Friday July 22nd 2011

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Cassi or Cassi?

Julie welcomes us to day 20 inside the Big Brother house. The show picks up moments after the POV was used. Shelly is feeling guilty because Cassi is being evicted when it is her who voted with the veterans. She knows that knowledge of this may get her sent out the door instead of Cassi. She has to keep up her lies to save her own butt. This is what happens when you are playing both sides. Shelly cries in the DR that she believes that lying is wrong and she teaches her daughter that you should never do anything to hurt another person. To this I say: Did you forget that you are on Big Brother? I think she is being too hard on herself and unrealistic, especially when she is playing a game where lying is part of the job description. Instead of fighting and campaigning Cassi decided to lay down and die. Jordan is up in the HOH room crying because she feels bad for nominating Cassi and Shelly when she likes them both. Jordan feels bad for putting Shelly up because of her daughter Josie and Dani is trying to explain to Shelly that Josie is watching the show and she gets that it is part of the game.

Round 1: Cassi vs. Rachel
Rachel and Cassi go to talk in the Have/Have not room. Cassi wants to “clear the air”. So she decides to tell Rachel that she thinks the reason she wants her gone is because she is a female. Rachel says that her problem with Cassi has to do with her lack of communication and because when Rachel and Brendon offered Cassi a deal she didn’t take it. Then comes name calling: Rachel tells Cassi she is a bad game player and then Cassi calls her catty and an ugly person inside.
This argument was pointless. It did not help Cassi’s game at all. If anything it made Rachel look a little better (I stress the words a little) and showed Cassi going down to her level. If anything this gave Rachel an opportunity to gain some sympathy. Rachel goes up to the HOH crying about Cassi. Jordan and Rachel have a conversation about Rachel’s attitudes and comments. Dani joins the veteran girls and tells Rachel just to let Cassi look bad and sink her own ship.

Round 2: Cassi vs. Brendon
Cassi already had it out with Rachel and yet she felt the need to go to Brendon and campaign by saying that if she had taken a deal with Brenchel she would have stuck to it. Brendon listens to her for a minute but when she swears on her father and the bible he just does not want to here it. He thinks that she is full of it and she already burned those bridges. To be honest, he acts like an ass to her. Cassi campaigned to the wrong people.

Team PB &J...Pretty Boy and Jew
Adam and Dominic are the odd couple, heavy metal from the East and male model from the West. Julie shows what their families have to say about them. Adam’s girlfriend Fara talks about Big Brother being such a huge part of Adams quest for weight loss which started at over 300 pounds. Over a year, he lost more then 100 pounds and he did that so he could compete physically and mentally in the game that he loves so much. Adam knows his BB history and has studied Big Brother. Dana is Dominic’s best friend and she talks about the sheltered life style that he lives with his mom. Dana tells us that even though Dominic is a 25 year old virgin, he knows and understands women and he is still very flirtatious. In regards to Dominic and Dani his friend thinks that he is acting like he likes her but he knows she is on the veterans side. Then Adam comes up with their team name of PB&J...

In the HOH bedroom Julie talks to Jordan about the argument with Rachel. Jordan is nice as always and says that their relationship is still good and that they are good competitors. Jordan explains that it is still too early to take out Brenchel. A viewer asks: When are you and Jeff going to tie the knot and make some babies? Jordan blushes and says that first they need to move into the same state before they talk about that.
Back to the living room and Cassi and Shelly stand and give their pleas. For the second week in a row the speeches are not particularly special. Cassi basically says goodbye. Voting begins and everyone votes to evict Cassi. By a vote of 9-0 Cassi is evicted from the Big Brother house. SHOCKER! Cassi gives hugs all around, says her goodbyes and then Julie calls her to come out of the house. When they go back in the house we get to hear Rachel peeing because BB forgot to cut off her mic.

“Big Brother Online”
In the backyard for the HOH competition there is a giant laptop and mouse and the house guests are standing in the screen at podiums. The houseguest’s will get asked the same questions that viewers voted for online at and they must answer how they think America voted. They have to turn their dial to either A or B depending on how they think America voted. For wrong answers they are eliminated and the last player standing will be the new HOH. The elimination order was as follows:

Question 1: Which HG would you rather have mouth to mouth resuscitation A-Jeff or B-Brendon?
Everyone chooses A and no one gets eliminated. Jeff is happy.

Question 2: Which HG is more likely to warm the pool with something other than their charm. A-Adam or B-Kalia?
Everyone chooses A for Adam and no one gets eliminated.

Question 3: Which HG is more likely to steal someones lover. A-Rachel or B-Porsche?
The answer is B Porsche, Kalia is the only one that chooses A for Rachel and she is eliminated.

Question 4: Which HG is more likely to save someone from a burning building. A-Shelly or B-Brendon?
The answer is B Brendon, Jeff answers A and is eliminated.

Question 5: Which HG would they rather see spend the entire summer in a bikini. A-Porsche or B-Danielle?
The answer is B Danielle. Adam, Lawon and Dominic say A and they are eliminated leaving only Rachel and Brendon.

Question 6: Which HG would they rather cheat off of on a test. A-Jordan or B-Lawon?
The answer is A Jordan and both Brendon and Rachel get it wrong.

Question 7: Which HG is more likely to seriously go bananas in the BB house. A-Adam or B-Dominic?
Rachel chooses A and Brendon chooses B. The correct answer is A.

Rachel has done it again. She has won HOH for the second time in three weeks. Not only is this another win for Rachel and Brendon, but it is also a win for the veterans. The veterans have had control of the house for the third week in a row. Their strategy has worked out perfectly thus far. Dani, Porsche and Shelly all hold golden keys. Jeff and Jordan are part of the veteran alliance so basically the choice is between Dominic and Adam or Lawon and Kalia. Who will the veterans target this week for eviction?

Julie also hints that next week the game will change. This makes sense since after next weeks eviction, they will be down to 10 which means the golden key holders will no longer be protected and they will probably start to play the game as individuals.