Friday August 5th 2011

Tonight will be the night that one of the power couples will be split up and the first veteran will be sent packing.

As Julie says chivalry is not dead as Brendon used the POV to save his fiance from the block. Post ceremony Dani is thrilled that Brendon stayed on the block and saved Rachel. Jordan feels confident she is staying but she says, “I hope they do tell me if their going to evict me because I bought an eviction dress, and I would be so mad if i wear something else, and I do get evicted and I don’t get to wear that dress”(Jordan Lloyd, BB13, Ep.13, CBS)...priceless. Rachel cries in the DR and then again in the have not room with Brendon. Brendon is her knight in shinning armor and he is risking himself for her, she asks who is she going to jump on when she wins HOH? WHOOOOOO I ask you? Brendon feels like he still has a chance of staying in the house and is still giving Rachel a pep talk about how smart she is. Jeff doesn’t know how the house will deal with Rachel after Brendon leaves especially when every peice of fruit reminds her of Brendon. Kalia and Rachel are in the HOH room and are happy with the results of the POV ceremony. Danielle tells Kalia that she needs to get HOH.

The Campaigning Begins
Brendon counts his votes, he needs four and he has Rachel for sure. He decides he needs to get Shelly (who is playing all sides), Adam and Porsche. Up first is Porsche, they telll her that they are loyal to her and that Jordan has already won BB. Porsche tells the DR that she is voting for Brendon to stay because of her friendship with Rachel and that Rachel would go crazy if she didn’t vote for him. Victim number two is Adam, they tell Adam that they will keep him safe all summer and that keeping Brendon here is good because it means keeping a bigger target. Adam stands up for himself by saying that if he sends home Jordan that Jeff will come after him. Brendon acts like...Brendon and says “then should Rachel come after you for voting me out?”(Brendon Villegas, BB13, Ep.13, CBS). Lucky number three is Shelly, and she asks how many votes he needs. Shelly keeps floating to both sides and she needs to figure out which side to go to this week. In the back yard Adam tells Dani that Brenchel is definitely campaigning. Adam still doesn’t know how to vote and he says he will make his own decision.

Rachel starts to crack...
Dani decides to bring Porsche up into the HOH to get a possible safety vote and stick it to Brenchel. Porsche explains that she is torn and would like to give Brendon a sympathy vote. Dani tells Porsche that they tried to make deals with her and that Dani has her back. Rachel walks into the HOH...pissed that Porsche is up there with Dani. Dani invites her to stay up in the HOH and talk some girl talk. Rachel decides to leave and spend time with Brendon. Porsche goes down to talk to Rachel and tell her that she needs to stop being sad and moping around because she is making people feel uncomfortable. Rachel looses it, snaps at Porsche and Brendon and runs off into the hammock. She continues to yell at Brendon and he tells her to stop screwing herself, that he left her in the game to play. He asks if he made a mistake by leaving her in this game and she tells him that his mistake was asking him to marry her. He gets mad at her for talking like that. Rachel thinks people will hate her more and that she wont get a job and that she isn’t smart. Rachel is sobbing and saying that she is not a bad person. Brendon is trying to cheer her up and telling her that he believes in her and loves her. It is very sad that last season effected her this much that she is trying to prove everyone wrong and that she is worried people think that she is a bad person. It is not her week and that is for sure.

In the living room Julie talks to the HG’s. She talks to Adam about being an Elf and he shows her a traditional Elf dance. Julie turns to Rachel and Julie tells her that the only other time in BB history that a veto winner has used the veto on the other nominee was in Season 8 with Dick and Danielle. Rachel feels honored and talks about her love for Brendon. Julie asks Jeff about being in the house without Jordan because in Season 11 it was Jeff that left first.

WWDD? What would Dick do?
Dick taped a segment and talked about how he think Danielle is playing so far. Dick tells us that him and Danielle were one of the best alliances in BB history. Big Brother shows clips of all of Dick and Danielle’s several HOH and POV wins in Big Brother 8. Dick is not happy with Danielle’s game play. He thinks that she is trying to get out of his shadow and make big moves, but that she did it too early. He thinks she did the same thing with Dominic that she did in season 8 with Nick and that it is bad game play and that it got Dominic evicted. He also says that the good thing is that she is a good competitor and she has that on her side. He thinks that she should not have tried to back door Jeff and she should have waited until top 8 to break up the couples. He also says he knows she wanted to make a game move or she was bored. When asked if Danielle still has a shot at winning without him, Dick says of course she does but she will have to do a lot of work.

When we come back Julie talks to Danielle in the HOH bedroom. Julie asks why Dani tried to make her big move and does she regret it. Dani said the only thing she regrets is that she made the move two weeks too soon and it costs Dominic his game. Julie asks Dani what Dick would say, which is funny because Dick did say the same thing Dani just said about her making the move too soon. Dani says that Dick probably thinks that she is insane and coming from one insane person to her that it is fine. Julie asks about Rachel and if it is possible to mend fences? Dani says that no but not because of her but because Rachel feels like Dani is splitting up a marriage and is emotional and taking it personal and that Rachel will be coming after her and probably kill her when the show is over. You could hear the audience laughing while Dani and Julie were talking.

