Thursday September 1st 2011

Last nights episode brought us to right after Porsche made the Pandoras Box announcement about the return of the Duo Twist. The newbies are not happy about this “twist”. Porsche regrets taking Pandoras box. Kalia asks Porsche what enticed her to take Pandora’s box and Jordan says that it was money. Kalia is not happy that Porsche opened Pandora’s box because twists always screw up her game. Rachel is thrilled about the twist. She is confident that she can pull off a win and protect both her and Jordan. Jordan does not seem as excited as Rachel because she realizes that first they have to win the veto for this twist to benefit them. Jordan is curious as to what Porsche got out of Pandoras box, and Rachel could care less because she is happy about the twist. Rachel is being very positive, she says that Brendon and Jeff are gone and they can put it past them and play a better game. Rachel mentions that Shelly and Adam will be the replacement nominees and Jordan is elated with the idea of getting Shelly back for what she did to Jeff. The newbies are in the space room and Porsche tells them that she got $5000 for opening the box. The newbies are not pleased with this twist, but they are all playing in the veto, so the nominations make no difference this week. Everything rests on the veto. Shelly is not happy and makes a comment about Porsche having more stuffing in her chest then her head. Porsche and Kalia go into the bathroom and Porsche tells Kalia she also gets $5000. Kalia and Porsche hug...I doubt Kalia is mad at Porsche now. She chose not to tell the house guests that both her and Kalia were awarded money because she did not want to make their target any bigger. They are all giving Porsche a hard time but in the past 7 times that Big Brother Pandoras Box has been offered, no house guest has turned it down, and none of the ones in the house would have either. The past the recipients of Pandoras Box have been Natalie, Kevin (BB11), Matt, Brendon, Brittany, Lane (BB12) and now Porsche.

Who will be nominated...Will it be Rachel & Jordan OR Jordan & Rachel?
Its time for nominations and Porsche is nervous because she wants one of her targets to leave this week, which means everyone needs to fight for the POV this week. Jordan and Rachel could care less about being nominated because they know that all the power rests in the power of veto competition. Since Kalia is Porsche’s partner she is safe this week. Porsche pulls the only set of keys and reveals that Shelly and Adam are also safe this week. This means that Rachel and Jordan are nominated for eviction...shockkkker. Porsche says that she is sorry because she knows that it has been a stressful week but that she nominated them because they did not come up and talk to her prior to nominations. In the DR Porsche says that she nominated them because they are the last two vets and that Rachel is the target this week. Shelly knows that even though her and Adam are safe this week that it means nothing until after the veto.

Femme Fetal Final Four
After nominations Rachel and Jordan go and talk in the bubble gum bedroom. Rachel says that Porsche’s reason for nominating them (they didn’t go and talk to her) is bullshit because they would have been nominated even if they had talked to her. Then she suggests that they go talk to Porsche. Jordan tells her to wait a bit and then they will go up. Jordan is surprised that out of all the vets that it is her and Rachel left and still standing. When Rachel and Jordan go to talk to Porsche, they decide that Jordan will do the talking, Jordan says that Rachel needs to keep her mouth shut because she is the worst at talking to people. Jordan and Rachel go up to talk with Kalia and Porsche. Jordan says that they are all at a clean slate because they lost Dani, Rachel lost Brendon and she lost Jeff. Jordan wants to put everything aside and have all of them work together. Jordan says that both sides have been carrying two people (Shelly and Adam) and they are protected from both sides. Jordan tells them she knows that they have doubts about Rachel and think she is a liar! Rachel starts to laugh and Porsche calls Rachel feisty. Jordan tells them that this is for real and they will fight for veto and take themselves off. She tells Porsche that it is her HOH and whatever Porsche wants to do that Jordan understands. Jordan proposes a one week deal of each side. Which would bring them to the final four together. Rachel thinks that Kalia and Porsche would be crazy not to take the deal, and she has a point. Jordan said that they all have had their moments of yelling and fighting but it is down to six people and it is crunch time. Jordan tells them that she wanted to go and give them this deal, but it is her HOH and she understands. Porsche does not want to play with Rachel and Jordan but realizes that this is a good plan B, so that if Rachel and Jordan win the veto Kalia and Porsche are still safe. Jordan stands and tells Rachel to come because they get it. As they leave the HOH room Rachel says “Jordan, I’ve never heard you talk like that before”(Rachel Reilly, BB13, Ep.24, CBS), later she also told her it was like being in there with Brendon. We had not seen that assertive side of Jordan yet this season, she does best when Jeff is gone and her back is up against the wall. Kalia and Porsche agree that making this deal puts them in a good spot regardless of the veto outcome.

