Friday August 19th 2011

It is day 48 in the Big Brother House. Danielle is back in power, Brendon is back on the block and Shelly’s back is against the wall. Julie’s new favorite word is BACK.
After Danielle nominated Brendon for eviction for a second time things are different and Brenchel is ready to fight to stay together. Danielle is trying to recover from Kalia’s disastrous week as HOH. Rachel is not pleased with Dani’s decision and her and Brendon go and talk in the Have Not Room. She is crying because she thinks he deserves to be there. Brendon reminds her that he is not gone yet and even if he does go she can do this so they can’t give up. Rachel mentions Shelly’s evil grin when Brendon was nominated. They talk about Jeff and Jordan and they just need to make sure that they are still voting with them and not going to flip on them because Brenchel needs their votes. In the backyard Shelly and Dani talk about how it will be a long week. Shelly feels like she is not in trouble this week and tells Shelly that Dani gave a great speech. Dani tells her that Brendon is going home and not to do a “Lawon-thing” by sinking her own ship. Poor Lawon has already become a verb lets call it “Lawoning”
Definition: LAWON-ING [la-w-on-ing]
adjective (verb being Lawon)
Lawon-ing is to make the biggest mistake in Big Brother history. As called pulling a Lawon.

The beast that is Brenchel starts to campaign in full force!
Brenchel goes into the backyard and first begins to campaign to Adam that he is not their targets. He says yet! They ask why he wouldn’t vote to keep Brendon. Adam explains that he is someone who will be hard to get out. Adam says that Brendon is a bigger threat than Dani. Brendon points out that Dani is threatened by the men because they have won all of the Power of Veto’s (Brendon, Dominic, Brendon, Brendon, Jeff and now Adam)...there seems to be a pattern, I wonder why Dani wants Brendon out? He has played in four POV’s and only won three of them. Adam points out that all the women have won the HOH competitions (Rachel, Jordan, Rachel, Dani, Kalia, Dani)...also a definite pattern. Brendon is trying to show Adam that he is a bigger target than Shelly because he is a a female and that Adam is one of the only three men left and once Brendon is gone that Adam and Jeff are the only targets left.
The next victim is Porsche. Rachel follows Porsche and corners her in the have not room to ask her where she is at with the votes this week. Porsche tells her that she does see Brendon as a target. Rachel tells Porsche that Shelly said she would nominate Porsche if she won HOH. Rachel assures Porsche that Brendon will not come after her. Porsche feels that last time she voted to keep him and it did not benefit her because Rachel, Jeff and Jordan all separated from her and went on their own. Rachel keeps reminding Porsche that it takes one time for Shelly to win and then Porsche would be up on the block. She tells Rachel not to make sad faces and asks for a fake smile and she gets a a famous Rachel Reilly fake smile. When Porsche leaves the room Rachel looks pissed and disgusted.
In the backyard Jsquared talks to Shelly. Jeff asks Shelly is she is ready to go home? She says no and wants him to tell her if they are voting her out. He tells her that he is not voting her out and she is happy and says thats her baby boy. Jeff is having a hard time choosing between his two alliance members. He thinks that Shelly is more trust worthy but that Brendon is definitely a bigger target to keep the heat off him. He says that he will always look back at this decision so he hopes he is making the right one. In the DR Shelly comes up with a name for playing both sides, she calls it “Trojan Horsing” . She says that she has gone to all sides of the house to try and get and give information to Jeff and Jordan but that they are starting to get paranoid so she needs to stop doing that. Shelly is still mad at Rachel and Jeff and Jordan remind her that they still need Rachel and they all need to stay on the same page.

Next in the backyard Dani goes and talks to Jeff and Jordan. Dani feels like she does not know where they stand with her. She wants to make a deal with Jeff and Jordan incase one of them wins HOH this week, she needs to feel safe with them. She admits that three weeks ago they were her target and she is the first to admit that she tried to back door Jeff and that was the worst move she has made. Jeff reminds her of the initial alliance and Dani apologizes again. Jordan says that she played the game and it back fired and Dani says yes that she did and will be the first person to admit she was wrong. Dani asks what they can do to work together. Danielle says, “To get Jeff and Jordan on my side I am going to lay out everything they want to hear. If they don’t like people, I don’t like them either, If Jeff hates toast, I hate toast...”(Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.19,CBS). They all agree that there are people in the house that do not deserve to win the game. Jeff says there is no point in him and Dani knocking each other off and then letting those people who have done nothing sit there. Jeff asks where they go from here and Danielle wants an understanding where they don’t have to be coming after each other or afraid of each other. Jeff agrees because he says that it doesn’t make sense to go after each other and that they would never expect the three of them to come together. Jeff does want to make a deal with Danielle but he knows that it is like making a deal with the devil.

