Aaryn was sulking with GM/Kaitlin/Jeremy in the colorful room and dissin' on the other HG's. While sitting there she overheard the others laughing and overjoyed by the days accomplishments (and perhaps some of what Candice said about them trying to steal her bed. Candice and Amanda were all joking about what they would do to irritate them, i.e. bang pots and pans but it’s unlikely the others heard this.) Elissa, Candice, Jessie, etc. were talking about how immediately after Helen's HOH reveal they were gonna run and steal their beds back. J/GM/K/A were sitting on them and perhaps trying to steal them. Anyways, Aaryn reacts and immediately throws pillows off Candice's bed. She tops it all off by throwing the bed against the wall and then moves to GM's bed. They all laugh about it. BB tells Aaryn "Stop that!" In the other room, Candice makes a comment that "they better not be messing with our stuff" but no one goes to check.

HOH reveal happens. A few minutes after the reveal, GM goes down first and sits on her bed. Jessie quickly follows with Kaitlin a few seconds behind. Jessie races to her bed and is first to sit on it. Kaitlin asks her to share but Jessie refuses saying this is her bed and she doesn't wanna share it with anyone besides Judd. Kaitlin scoffs at her and throws a few words her way. At this point Jeremy walks in and sits on the Jessie's bed and she is very vocal about how she doesn't wanna share the bed. Jeremy refuses to get up and says that he's sleeping on this bed -- Jessie tells him he's making her uncomfortable and asks him to leave. He "respectfully declines" and remains on the bed. Jessie stands her ground and refuses to be bullied.

Candice walks in and immediately her attention is drawn to the bed against the wall -- her bed! She asks Kaitlin who flipped her bed. Kaitlin explains it wasn't her. Candice is noticeably pissed off. She puts her bed down and grabs the pillows that were thrown on the floor. She looks at Jessie who is obviously in a similar predicament. It's somewhat of a standoff -- lots of tension in the room. Candice asks Jessie to call Howard but Jessie refuses saying she doesn't wanna give up her bed and can't leave it. Candice leaves a moment (off camera) but I believe it's to call Howard and Judd (per Jessie's request.) A moment later she returns back to the room.

Aaryn is about to walk in briefly but I suppose she was called to DR (or Kaitlin pushed her away for a second.) But anyways, she comes back in and just as she sits down on GM's bed, Candice confronts her and tells her she better not flip her bed again basically. Aaryn mocks her and says in a stereotypical black voice "Watchya gonna do about it?" Things get really heated at this point. Candice pauses. Howard walks in and again, Aaryn asks "Watchya gonna do about it?" Candice looks at Howard for support/backup. Howard tells her not to give into this and tells her to come with him. Candice stands up and tells them all to not touch her bed. GM gets in her face to which Candice replies, "I'm not gonna fight... I'm not gonna fight." GM throws some comments: "come on... is that your black coming out?" Howard eventually jumps in the middle and picks up Candice and pulls her out of the room.

10:26pm BB time, Thursday Night Dialogue

KAITLIN: Is Jess still thinking she's gonna sleep here?
JEREMY: I dunno, I dunno.
KAITLIN: I mean, she didn't come in here and pick up all of her *****. Candice came in here and looked at every drawer that she had and walked back out and she and Amanda just cracked up when she got out there.
AARYN: I can't believe Jess pretended all week she was with us.
(They continue to bash Jess for the next few minutes)

10:28pm BB time

Meanwhile, Jess tells Amanda and crew that she wants to check on her stuff but she's afraid the others will confront her. Amanda offers to back her up and join her while she gets her stuff. Jessie gets all her belongings and brings it to another room. GM steps out shortly after to get something.

When they leave, Kaitlin jokes about how Jessie "had to bring in a bodyguard." (More bashing ensues.) Kaitlin comments, "At least we have a bed tonight" (referring to Jessie's bed.) Jeremy replies "you didn't think we had it anyways."