and that she is still trying to soak everything in because she can’t believe that it all happened to her. As Jeff walks out he tells Jordan “I love you, love” and is made that he has to go out looking like a yoyo. The audience applauds as he walks out. Shelly comes up to Jordan and Jordan tells her not to touch her. Porsche hugs Kalia. Jordan and Rachel are in the kitchen and Jordan asks who voted. Rachel is crying with Jordan as Jordan tells her that they are alone. Porsche is giving Shelly a pep talk and Kalia joins and tells them that they have this. In the DR Kalia is very happy that she was able to evict Jeff by her own hand. Adam hugs Jordan and she asks him how he voted. He told her that he voted for Jeff to stay and he apologizes to Rachel for voting to evict her. She tells him that she understands because she thought she was leaving. Adam is upset that Jeff was evicted.

Hell Hath No Fury like a Jordan scorned!
Rachel, Jordan and Adam are sitting in the fortune teller room upset. Jordan cannot believe what just happened. Jordan says that she gave up a phone call home so that Shelly could speak to her husband and daughter and she is repaid by having Jeff evicted. Jordan is beating herself up for trusting Shelly. Kalia tells Shelly to stop crying and she is telling Kalia and Porsche how she feels. Jordan is calling herself an idiot for saying nice things about Shelly and then getting taken by her. Shelly is eaves dropping and hears this. Shelly comes in and tells Jordan that if she thinks that then she does not know her at all. Shelly says that she will talk to Jordan when Jordan calms down. Jordan tells her that she does not want to talk to her. Shelly is now yelling at Jordan about not playing Jeff’s game. Shelly is pointing her finger down at Jordan and yelling...
Shelly: “as bad as I feel for you, I feel like **** to”
Jordan: “you should feel like ****”
Shelly: “I do”
Jordan: “you should”
[Jordan stands and is now screaming back]
Jordan: “I gave you a f***ing call, I wanted to talk to my family and I gave you a phone call and thats how you repay me”
(BB13, Ep.23,CBS)
Rachel grabs Jordan by the arm and is pulling her out of the room. Shelly is following them and Jordan is still yelling at her that she lied. Rachel is telling Jordan to stop. Jordan yells, “All ya’ll want to follow Danielle because ya’ll think she’s like the greatest. Her season was four years ago and who gives a f*** that her dad is Dick”(Jordan Lloyd, BB13 ,Ep.23,CBS). Rachel has dragged Jordan through the house into the back bedroom, as Jordan is still yelling back at everyone. Rachel is crying and begging Jordan to stop it and says that this is not her. Which is isn’t, I have never seen Jordan like that. It was like she was possessed by a demon.

There’s a snake in my boots!
It is time for the HOH competition and the back yard has snakes all over it. In the middle is the snake ramp game that the house guests had practiced the night before. Rachel says that the game is an accurate symbolic representation of the Big Brother house because it is just Jordan and herself surrounded by snakes. The house guests must role the snake eye (a ball) down the serpentine ramp to attempt to get it into the hole (eye socket). If the eye (ball) drops they will be awarded the point amount that the ball lands on. After the first round they are ranked from lowest to highest based on their score and will play against each other in that order. They rank Jordan, Shelly, Rachel, Porsche then Adam. The first to face off is Adam and Porsche. Adam scores a 10, Porsche scores a 14. Adam is eliminated. Porsche and Rachel face off. Porsche scores a 20, Rachel scores a 7 and is eliminated. The pressure got to Rachel and her fate rests on Jordan. Porsche and Shelly face off. Porsche scores a snake eyes, Shelly scores 15 and is eliminated. Jordan and Porsche face off. Porsche goes first and she scores a snake eyes. Jordan says that she had Rachel watching praying that she gets it and Shelly who she has stuck up for the whole time staring at her and hoping she looses. Jordan scores a 16 and Porsche has won the head of household! This is two wins for Porsche in one night, first the veto and then the HOH. Porsche and Kalia are celebrating Porsche’s HOH win. Rachel realizes that her and Jordan will be separated and they are devastated, they go into the back bedroom. Shelly is gloating to Adam in the kitchen and they hug. Adam knows that he needs to go back to the newbies because that is where the safety is, so he flips AGAIN. Shelly and Adam may be the biggest flip flopping floaters in the history of Big Brother. Rachel is crying and Jordan says that she is out of tears. They can’t believe that they keep loosing competitions. Rachel says that she misses Brendon. Jordan says that day 55 will go down in history as the worst day ever.

Pandora Pays a Visit
Porsche goes up to her HOH room and is excited to find Pandora’s box. On the screen is two blocks of $5000 and two glasses of champagne. A note explains that the way Pandora’s box works is that it may be something good or something bad. Her decision to open the door to Pandora’s box could be good for her and unleash something bad on the house, or could be bad for her and unleash something good on the house. Porsche figures out that she will probably have to share the money, $5000 each with another person. She decides to go ahead and open the door. She reads the first letter in the box and she is rewarded $10,000 however, “shocker” she must share it with another house guest. She must take the second letter downstairs and read it to the house guests. Porsche calls the house guests into the living room to open the envelope.
The letter reads: House guests, I have opened Pandora’s box. In doing so I have unleashed the duo twist back on the house for one week. All of the original duo rules apply. Duos will be nominated as a pair, and if the veto is used they’ll be removed from the block as a pair. If the duo remains on the block. They will be forced to campaign against one another to stay in the house. Everyone must now pick their partner.
Porsche asks Kalia to be her partner and therefore they are both safe. With a big smile Rachel asks Jordan to be her partner. Jordan agrees. That leaves Shelly and Adam to be the final duo. Porsche is regretting opening Pandora’s box because she knows that if she nominated Rachel and Jordan that they could win the POV and come off the block leaving her to evict Shelly or Adam. Rachel is very excited about this twist because she feels like her and Jordan have a new lease on life. Kalia is not happy because they were sitting in a very good position. Jordan felt hopeless and now feels like relieved that there is now a chance that her and Rachel can pair up together and fight together. You can bet that Rachel and Jordan will be fighting to win the POV. It will be an epic battle over the POV.