Goodbye Dominic

Dominic your days in the house are done
You are this season’s latest evictee
You tried to be a part of a master plan
But were discovered by the powers that be

You aligned yourself with the one person
You thought could make your stay long
I thought it an odd pairing…the virginal boy
And Dani…the Evel one’s spawn

I can’t say I blame you for jumping the gun
And trying to make an early stand in the game
You didn’t sit well with the vets and their egos
But I think you have one much the same

Your goodbye speech made me chuckle
Gong out with a bang I guess was your plan
But telling people you like them then insulting them next
Really doesn’t make you “the man”

Bottom line Dominic your game was flawed
You came on too strong way too fast
You’ll learn as you go on in life, virgin boy
Sometimes going slow will make things last

So goodbye Dominic but hey it may be
That we will see you at least one more time
A player may be voted back in the game
But if America votes, you won’t have mine

Goodbye Dominic and thanks for making the vets sweat a little.