Monday August 1st 2011

The Enduring Continues...
When we left off with Julie on Thursday everyone was still holding on. Things progressed fast, especially for such an important competition. The DR sessions show that Dani knows she is against the whole house and the whole house knows that they can’t let her win.The first person to fall off of his skis was Adam, after not even 10 minutes. Adam choses a snow ball and it reveals that he has won the pleasure of wearing an Elf suit for one week. That is why you don’t fall off after ten minutes. After 19 minutes Lawon falls off and his snowball makes him a Have Not for the week. All of the girls up there are looking solid and Shelly is talking with confidence that “she’s got this”. Brendon is struggling while Rachel cheers for him. Dani says she wishes a big snowball would come and hit Rachel in the face because she is sick of hearing about her fiance. Brendon JUMPS off after 35 minutes. I think everyone was shocked that he fell off. Rachel kept her cool and told him it was okay when on the inside we all know she secretly wanted to strangle her “fiance”. Brendon’s snowball reveals that he is a Have Not for the week. Rachel’s cheering turns to big Jeff. Jeff asks his love how she is doing. Jordan still looks strong. He asks how Kalia is doing because Kalia definitely looks rough and he’s betting that she is going to drop soon. Jeff is in pain and since everyone else looks okay he decides he is going to jump at a chance to win some money. Dani is not in pain and tells us that she is not going anywhere. After 51 minutes Jeff jumps off, he chooses snow ball number 5 for his birthday. Jeff wins the $10,000. Jordan tells them not to let “her” beat you. Jordan’s arms are starting to hurt and Jeff tells her to try and lean back and side ways like Dani, Kalia and Porsche are. Jordan is leaning forward and when she tries to lean back she falls off and rolls face first into the snow after 57 minutes. Jordan tried her best and felt okay because she still had Porsche and Shelly fighting as allies. Dani knows that the vets are all off so that they can all play next week. Kalia has looked rough since the second she got up there but she is still holding on. This was a big shock to a lot of live feeders because watching it live, most of us thought she would be the 3rd one to fall. Jordan chooses a snow ball and she becomes a Have Not for the week. Jordan tells her allies that Shelly is in no pain, so they still feel good. Porsche aka “hottest snow bunny ever” according to Rachel and Shelly are the veterans only chance at safety. All of the people on the ground are cheering for Porsche and Shelly and no one has said anything to Dani or Kalia. Dani turns to Kalia and says “By the way’re doing wonderful” (Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.11, CBS). Porsche starts to fell the pain, she says the pain isn’t in her arm pits, it is in her shoulder (and then she points to inside her elbow to show us). 1hour and 16minutes in and Porsche falls off the wall. After Porsche fell she was very upset and was crying under the awning by the sliding glass doors. She kept apologizing to Rachel (This was shown on the feeds, not on the episode). Brenchel and Jsquared’s safety now rests on Shelly. Kalia is still up there, when she says that everyone thought she was weak, she is right. I don’t think anyone expected Kalia to still be up there but she feels like they forced her into this position and she is going to play hard. Brendon makes a rude comment that the competition was suited for Kali because it involved hardly any movement and she has used her muffin top for cushioning and that is why she is still there. The funny thing is that Shelly and Dani are up there with her and both of them are 90 pounds soaking wet, so the comment was unnecessarily rude. Rachel starts cheering Shelly’s daughters name to try and encourage her to stay up there because now her safety relies on Shelly. Kalia figures that since they are cheering for Shelly so hard, that it means that Shelly is with them. Shelly claims that they just want her to see her daughter...that my friends is BS. Rachel says how her work outs would have helped her and she would have been a fierce competitor. Dani predicts to Kalia what Rachel has just said. At one point while watching the competition live, Shelly started to loose balance and Kalia and Dani both told her to hang in there. But in the episode when Shelly looses balance, Kalia tells her to hang on and Dani tells Kalia to shut up. Shelly falls at 1 hour and 26 minutes and with her comes down all hope for Brenchel. Dani and Kalia congratulated Shelly and told her she did really well. On the feeds after Shelly fell all of the vets on the ground looked defeated. Everyone immediately went inside the house except for Lawon, Porsche and Brenchel because Rachel had to give the key to the winner. They were all being very sore losers. Dani tells Kalia since she has not had the opportunity to compete for a month that she really wants to win. Dani still looks solid up on the wall and is smiling like its just another day in the BB house. Kalia decides just to jump down and end her pain after 1 hour and 37 minutes. Dani makes a clean dismount off the wall (landing on her feet no less) and says: “Anddd she’s back in the game folks” (Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.11, CBS) she raises her hands in victory and gets her key from Rachel. Dani is very excited to be back in this game and she is ready to play, she said that people were scared of her before and they better be scared now.

Welcome to Dani’s House
After this competition when people fell off they were in pain and could hardly walk, when they all fell they went to their knees. Dani jumped off flawlessly, she was the first one back in the house and was in no pain as she walked through the house. It was more like a strut mixed with a speed walk. The other veterans are not pleased. I say OTHER because we need to remember that Danielle, although she is not aligned with them, she is still a veteran. This means that every week a veteran player has won HOH. The vets are 4 for 4 in HOH’s and 2 for 3 in POV’s. Kalia and Danielle jump for joy in the storage room after the competition. Danielle says that she loves this game and in the diary room she says,“Welcome to my house, and I am ready to turn this house upside down”. Brendon is in the kitchen trying to comfort Rachel. Kalia goes to Rachel and tells her she has no problem with her. Kalia clearly doesn’t know Rachel, the last thing you want to do is try and talk to her after she has just been defeated. Rachel gets mad at her and calls her crazy. Kalia says that she was actually trying to be nice. In Rachel’s defense, it did seem condescending since Kalia was smiling the entire time. Dani is getting dressed and Jordan comes into the bedroom crying. As Jordan is about to leave Dani stops her and tells her that her and Jeff are safe and that they are not her targets. Dani gives Jordan a hug. Dani does not plan on separating Jeff and Jordan before jury. Especially because it was not them, it was Rachel and Brendon that turned on her and caused Dominic’s departure.

