People have been talking about the next season of Big Brother ever since the beginning of this season. It happens every year. There hasn't been a lot of of speculation about next season, but it has been more than in previous years because of the returning house guests. People have been wondering if this season counts as the latest installment of an All-Star season, or if next season might (finally) be All-Stars again.

All-Stars, huh? Well, let's think about that for a moment. Next season would be a great time for a real All-Stars. There have been 13 seasons of Big Brother, and there are often 13 house guests to get the game started. Next season would be an almost-perfect time for a true All-Stars season, featuring the 13 winners of previous Big Brother seasons. Let's make the next All-Stars a real All-Winner All-Star season.

Of course, there are stumbling blocks to making next season an All-Winner All-Star season. Jordan could still go on to win her second Big Brother this season, which would spoil the plan. I can't really imagine Jordan winning this season though. I can't imagine the jury awarding her a second win at this point, no matter who she might be in Final 2 with, just because she's already won once. But she does have a chance. Then there's the whole 8-Baller (Adam) thing spoiling the idea of a true all-star season featuring all past winners. I doubt that even CBS could pull off an early-release from prison for him to participate, even if they wanted to. Why couldn't he just have rented a garage somewhere and grown pot if he wanted to live on the shady side of life with his winnings? He probably wouldn't be in the jam he's in today. So we only have 12, or maybe 11, winners available for an All-Winner All-Stars at the moment. Maybe in another year or two?

Then there are the previous winners who have vowed “Never Again!” I'm sure production could sweeten the pot a little to convince them all to return for another season though. How about offering them a first place win of $750,000 instead of $500,000? Not enough? How about a million dollars? And how about maybe $1,000 a week for stipend? At some point, I'm sure that they could all be convinced!

But then, would I really want to see an All-Winner All-Star season? Would I really want to see Mike Boogie return for another season? Hell no! But I'd still watch, if only to see him get evicted again. And I really would like to see who claims the prize as the Real Best BB Player Ever. That would be more exciting than anything else about another All-Star season! Would it be Dr. Will, or Evel Dick, or how about Jordan for the win? LOL!

Unfortunately, having an All-Winner All-Star season wouldn't bring back many players we'd like to see again. And no one would be satisfied with everyone they might bring back in a regular All-Star season either. I'd love to see Russel come back for another round, and Britney too for that matter! And who can forget Janelle? If anyone deserves one more chance, I think most of us can agree that it would be Janelle. I could even be happy seeing a Brendon-less Rachel return - she isn't nearly as annoying with Brendon out of the picture. Wouldn't it maybe be fun with a Janelle-Rachel combination in the house? Unfortunately, a regular All-Star season might bring back the likes of Jessie, who I like, but not on Big Brother. And we could get stuck with a Lane or Enzo return too. Yawn! Uh, yeah, if we ever get another All-Star season, I think I'd prefer an All-Winner All-Star season to some of the returning house guest possibilities!

No matter, an All-Star season is probably out of the question for Season 14 anyway, especially since we are having a Returning Houseguests season right now. So what else might be interesting for Season 14?

Well, for starters, I'd like to see Big Brother get back to the basics. What if Production goes out and recruits only people who have never seen or heard of Big Brother? That would be like a rewind to Season 1. Let's put a bunch of completely clue-less people together, rather than having all of these fans who have memorized every single trivial fact of the game. It gets boring on the Live Feeds listening to the house guests trying to figure out every upcoming event based on previous seasons. As impossible as it might seem, I know people who have never watched Big Brother. I know people who have never seen or heard of Big Brother. Recruiting people who have no clue about the show would be easy, and it might open up a larger viewing audience as well. “Hey, did ya hear? Cousin Bob's gonna be on some show called Big Brother?” “Big Brother? What's that?” “I dunno, but we ort-ta check it out!”

Or, if Production still wishes to do casting calls of fans rather than recruiting, they could write a new script (order of competitions) so that the house guests wouldn't be able to guess and prepare for what's coming next. How often has this order of competitions been run in consecutive seasons anyway? I don't have the answer to that off the top of my head, other than 'too many'! Last season was especially bad with the house guests knowing exactly what was coming next.

I think I'd rather see them rewrite the script than throw in all the twists. I would seriously like to see a season without twists. A twist or two can be cool sometimes, but sometimes they can be total failures too. Hey, let's stick another Saboteur in the house who will get evicted the very first week... NOT! Twists always bring Production Manipulation into question, too. If Production wants twists, how about they announce any and all upcoming twists at the beginning of the season? It might be a bit of a spoiler for the viewers, but at least we wouldn't have hundreds of disgruntled conspiracy theorists claiming it was a last-minute change to manipulate the game against their personal favorite. It isn't like the house guests would know or see the twist coming anyway, if they're already locked inside the house.

