Sunday August 21st 2011

Tonights episode picked up where the HOH competition left off. Jeff is still in the lead with Porsche, Rachel and Shelly tied for second and all the others tied for third. Danielle is watching from the sidelines and praying that Rachel does not take it. Porsche is looking strong and is a close second to Jeff. The course is very slippery as more bubbles and water is dropping and all of the players are taking spills. Jeff says that with Brendon now gone his target has gotten bigger. Shelly says that this competition is a must win. Dani is praying that Kalia or Porsche can pull this one off because her safety rests in their hands. Rachel is also fighting for the win because with Brendon gone, she realizes that she is alone in the game. All of the players are playing to win. The course is completely covered in bubbles and Dani is telling everyone where they are at in terms of their glasses filling. They are slipping and sliding all over. They show all of the players falling, Jordan falls and disappears into the bubbles. All the players are rubbing their eyes and are being blinded by the mix of soap bubble and water. Jeff comments that Jordan could not look cuter in her humilitard running back and forth, and that she is doing really good filling her bowl. Dani also tells Jordan she is doing good and tells Kalia to pick it up. Dani is getting frustrated that Kalia is going slower then everyone else and Kalia is irritated that Dani is not being a good cheerleader. Adam takes a very hard fall right into the podium that is holding her glass bowl. Dani continues to update the players on how they are all doing. Jeff, Porsche and Rachel are all close and very determined to win the competition. Dani is praying that Rachel does not win because she just evicted Brendon for the second time. Dani is pulling for Porsche but Jeff is going super fast and he and Rachel are encouraging each other. Jeff digs in and grabs his ball. Dani walks through the foam and gives Jeff the key to the HOH room. Jeff has won HOH!

Jordan is relieved that they can just relax this week. Porsche is disappointed that she could not win and now her alliance could be in jeopardy. Rachel is gloating in the DR and comments that Kalia, Dani and Porsche are looking disappointed and that at least when they win she pretends to be happy. In the bubblegum room Dani congratulates Jeff. Jeff says that she might feel safe because of the deal that him and Jordan have with her but that he will do what is best for himself in this game. He is already thinking of showing her the door. Porsche is beating herself up for losing. Rachel is hoping that the tension between her and Jeff and Jordan is over because she needs them now that she is alone. Shelly, Dani and Kalia celebrate that Brendon is gone now for good. Shelly mentions Rachel’s attitude and how she is buddying up to Jeff and Jordan again. She is getting very frustrated with Rachel trying to get to Jeff. Shelly goes into the bathroom and pretends to kiss Jeff’s butt. She is making fun of Rachel, in front of Rachel and yet she is oblivious. In the bubble gum bedroom Dani tells Kalia that it is okay to be upset. Kalia is expecting to be nominated because she did nominate Jeff two weeks ago. In the DR Dani says that she is relieved that she made her deal with Jeff and Jordan and she just has to cross her fingers that they will keep up their end of the deal.

Who wants to see Jeff’s HOH room?
Jeff tells everyone to put on a fake face and get their butts up there. He tells Jordan to act happier and to get happier and happier as she gets closer to the stairs. In his HOH room there is a picture of his nieces Marley and Maci, of him and his brother and of him as a child. There is a letter personally written from his niece Marley, Kalia helped him make out the words. In the DR Jordan talks about how much Jeff loves his nieces and loves to play with them when he and Jordan come over and how much they love him too. His letter is from his brother giving him encouragement and to send their love to Jordan as well and how his niece Maci wanted to pick flowers for him and Jordan.

Everyone leaves the HOH bedroom except for Rachel. Shelly is mad that she is still up there. Shelly decides to go up and tell Rachel she needs to stop making faces at her. When Shelly comes into the HOH she says that she wants to clear things up between Rachel and her. Shelly tells Rachel she needs to stop with eyes and looks of death at her. She says that she can’t help that she was against Brendon and won and that Rachel needs to stop. She tells Rachel they need to solve it or one of them needs to not be in this group. Jeff says that they are both in this group. Rachel is mad that Shelly was trying to tell her that she needs to leave the alliance. In the DR Rachel reiterates that Shelly has done nothing in this game and wants to say a few things to her, but instead bites her tongue. Rachel says that she has not talked about Shelly to anyone recently. Shelly says well there is now a clean slate. Jeff and Jordan both think that is a good idea and they should do that. Now going forward they all are going to have a clean slate for the safety of the alliance. In the DR Jeff is shocked that Rachel actually bit her tongue. He gives her applause and says that he is proud of her for the first time and says that maybe something is sinking into her head. When Shelly leaves the room Jeff tells her she bit her tongue and that is good.

Shelly The Picky Eater
In the kitchen Jeff asks Shelly if she wants him to make her anything and she says no. In the DR he says that everyday in the house he cooks and everyday he asks Shelly if she wants something and she always says no. He comments that all she eats is english muffins with PB&J. He says that what an eight year old will eat is what Shelly will eat. Shelly picks up a pear and asks what it is. In the backyard with Porsche and Dani She says that there are foods in the house that she has never heard of...coconut water, pita chips, hummus, avocado, guacamole. In DR she says that she has never heard of half the things that Dani eats. Dani tells her that she would be disgusted at the stuff that she eats. In the DR Dani says that Shelly is scared to branch out and has not heard of some really normal foods. Shelly chalks it up to the fact that it is just different from the food in the south.