Who wants to see Danielle’s HOH room?
Up in Danielle’s room they show pictures of Dani as a child and one of her and her grandma. She gets coconut water and a basket full of snacks. She decides to read her letter privately. From what I have heard the letter is from her grandma. Jeff comments, “going up to Danielle’s HOH room is kind of like being on death row, except the executioner brings you up to their apartment for a dinner party...not a good place to be”(Jeff Schroeder, BB13, Ep.11, CBS). Dani goes into the bathroom and gives Lawon the HOH robe to wear for the week. He has been talking about wanting it, he doesn’t understand why no one has rocked it. Rachel comments that the only one excited is Lawon because he gets to wear the robe. Rachel comments that usually people are excited to see the HOH room...or they fake it like in weeks 1 and 3. Now Rachel knows how it feels when everyone fakes being happy when they have to go up to her HOH room.

Lawon, Shelly and Jordan have a serious conversation in the backyard about Lawon’s sexual orientation. Shelly asks Lawon if he has a type. He explains to them that he is about personality and heart...“Black, White, Hispanic, Armenian...I look at your heart”(Lawon Exum, BB13, Ep.11, CBS). Jordan asks what it is about men for him. He explains that he feels like it is right and that its the feelings he has. He says that his family is all fine with it but they just don’t talk about it. He shares a touching story about coming out to his grandmother and how she knew he was gay and encouraging she is to him about being himself and being the best version of himself that he can be. Jordan is touched to see this side of Lawon. “I am playing this game for the voices and the teenagers and the men and even the women, their voices will never be heard” (Lawon Exum, BB13, Ep.11, CBS), Lawon says in the DR that if he touches even one person by being himself then he has done his job and has won Big Brother.

Jeff and Jordan go up to the HOH and talk to Dani. They get everything out from last week and they make a deal. Dani tells them that last week was not personal and it was a game move. She knows that she needs to mend fences to keep herself safe for next week. Dani tells them that she will not go after them this week and in return she would like one week of a truce next week. The olive branch is extended and so Jeff and Jordan take that deal and tell her that their word is good.

Adam the chain smoking ELF
Adam goes into the DR and claims his Elf costume. It is hilarious, he gets into character and walks around the house in an Elfish fashion. His costume is complete with ears, red hair and a hat. He shows off his costume and dances around the house. Lawon gives Adam the title of ELFified. He is rocking the Elf suit!

Rachel and Porsche decide to go for a jog around the backyard. Jeff and Jordan are having a serious talk on the patio and they keep running past them and interrupting. One round...two rounds...then BAM!!!! Rachel trips on the edge of the patio falls and rolls up. It was price less and it looked like it really hurt but she gets up and keeps going. After a second Jeff laughs and I even felt bad for laughing out loud. The have nots were given Seaweed and Sardines. Usually the food that America votes for the have nots is not that bad, but of course the week that Jordan is a have not they get the worst combination. Jordan says that she can’t eat fish because, “Anything seafood thats smelly I cant eat. It just grosses me out. I had a bad experience with fish in kindergarten. It scarred me for life” (Jordan Lloyd, BB13, Ep.11, CBS).

Rachel and Brendon go up to the HOH to try and make a deal with Dani. Brendon apologizes that they all lost their temper. Danielle tells them that they are wrong in taking last week personally. Rachel admits that they all made mistakes and they all hurt each other. Brendon wishes that the five of them could make a truce and work together. Danielle tells them that she does like them and has no negative feelings toward them. Rachel asks if they will make deals with her and Dani says that she to still hear what everyone is trying to say. They decide to leave and Brendon says that everything is forgiven and they do want to have a friendship with her. Dani hugs Brendon and Rachel and they leave the room.

Everyone is nervous for Danielle’s nominations. The nomination ceremony begins. The first person safe is Adam the Elf, Kalia is safe, Shelly is safe, Lawon is safe, Jordan is safe, Porsche is safe and finally Jeff is safe. Dani held up her end of the deal and kept Jeff and Jordan safe. She was clever in putting someone between Jeff and Jordan, she did this just to keep them on edge and play around just a bit. That leaves Brenchel. Rachel and Brendon have been nominated for eviction. Dani tells them this is because last week she made a big move by trusting them and they went against her and drew the first sword. She says that this was the best move and one that nobody else would do. Rachel says that Danielle’s game move was personal and she knows its not suppose to be personal but of course “nobody comes between me and my man”(Rachel Reily, BB13, Ep.11, CBS) Rachel targets Danielle. Jeff is shocked that Dani kept up her end of the deal but he wants to win the POV just to guarantee that he and Jordan stay safe. Brendon says that he is going to fulfill his manly duty and make sure he wins the POV and takes his fiance off the block. Dani says that she has the guts to go against Brenchel and that even if one of them wins the POV that the other one will be going home.