In the bathroom Shelly says hello to Jordan and Jordan ignores her and walks away. Shelly says that since she made the move to send Jeff home that Jordan has not spoken to her and that it does not feel good because of how close they were before. Shelly and Adam talk in the backyard and Shelly is mad because she made a big move, and was not alone in the move, yet she is going to take all of the heat for it. It was not the move that she is taking the heat for, it is the way in which she did it. Porsche and Kalia also voted to evict Jeff...but neither of them pretended to be loyal to him. They both made it clear that he was a target and were evicting him not solely because of his move in back dooring Dani but also because he was a big competitor. Jordan is mad at Shelly for the betrayal, more so then the vote itself. Shelly tells Adam that her alliance is with Tony and Josie and she needs to make moves to further her “alliance” and not Jeff and Jordan. Adam has no sympathy for Shelly trying to play the victim. She says that she will fight to win that veto and to see them leave the house.

Who’s the Dummy Now?
It is time for the veto competition which is called “The Duo Do Over”. The house guests go into the backyard. In the backyard there is a line up of dummies hanging. Each dummy has the face of the existing house guests original duo partners. Just incase you have forgotten the partners were Keith(Porsche), Cassi (Shelly), Dominic (Adam), Lawon (Kalia), Brendon (Rachel) and Jeff (Jordan). The only partnership missing is Dick and Danielle because neither are still in the house. When they go into the backyard Rachel says, “oh sorry Dominic, I have a message for you. Your girlfriend Danielle...she’s gone” (Rachel Reilly, BB13, Ep.24, CBS). Porsche says that it is two soon to see Keith again, but his face on a dummy is fitting. The house guests will be suspended in the air, the object of the game is to be the last one still hanging on to their dummy partner’s back. Porsche says that this is the most critical veto of the season. As they hop on their partners back and are suspended Adam says, “I know Dominic was kind of hoping that it was Danielle holding on to him. But sorry she’s gone, I’m still here. I hope this doesn’t get awkkkward” (Adam Poch, BB13, Ep.24, CBS). Rachel says that she notices that people are using their arms to hold on but she has strong legs, so she will wrap them around Brendon like she always does. Adam is slipping and struggling. At 4 minutes and 35 seconds Adam falls off the Dominic dummy. Adam is getting down on himself and saying that he needs to spend more time at the gym and that he is still too fat. I don’t believe that his weight is the reason for his falling. He just sucks at competitions. After 8 minutes and 35 seconds Jordan falls off her Jeff dummy. She says that she does not tolerate pain and it is not like this is Survivor. Rachel is the only one left fighting for Team JoRa and she is looking strong. Jordan mouths to Rachel that she is sorry and that Shelly is going to fall. After 12 minutes and 2 seconds Shelly falls off the Cassi dummy. Shelly and Adam’s safety rests on Porsche and Kalia. Rachel comments that people get off scott free by doing nothing, while they do all the work. Porsche says that in every competition she tries and Rachel says she knows that she does, but she knows what she is saying. This would have been a good time for Kalia and Porsche to solidify a final four deal with Rachel and Jordan, since it was clear that Rachel was not going anywhere. Porsche keeps repositioning and cannot find a good spot. At 18 minutes and 34 seconds Porsche falls of her Keith dummy. Kalia is mad that her alliance has left her hanging...literally. Rachel tells Kalia that she is good. Kalia comments that she knows Rachel likes hanging on to Brendon. Rachels says that she could hang on to Brendon for the rest of her life and Kali says that she is going too, that is the plan right? This is another good opportunity to solidify the final four and the longer Kalia hangs up there, the worse it looks for a possible alignment. After a long 32 minutes and 9 seconds Kalia falls off the Lawon dummy. Rachel dismounts and has won the power of veto! She hugs Jordan and is excited. Jordan tells her good job. Rachel says that she won the veto for Brendon and Jeff, and now her and Jordan will be in the final 5. For Rachel this is a big milestone because it is further then her or Brendon had gotten last season. Porsche says that it is time for plan B.