The house guests come inside from a lock down to a table full of hardboiled eggs and jalapenos. This week America has chosen hardboiled eggs and jalapenos for the have nots to enjoy in addition to slop. Everyone is confused because there was no food competition. Jeff reads a card and discovers that he gets to chose three people to be have nots. He choses Porsche and Danielle since they have yet to be have nots and Kalia is his third choice since they are her friends. Do you think his choices were a tad personal? Porsche comments that Jeff chose them since they were the enemy alliance, but at least they can share a room. Kalia is upset because she can’t eat jalapenos. She tells America that they are close to being on not speaking terms because last week they brought Brendon back and now they gave her jalapenos. Dani is bummed out because her birthday is this week (Sat Aug 20th) and she will be a have not. She is also nervous because she does not do good on slop. Let me tell you she is not kidding about that, she has been sick all week and the slop has not been agreeing with her at all. This week already sucks for her...and that is not even the worst of it.

The Campaigning Begins
Jeff & Kalia:
Outside in the backyard Kalia asks Rachel if she could talk to Jeff alone. Kalia tells him that she is expecting to be put up since she did put him up prior. Jeff tells her that it is a possibility. Kalia wants to be up on the block against Rachel because she thinks it improves her chances of staying so she tries to throw her under the bus. Jeff is getting mad that she is trying to throw Rachel under the bus because he feels like she is not taking responsibility for her own actions. Kalia said that if she is the target she would like to know. Jeff tells her that before she nominated him he warned her and she struck first. Her conversation with him basically accomplished nothing.
The table has shrunk to a small table and everyone is celebrating this accomplishment. Jeff comments that its great that they are celebrating this accomplishment but that he is going to take over and his table is going to be set for two. He asks Dani for a high five for the small table and she gives him one...perhaps he forgot that Dani has sat at the table for two that he was just talking about.

Jeff & Dani:
In the backyard Jeff approaches Dani and apologizes for making her a have not. She says that it is okay and its fair. He tells her that as far as what they talked about (the deal) that they are good. Dani says that she figured as much and thanks him for that. He tells her to make sure that it stays between them and she reassures him that it has. He asks her if she were to win the POV what would she do? She asks him what he wants her to do? He wants her not to use it. She tells him she probably won’t win then because if she did then Kalia would expect her to use it to save her. Dani tells him she is guessing that Porsche and Kalia will be nominated. In the DR Dani says that she trusts Jeff to an extent but is scared that he could back door her. She asks him “What would you do if one of them did win the veto? You wouldn’t put me up right, as a replacement?”(Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.20,CBS) He tells her NO. In the DR Jeff says that he wants Danielle to feel as safe as possible so that she does not stir stuff up.

Jeff & Porsche:
Porsche is the next to go and talk to Jeff. Porsche tells him that she wants to keep playing and win. She says basically if he doesn’t put her up then she won’t put him up. He asks if this is their first minute of game talk. He comments that at day 49 Porsche came to him and tried to talk game, for the first time in 49 days. He finds this laughable. Porsche tells him that she does not want to kiss butt and that if she is the target she does want to get to play in the veto. He tells her she wants to go up then? She says she prefers not to go up at all. It is a very awkward conversation, he tells her that he is still thinking and they will see.

After a long day of conversations Jeff goes up and talks to Jordan in HOH about his conversation with Dani. He tells her that he made Dani feel safe and told her he wouldn’t put her up as a nominee or a replacement. He also told Jordan that he told her he did not want her to use the POV if she won it and she told him that she would throw it. Jordan is surprised that Dani would do that. Jeff thinks it would be stupid if she did do that. Jeff really wants to backdoor Dani this week, rather then nominating her because he does not want it to come back on him if she wins the POV.

It is time for the nomination ceremony. Porsche and Kalia both suspect that they are going up. Dani feels like Jeff will honor his deal with her but she still does not feel safe. Jeff pulls the first key and Rachel is safe, Shelly is safe, Adam is safe, Jordan is safe and Dani is safe. This means that Porsche and Kalia are nominated for eviction. Jeff tells Porsche that she is nominated because he wants her to prove that she came to play and to fight and win the POV (this is a BS comments because Porsche has come in second in three comps...if he was nominating someone because they haven’t performed well and played then he should be nominating Shelly). He tells Kalia that she is nominated because she put him up when she was HOH and he wants her to feel how he felt (this is logical). The nomination ceremony is adjourned. Porsche is mad about Jeff’s comments because she has been competing and she wants to win the POV so she can stay and take Jeff out next week. Dani is upset that her allies are on the block and she knows that Jeff could still screw her over and back door her. Kalia’s plan is to lay low and stay under the radar. In the DR Jeff says that if the opportunity arises he wants to back door Danielle.

There is some serious foreshadowing going on this week. A tidbit of BB history is that in Season 11 Jeff backdoored Russell and then he ended up getting evicted the following week and walked right out of the door behind him. Especially with a double eviction coming up Jeff needs to be cautious about making the wrong moves.