Goodbye Keith

Usually the first eviction poem I write
For a new season of Big Brother
Is hard because the players start slow
But Keith you were like no other

You came into the house to just hook up
Ladies were the only things on your mind
You even picked a partner based solely on looks
Thinking it was hook-up time

But soon you realized you made a mistake
I could only think to myself…no shit
But by then I had already labeled you
This seasons Big Brother half-wit

Then the way you acted when Evil walked out
Not knowing the reason he’d gone
You actually celebrated, kicked up your heels
You acted like a heartless moron

Oh but you weren’t done yet were you Keith
Oh no there was even more
You actually turned on your own alliance
Which meant your ass was out the door

Of course the veterans had a plan
They never wanted you to stay
But your actions in the house with all the others
Saw to it that they got their way

And so goodbye, farewell, so long
You’re gone from the house deservedly so
You really only have yourself to blame
And that’s the truth, but I think that you know

Goodbye Keith and thanks for being easy to ‘write’.