Eviction Time
Back in the living room the nominees give their pleas. Brendon stands and says hi to his and Rachel’s families, he then talks about his love for Rachel and he is fighting back the tears and encouraging Rachel. Jordan stands and says that this week has been crazy and she wants to spend the summer with Jeff and everyone else. Voting begins and goes as follows:
Jeff votes to evict Brendon...Shocker
Rachel votes to evict Jordan...Shocker (studio audience is laughing at Rachel...not nice)
Kalia and Adam (who Elf dances to the DR) vote to evict Brendon
Porsche regretfully votes to evict Jordan
Lawon and Shelly vote to evict Brendon
By a vote of 5 to 2 Brendon is evicted from the Big Brother house. Brendon rushes and does not want to say goodbye to the other HG’s, he has a fiance to say goodbye too. Brendon and Rachel embrace and he tells her to win an HOH for him. As he leaves the HG’s applaud for him. He takes a minute between the doors to brace himself and then he leaves the house.

Rachel goes straight to the back door and is crying. Outside with Julie Brendon can barely keep it together. Julie asks him why he used the POV on Rachel, he said because of love and he started to tear up. He called himself a bit of a baby. He talks about how much he loves her and she would have done it for him. Julie asks if there is strategy involved and he said that up against anyone she would have gone home, but he believed that he had a better chance of staying, even if it was a small chance. Julie asks him how big of a mistake Dani made last week. Brendon said a big one because they would have had a better chance working together. He says that he thinks she is still living in Dick’s shadow, which is hard to surpass. He feels like she is burdened and that she will be out in a couple of weeks. Julie asks if Rachel is gunning for her? DUH Julie!!! Brendon says “ah yah” with a smile and tells Julie she could put her money on that one. In the goodbye messages Kalia says that she is happy he is gone and that “there are a lot of things that are easier than Rocket Science and apparently getting you out of this house is one of them”(Kalia Booker, BB13, Ep.13, CBS). Jordan tells him she hopes to be invited to his wedding and that they will get a good present since Jeff won that $10,000 dollars. She also says “we love you Brendon” in a Rachel voice. Dani tells him that since he split up her and Dominic that what goes around comes around. In Rachel’s message to him she is sobbing and telling him that she can’t imagine being in the house without him but at least their babies will see their love story on DVD. Brendon laughs and says in five years.

A Second Chance
Julie calls the house guests to the living room. She reveals to them that they should be careful because the next house guest that is evicted will have a chance to get back in the game. Julie then tells us that the first four evictees have been sequestered. Next week on Thursday the newly evicted house guest and one of the four evictees that America votes for will compete live for a chance to get back in the game. America now must vote between Keith, Cassi, Dominic or Brendon for a chance to fight against the newly evicted house guest for a spot back in the house.

“Check Mate”
In the backyard for the HOH competition there is a chess board and podiums. This competition is what they call a knock out comp. On the podiums are the names of Keith, Cassi and Dominic. The house guests will face off and will be asked a question and they must buzz in with either Keith, Cassi or Dominic. Two players will face off the one who gets it wrong will be eliminated and the one who is correct gets to chose which two house guests will face off next.

Round 1: Kalia vs. Jordan. “During an eviction ceremony, who referred to the other house guests as...”Julie does not even finish the question. Kalia rings in with Dominic and she is correct. Jordan is eliminated.

Round 2: Rachel vs. Lawon. “Who did not play in the march of the ants have/have not competition?” Rachel rings in Keith and she is correct. Lawon is eliminated.

Round 3: Kalia vs. Adam. “Who was nominated for eviction twice?” Kalia rings in with Dominic and she is correct. Adam is eliminated.

Round 4: Rachel vs. Porsche. “In the HOH competition Big Brother Open, who putted their ball into the...”Rachel rings in with Dominic and then says a curse word. Julie tells them to keep it clean and Rachel says sorry. She knew she was wrong the minute she buzzed in and she is eliminated. The correct answer was Cassi.

Round 5: Jeff vs. Shelly. “During an eviction ceremony, who said quote...there are some friendships I’ll carry outside...” Shelly rings in with Cassi and she is correct. Jeff is eliminated.

Round 6: Kalia vs. Porsche. “Fourteen house guests played in the first head of household competition. Who was the third to fall of the banana?” Kalia rings in with Keith and she is correct. Porsche is eliminated.

Final Round: Kalia vs. Shelly. “Who spelt the word standings in the hot legs...” Kalia rings in with Dominic and she is correct.
Kalia has won the Head of Household competition.

Dani gives Kalia the key and she celebrates in the back yard. Rachel is trying not to cry and keeping her head down as Jordan comforts her.

Kalia is the first newbie to win HOH.
Who will she nominate? Who will win the POV? Who will be evicted? Who will America vote to give a second chance too? Who will return to the Big Brother house?
Lots of questions for the week to come.