Friday August 12th 2011

Good evening I’m Julie im not but you get the idea. In her introduction Julie makes fun of Lawon for requesting to be nominated and thinking that he will be let back in the house with a surprise power.
Post POV ceremony and everyone in the house seems comfortable with Lawon as the replacement nominee. In the DR Lawon says that he is on the block and he loves it! He says that he made the boldest move in the Big Brother house...he says bold, I say stupid. Jeff thinks that Kalia is the stupid one for putting up one of her own. Lawon is “acting” as if he did not expect to be nominated, he says that he would not volunteer and Shelly picks up on this slip. In the backyard Shelly talks to him because she suspects that he is lying and she knows that he volunteered. Then he slips again and says that he will be walking out the door. Shelly says he is crazy because Rachel is beside him so why would he be leaving? She goes up to HOH and asks Kalia if Lawon volunteered and Kalia admits to Shelly that YES he did. Kalia just gave up her own ally.
Shelly immediately runs to Jeff and Jordan and tells him about Lawon volunteering to go up against Rachel. Right after she tells them this he walks in the room with them and he keeps up the lie and continues his acting.

Deals with the Devil
Rachel goes up to HOH to make Kalia and Dani think that she is with them. They are talking with her to see if she can get the votes to stay. Kalia and Dani tell Rachel that they have the votes to keep or to evict her and if they keep her they will be making a truce. Dani says that if she votes to keep Rachel it is a big deal for her and she needs to know that she won’t get screwed. Rachel assures them that she will not come after them. They tell her not to go down stairs and tell everyone that they have a truce. Rachel and Dani decide that people need to think that they still hate each other. In the DR Rachel calls them stupid for keeping her this week because they will feel her wrath. She goes down and tells Jordan that they told her that they control the votes but that no deals were made. Shelly comes in and tells Rachel that they think they control the votes. Rachel makes Jordan and Shelly nervous. Shelly decides to go to Danielle and ask her about the nominees. Shelly asks whats up with Lawonderful. Dani tells her “I feel like i’m in a nut house, between Rachel and him on the block, whats the bigger crazy? You have one that needs to be locked up and then you have one thats gonna stab me in my sleep”(Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.16, CBS). That was the best line of the night by far...and its the truest. Shelly tells Dani that Rachel freaked out when she came down stairs after their conversation and it made Shelly think that they made a deal. Dani laughs at the idea and in the DR she is pissed at Rachel for not keeping her mouth shut. In the HOH Dani tells Kalia that she is really having second thoughts about keeping Rachel because of what Shelly had just told Dani in the back yard. Kalia says she just wants to keep Rachel because the twist. Dani’s gut is telling her to get rid of Rachel, this is something Dani has been saying all week and Kalia has not been listening to her. BIG MISTAKE. There were so many stupid moves this week it is hard to keep them all straight.

In the living room Julie chats it up with the house guests. Julie asks Dani how the twist news has effected the game. Dani says that it has but it is Big Brother and that what ever happens is going to happen so you just need to play the game. Julie says “go big” and Dani says yep. Julie turns to Shelly and asks her about all the tears in the house this week. Shelly says that the house is a pressure cooker and that Adam is the next to cry. The next thing that happens is VERY interesting. Julie asks Jordan about her tears and the Have/Have Not competition. Jordan says she felt bad because Jeff and Rachel tied the game (but according to the episode Rachel did not play) and then Jordan said “It was up to me to chug against Adam, and I tried to make his as thick as possible so he would struggle and I felt like I lost it for everybody”(Jordan Lloyd, BB13, Ep.16, CBS). In the episode it showed Jordan and Dani having a chug off, not Adam. They did not show Adam participate. That was some VERY clever editing by CBS, and Jordan busted them.

Ragan & Rachel
In Big Brother 12 Ragan and Rachel were mortal enemies. CBS interviewed Ragan and showed clips of the two clashing on last season of Big Brother. Ragan goes through all of the names he called her and then reveals that when they got out of the house they got along and became friends. Ragan says that they go to the gym together and drink together (Rachel’s favourite past time) and that he is even going to be in her wedding party. Matt visits Ragan and they talk about their friendship since the show has ended. Ragan says that he is still waiting for a marriage proposal but that he thinks Matt is hopelessly straight. They watch the show together and talk about Rachel. Ragan says that Rachel is “cry-bernating” because she has never been in the Big Brother house without Brendon and she does not know what it is like to play the game as a single player. Ragan says that she will snap out of it and get feisty Rachel back. He says that she may be down but not to count her out, like a killer at the end of a slasher movie. No matter what you do to her she will come back. I think since they interviewed Ragan they also should have interviewed Britney since she was also one of Rachel’s enemies and she is hilarious.