The campaigning continues as Rachel talks to Jordan. Rachel tells Jordan she would want to know if her and Jeff would not vote for Brendon. Jordan says yes, but that if Adam does not vote with their side that if Jeff and Jordan keep Brendon and he doesn’t have the votes it makes a bigger target on them and gets both Dani and Shelly mad at them. Brendon tells her that he would hope that if it came down to that they would tell him. Jordan says they would but if it comes down to it she is going to vote with the house so as to not piss everybody off. Rachel tells her that if it was Jeff that Brenchel would vote to keep him regardless, even if it was a tie breaker. In the DR Rachel says, “I’m sorry, when did Jeff and Jordan become such cowards, and when did Jeff and Jordan become such sheep, and all of a sudden worry about what the house thinks?”(Rachel Reilly, BB13, Ep.19,CBS), she tells Brendon, worst alliance ever. I actually agree with Rachel in regards to this. Jeff and Jordan are going against their original veteran alliance by not voting to keep Brendon, isn’t this exactly what Dani has been cruicified for in the past three weeks? Even if they do vote for Brendon, he is still leaving and everyone gets what they want but at least they would be showing allegiance to their original alliance. Jeff is mad that Rachel was ambushing Jordan about the vote, so he is going to go out and see if they will do the same to him. Jeff goes out and Brendon asks Jeff if it is true that if they do not have the votes to stay will he vote for Shelly and not for him? Jeff says that if they do not have the votes then yes. Brendon says that they do not know about the votes yet and Jeff says if they do not get Adam on board then that is the vote. Rachel is upset and Jeff is mad because they are pointing the fingers at Jeff and Jordan as if they are the deciding vote. Jeff is yelling at Rachel because regardless Brendon will be going home and they still have to play the game. Rachel looks upset and Jeff asks whats on her mind. She says nothing even though she does look as if she is going to cry. Jeff is yelling at Rachel about her attitude and says that they are going to have a problem moving forward. They talk about being targets. Rachel tells him that for two years in a row she has had to fight and compete and be loyal and she may be emotional but not stupid.

Hello House guests!
Julie talks to Shelly about her phone call from home. Shelly talks about how those are the voices that she hears every day and that when you have not heard it for so long you take for granted hearing them. Julie goes to Jordan and tells her that the phone call was originally hers and she gave it away and ended up with humilatard. Was it worth it? Jordan says yes because Shelly wanted to see her family and little girl and she just had to give it to Shelly. And she has Jeff which is like having her family with her. Julie asks Brendon why he thinks America chose him. Brendon answers that he thinks that America wants to see someone fight and compete through the game and even though Dom also did that, he thinks that they know he fought hard for Rachel as well. America wants to see a competitor win this game. Julie turns to Rachel and tells her the past few weeks have been a roller coaster ride for her and how is she holding up. Rachel says “Girl, It’s been crazy! Like I really literally feel like I’ve been riding on a roller coaster so, I am ready no matter what happens this week to go out and fight my little heart out and the rest of the game I am here to compete, to win and to fight my heart out. So I’m going to hold up”(Rachel Reilly, BB13,Ep.19,CBS). Julie tells the house guests that who ever is evicted will not be going home and will become the first member of the jury.

Julie says that she has lied cried and played all sides and what does Shelly’s eight year old daughter think about how her mom has played. They go to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Shelly’s massive beautiful home to talk to her husband Tony and daughter Josie. Tony tells us that Shelly was voted home coming queen because she is usually the life of the party. They show pictures of Shelly as a teen, on her wedding day and when Josie was a toddler. They talk to Josie and she introduces herself as being eight years old and in the third grade and says that her mom is on Big Brother and it is hard on her because she misses her. Josie says that if she was on the show with her she would ask her what she was doing because she is going to get herself kicked off. They show a clip from a few weeks back when Shelly is feeling guilty for lying and is thinking about what Josie would think. Josie says that she understands that her mom doesn’t want her to be upset but she needs to stop lying and just pick a side. Josie wants her to be loyal to Jeff and Jordan. Tony says that Shelly normally performs well under pressure but the house is getting to her. They show a clip of Rachel thanking Danielle for being safe and Josie says “shut up Rachel” mother like daughter? Josie says if she could tell her mom one thing it would be that she loves her.