And while we're on the subject, how about we adjust a few rules?

I'd like to see the Head of Household have to live up to the job description. Shouldn't the HoH be responsible for who does what jobs around the house each week? This season it seems like Shelly does most of the cleaning around the place. In Season 11, although most people didn't notice (or didn't want to notice), Jordan did much of the cleaning. And last season it seemed like no one did any cleaning at all, especially when it got down to the final few house guests. I didn't think any of last season's remaining house guests deserved to win, considering how they kept the house! Making the HoH live up to the job title might make HoH a slightly less desirable position in the house, because they are going to make enemies easier. But at the same time, it would increase their overall power in the house, so it would definitely increase the ass-kissing, and the drama. Besides, I would just like to see how some HoH's handle the added responsibility.

I don't like the Power-of-Two PoV that we've had the past few seasons. It doesn't make sense to me. I can't remember if or when the PoV changed, but I don't believe it always worked this way. You're probably wondering what I mean by the “Power-of-Two” PoV. It seems to me that once upon a time you won PoV to remove yourself from the block, or you won PoV to keep the nominated house guests on the block and keep yourself from going up as a replacement. The PoV could only keep one person safe. As it is now, the PoV has the power that if you win PoV you can pull someone off the block while remaining safe from being the replacement nominee. One PoV can be used to keep 2 people safe. I'd like to see the PoV go back to a one person power. If you aren't on the block but win PoV, you'd better know that you are safe with the HoH before you mess with the nominations! Such a rule would add to the depth and strategy involved in the PoV, although it would probably get used just a little less often.

If you watch the Live Feeds, you've got to be getting tired of the FOTH (front of the house), also known as the WBRB (we'll be right back) screen. Whenever someone sings, whistles, talks about production / DR sessions, or even talks about people who didn't sign a waiver, the Button Guy cuts the Live Feeds. Every season it seems bad, but I'm sure people have noticed that this season is much worse than usual. Between Kalia and Adam's singing and whistling (it isn't just Kalia), and Dani's talking about her sneaky friends in Production, we're getting FOTH more than usual this season.

Well, I've got a solution. People enter the house 1 week before the first episode of Big Brother airs (and 1 week before the Live Feeds are opened) specifically for the purpose of allowing the house guests to acclimatize and get used to the rules. Next year, give the house guests the week to acclimatize before the Live Feeds are opened. Then give them another week of freebies once the Live Feeds are open. But after that, start charging them five dollars out of their stipend / winnings for every time the feeds get cut because of something they're doing. Instead of pressing the same button all the time, the Button Guy can press a button for whichever house guest is causing the feeds to be cut. That house guest's button cuts the feeds and clicks a counter. Any electronics technician could easily build a bank of buttons to perform such a task. We'd see a lot less FOTH with that rule!

Does anyone remember the PB&J episodes before we changed to BB Slop? I don't mind the idea of 'have-nots', but do they really need slop? Or if they're given slop, do they really need or deserve all the extras to go with it? You know, every spice and seasoning and flavoring available in the house is fair game for them, it seems. They do quite a lot with the slop, especially when added to the extras America votes on weekly. I would rather see them back on PB&J myself. We saw more whining, crying, and drama from PB&J than we ever saw from slop. Let the tears flow once again!

Before my wish-list of changes grows too long to be considered reasonable, I'd like to add just one last idea. Do legal-aged adults really need Production to babysit them and limit their alcohol so extremely? I feel that the house guests should have an in-house open bar. It doesn't have to be loaded with every drink known to man. But it would be nice to have beer on tap and a few bottles of liqueur and mixers. Let them be adults, and let them be responsible for their own alcohol consumption. Every house guest already does a psychological profile before being considered for the game. It wouldn't take too much more to weed out any people who are serious dangers while drinking. If a house guest wants to get so $#!+ faced drunk the night before a competition that he's puking his guts out during a comp, let him. It's no one's fault but his own, and no embarrassment to anyone but himself! If a house guest gets drunk and rowdy every night and drives the other house guests nuts, let him. You can bet he'll be up for eviction and out quite soon! Let the house guests be responsible for themselves in this matter, let the alcohol flow, and let the drama unfold!

Personally, I can see Big Brother going on for many more seasons into the future, if it doesn't get too boring and predictable. But as it is now, even the twists are starting to get predictable. I think it's time to reset the game back to the basics and let it grow in new directions.