Goodbye Cassi

Cassi you are gone from the game
For one reason and one alone
Rachel and her insecurity
Is the real reason you’ve gone home

You refused to be bullied by Big Red
And also by her man
You got right up in their faces
I applaud you for making a stand

There was also someone else working the house
To get you out of the way
Dani saw an opportunity to align with Dom
And so needed you to go away

But ultimately it’s because of Rachel
Who then convinced Jordan to do her deed
Jordan felt her back up against a wall
And so fulfilled Rachel’s envious need

You were a true partner to Shelly
Your loyalty to her didn’t wane
Too bad the summer will go on without you
But that’s the name of the game

So goodbye Cassi, so long and all that
I’m sure your fans wish for you the best
And pay no attention to those as ugly as Rachel
For they are outweighed by all the rest

Goodbye Cassi, and thanks for pointing out the obvious to the oblivious.