Julie goes into the HOH room with Danielle. Julie says that last week Brendon was gone and Rachel was on her way out and suddenly they are back in the house together again, what was that like? Danielle answers that it was horrible in every way and that in this game you have to go with your instinct because you don’t know anything else, nor can you control anything and she tried to do that but Adam flip flopped and she did not want to be the only one to go against the house. She had a feeling that the worst would happen and everyone felt dumb after because it did. Julie said that Danielle’s initial nominations were a shock and what was her thinking? Dani said that she is a logical player and if plan A didn’t work out she needed a plan B-C and her number one threat is Brendon. She gives him credit for being a great competitor and if one of them won the POV he would have stayed and she needed to guarantee that he did not stay in the house. But that if he remained in the house that she was willing to work with him. Julie asked if Dani ever really considered working with Brenchel and keeping the deal. Dani points out that she did go through with part of the deal because never was there mention of a replacement nominee. She said had they stayed in the house she would work with them but luckily she doesn’t have to because Brendon is going to go home again,“The smallest girl, evicting the biggest guy, twice”(Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.19,CBS),both Julie and Dani laugh.

It is eviction time and Julie asks the nominees to give their final pleas. Shelly stands to give her speech, she says that she is going to pass on wisdom since she is the old lady. She says that she thought that the things that make you successful in life are not the things that make you successful in Big Brother- dignity, class, honesty. But she has seen a little bit of everything this week, Jordan gave up her phone call and she is forever grateful, Adam, Kalia and Dani sat at her door and ate dinner with her while she was in solitary and said that they missed her so she is invested in them and is appreciative of everything they have given to her and she wants to continue to play with them. She tells Brendon that he is a good man and wishes him luck either way. Brendon stands. He first gives a shout out and thanks the department of biomedical physics at UCLA, he says that he is excited to devote the next five years of his PhD to Cancer research. He thanks America for voting him back and is appreciative that he was able to spend another week with the love of his life. For the house guests he tells them that he is the first juror and that his vote will be going to the strongest competitor and someone who fights until the end and not someone who rides coat tails and floats. Lastly he turns to Danielle points and tells her she will always he Judas to him. (For those Big Brother newbies out there, he is imitating Jerry from Big Brother 10) Everyone is laughing and Julie says alright and thanks them. Julie tells them that it is time to vote and that neither of the nominees is allowed to vote and Danielle also known as Judas according to Brendon, as current head of household will only vote in the event of a tie. The voting begins...
Rachel is first, “unlike the other cowards in this house, I chose to evict Shelly and go against the house”. Rachel’s voting comment reminds me of what Dani said week three when she voted to evict Adam over Dominic.
Kalia votes to “evict Brendon, for good”
Porsche, Adam, Jeff and Jordan all vote to evict Brendon. It is official and Brendon is evicted from the Big Brother house AGAIN.
Brendon stands and says his good byes. Rachel walks him to the door and they hug and say goodbyes. Rachel says she is sorry he has to go again. The mood is much different this time around and he exits.
Outside the house Brendon tells Julie that they need to stop meeting like this. Julie asks him to tell the truth, would him and Rachel had kept up the deal with Dani? Brendon says maybe and even though the dynamic was different that Rachel and him figured out quickly it was them against the house. Julie asks what Rachel’s best move is now that he is gone? Brendon said that they already decided that and that she is going to win HOH. Julie says oh just like that? and then what if she doesn’t win HOH? Brendon says that she is going to try and ride the middle for a little bit and play with Danielle and with Jeff and Jordan. They watch his second round of goodbye messages. Dani says that they have had their ups and downs and that she evicted him once and he came back and she swears that if he comes back again that she is going to evict herself. Kalia says that she has no idea why America voted him back and says good bye for good, Brendon just shakes his head at her. Jeff says that he wishes that Brendon would have stayed in this game alone and that he will look after Rachel as much as he can stand her. Brendon does not look pleased. Jeff says that he hopes he left the instruction manual this time and that the first time he left they formed a special bond but this second time he is tearing Jeff’s heart out by leaving and he says he does know one thing “I love you buddy”. Rachel’s message is last. First she says that she loves him obviously, but that she can do this without him and she is way less emotional this time and she is going to kick butt and takes names. She says don’t hate but she is going to make it further then he did last season and then she blows him a kiss. Everyone is clapping including Brendon and Julie asks what his response is to that and he says she better!

“All Washed Up”
The back yard is set up in a laundry paradise. The house guests are lined up, behind them is a tub of liquid laundry soap, in front of them is a glass bowl with a small hole at the top and a ping pong ball in the bottom. They must run back and forth along a slippery lane and use a small cup to fill up their bowl. Once they fill up the bowl the small ball will rise to the top and the first person to retrieve the ball will become the new head of household. As they are running back and forth down the slippery lanes large bubbles are dropping on them and water gets sprayed at them. At the end of the show Jeff and Porsche look like they are taking the leads.

In addition to tuning in on Sunday to see who will be HOH and who they will nominate and on Wednesday to see who will win the POV and if it will be used, Julie tells us that next Thursday on eviction night there will be a DOUBLE EVICTION. This means that two people will be leaving next Thursday night in a fast forward episode, with one week of game being played in one hour. After next thursday there will be only six of them left in the game. This also means the following week will probably be an HOH endurance competition.