In the HOH Rachel talks to Kalia about her reign as Head of Household. Kalia tells Julie that her biggest challenge of HOH was dealing with this twist. Julie asks if she was happy with the replacement nominee. Kalia tells her that she does not regret it but, if Lawon leaves and does not come back she will feel responsible. When asked about Jeff and Jordan, Kalia said she is trying to mend fences because of the friendship that she treasures with Jeff and Jordan.

The nominees stand and make their pleas. Rachel goes first and says hi to her family and that she misses Brendon, she thanks the house guests and she tells them that they will do the right thing and reminds them about the twist. Lawon stands and says that it has been a great summer and he is in love with all of them and he is not going to say something cruddy about spineless jellyfish. He says to do you because it is only you that can win the money. The voting begins and goes as follows:
Jordan and Jeff vote to evict Lawon
Porsche votes “to evict Mr. Handsome-fied Lawon”
Danielle votes “I have a feeling I’m going to regret this but, I vote to evict Lawon”, Danielle looked like that vote was painful.
Shelly and Adam vote to evict Lawon
It is unanimous and Lawon has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Twist Time
Before Lawon leaves Julie stops him and tells them all to sit back down. Lawon looks so happy to be saved. Julie tells him he has a chance to get back in the game but it wont be easy, because for the first time in the history of Big Brother you will battle your way back. Julie reveals that since they have been evicted the previously evicted Houseguest have been sequestered with the knowledge that they might have a chance to return to the Big Brother house. Everyone looks excited, Rachel has been rendered speechless and her mouth is wide open in shock. The studio audience is laughing at Rachel’s expression. Julie tells them that all week America has been voting, Danielle says “shocker, nobody listens to me” because she has been predicting this all week. Rachel is trying to contain her excitement. Dani is also trying to keep her cool, but she is hoping that America chose Dominic. Julie goes to the backyard to talk to the previously evited house guests. Julie asks Keith who he is surprised to see evicted, he says Brendon. Keith made a comment about Cassi, Dom and him being in an alliance. Cassi also says that she was surprised to see Brendon and sad to see Dominic. Julie asks Dominic how badly he wants back in the house and he says that he will offer his first born child and his brother as an indentured servant. Brendon just wants to be back in to play with Rachel. They are shocked to hear that the nominees were Lawon and Rachel. They were even more shocked to hear that the person evicted was Lawon. Brendon looked very relieved that he did not have to face off with his fiance and everyone looked excited to be competing with Lawon.

America Voted...I would like to see those votes
The house guests are all in the backyard and everyone is anxious. The existing house guests are in stands and the previously evicted are standing across the yard. Julie tells us that over two million votes were cast. Julie reveals that Keith and Cassi will not be returning to the game. It is between Dominic and Brendon, Julie says it was close but the person with over one million votes was...Brendon. Rachel was ecstatic but the studio audience was disappointed and you could hear sighs. That would mean that Brendon won more then a majority...which would mean Dominic got most of the rest, since it was close and that Cassi and Keith got hardly any. I voted for Dominic and I heard a lot of people were voting for Cassi, so I for one was shocked at the result. I am suspect some creative counting.

“Thats How We Roll”
Brendon and Lawon face off. One hundred fifty volleyballs are dropped into the yard and they each have a house guests name on them with a color. The players have to catch the balls and roll them up a ramp into a clear container. The container holds 14 balls, one for each of the house guests. The first player to get all of the names has to buzz in. The player that gets the most correct will win. If it is a tie then the person who sank the first ball will win. The game begins and Rachel is cheering like crazy. Brendon is the first to get a ball in. Rachel starts yelling out the colors and the house guests names that Brendon still needs to sink in. Rachel is helping Brendon like crazy and I am shocked that Big Brother is letting her. After Brendon has gotten every ball in the house guests start to cheer for and help Lawon. Porsche, Adam and Jeff are telling Lawon to keep going and encouraging him. The timer runs out, Brendon wins and he is back in the game! Rachel runs across the yard and jumps into Brendons arms. Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and the other house guests go hug Lawon and say goodbye.

Julie tells us that with Brendon back in the game the next HOH could be a game changer. In the back yard Rachel is telling Brendon that Jordan has been doing such a good job taking care of her. Dani is playing with her volley ball and they are all just chatting. The house guests are having fun playing with the balls.

This HOH is crucial, usually when a player comes back into the game or has something to avenge they tend to win HOH, for example: Crazy James in BB9 and Danielle two weeks ago when PT left. Will Brendon follow suit? Is Brenchel back in full force? Is there any hope at all for Dani and Kalia this week? We will have to find out on Sunday...or you can cheat and read the updates.