After the competition Rachel and Jordan go into the storage room aka the celebration room, since that is where everyone seems to go to celebrate after a win. They are jumping up and down, excited that they are safe. Rachel is happy that Shelly and Adam, the two back stabbing floaters will be the replacement nominees. Jordan wants Shelly gone this week and tells Rachel not to listen to her. Porsche and Adam talk, and Adam says that he is embarrassed because he is the only guy in the house and everyone needed him to win it. They may have needed it but they certainty did not expect it, his track record in competitions speaks for itself. Adam says that he was with Rachel and Joran, but realigned with the newbies when Porsche won HOH and now he needs to move back to Rachel and Jordan because they have the power. Flip flopping floater...grab a life vest. Jordan and Rachel are talking about sending one of the newbies home and then winning HOH. Jordan says that Shelly is crying and Rachel says that she should because of all the problems she caused. If it wasn’t for Shelly’s vote, Rachel wouldn’t be sitting in that house. She should be thrilled that Shelly turned on Jeff and kept her. Rachel says that Shelly should have stayed up longer because if you are fighting for your life, you don’t fall off. Jordan tells her that she makes her look bad. Rachel wants Shelly gone because she has done nothing, except for cause problems and stir up drama. Rachel has been saying this since week two when Shelly was on the block with Cassi and finally people are starting to see it. Kalia and Porsche are talking and Kalia wants to try and get Jordan to release Rachel at some point. Porsche says that since Rachel just saved her that she won’t and Kalia mentions the deal that she made with Jordan week one to never nominate her and how she has never gone back on this deal. Kalia is annoyed but knows that Shelly and Adam do nothing, so loosing one of them is not a big loss. She says that even though it is not the final four that they wanted, they still have a chance.

Shelly asks to talk to Jordan, not game related. Jordan agree and they go into the have not room to talk. Shelly sits and talks with Jordan. She apologizes again for hurting Jordan. Jordan apologizes for yelling with Shelly in the purple room and for saying what she said. Jordan explains that she felt betrayed, like Shelly stabbed her in the back. Shelly talks to Jordan about her family being her alliance and how towards the end of last week she realized that she was pushing Jeff and Jordan ahead of her family. Shelly talks about how hard the decision was for her to make, and how she has paid the price for her decision. She talks about how Jeff was Jordan’s alliance, and in the end of the game Jordan would have made a personal decision and not a game decision, to take Jeff to the final two. She says that Jeff is who Jordan lives for, just like she lives for her family and that is what she was doing, she was thinking of them just as Jordan would have for Jeff. Jordan says that she does not hate Shelly, she was hurt. Jordan says that she is almost to her breaking point, and she starts to cry. Shelly apologizes and hugs Jordan. In the DR, Jordan says that she can’t trust Shelly the way that she did before. Jordan calls a truce, they hug it out and Jordan says that she will forgive Shelly, but she will not forget.

Shelly campaigns to Jordan and Rachel. She tells them that to make amens, she would like to go to the final three with them and then hand over the spots for final two so that Rachel and Jordan get money. She says that she is there to further them along and she will go out when they get to the final three and give them all the power. Shelly also tells them that if there is an HOH, she will drop to give it to one of them. This actually means nothing because the chances of her winning an HOH are slim to none, as it is. If someone like Danielle, Jeff or Rachel were to agree to throw a competition then that would actually means something. Jordan knows that her and Rachel need to think about all of their options. Shelly says in the DR that her discussion with them was an effort to get to the final three, by any means necessary.

The POV changes the game
Rachel is happy that Porsche’s greedy butt unleashed the duo twist. Porsche regrets it because she knows that now one of her alliance members will be going home. The veto meeting starts and Rachel decides to use the POV to remove Jordan and herself from the block. Rachel says that her and Jordan have been fighting hard and she wants to come off the block and continue to fight. Jordan and Rachel get off the block and Porsche stands and nominated Adam and Shelly, since they are the only duo left to be nominated. Adam is hoping that Shelly’s target is so big, that it takes the heat off of him. Rachel is happy to be off the block and the power to decide who leaves rests in Rachel and Jordan’s hands. Jordan vows to think smarter about this decision.

I can’t believe that it is already eviction day. It feels like this week just flew by, whereas last week felt like it just would not end. There is no doubt that the most exciting part of tonights show will be seeing Brendon, Dani and Jeff reunite in the Jury house. To see Brendon’s face when Dani walks in and then to see Dani’s face when Jeff comes in is going to be priceless. I have no doubt that the three will agree that the worst part is that three competitors are sitting in jury while the house is full of floaters.