Thursday August 4th 2011

Post Nomination Panic
After nominations Danielle feels good because she is making a big move by targeting the beast that is Brenchel. Rachel is in the DR balling and telling Dani that she will come after her. Jeff and Jordan go in the Have Not room and console Rachel and Brendon about nominations. Brendon and Rachel are angry at Danielle and Brendon tries to console Rachel and he wants Rachel to be the one to stay in the house. Now they show Brendon crying in the DR. I am sensing a pattern in Brenchel tears. Now both of them are crying together and talking about how they are getting married and they are a team for life even if they get separated in the Big Brother game. Lots of tears and cuddling happening in the Have Not room. Brendon jumps to talking about how he is going to invent something to cure cancer...because he is a PhD student after all, and that will live happily ever after.

Jordan is shocked that Danielle held up her end of the deal. They know that if Brenchel wins veto that one of them will go up. Jordan decides that she will go up instead of Jeff because she will stay over Brendon. Jeff agrees that Jordan going up is a better idea because she wouldn’t be in danger because everyone would give them her vote to stay. Brendon is wondering why Jeff was not put up beside him. Dani goes and talks to Rachel and tells her she is sorry for nominating them but she hopes that they do not take it personal. Rachel says that it is personal and Dani reiterates that what they did last week with Dominic was the reason they are up. Rachel says that “now you are getting your revenge by tearing my heart out”(Rachel Reilly, BB13, Ep.12, CBS). Danielle explains that it is not revenge, it is a game move. Rachel still thinks Danielle is just a mean girl and she sucks at this game.

The players that will be participating in the veto competition are: Danielle, Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Adam the Elf and Porsche. Jeff wants to win the veto to secure his and Jordan’s safety. Dani is also happy that Jeff will be playing in the veto. Adam and Porsche do not make a big impact on the game. Neither will use the veto if they win so they are more so just speed bumps along the road to veto. Lawon is chosen to host the veto. Jeff and Jordan are treading lightly with Dani. They are taking baby steps with her and next week they may try to back door her.

Its TIME for the Veto Competition...literally
In this veto competition timing is everything. When the players go into the back yard there are miniature versions of competitions that they have played. They have to make an estimate of how long they think it will take to complete a specific mini competition. The person who writes the shortest amount of time has to play the competition and finish before the time they wrote down or else they will be eliminated. If they complete the competition then the person who wrote down the longest amount of time is eliminated.

Round 1: The bubble gum chew. Rachel writes the fastest amount of time which is 2 minutes. Adam writes the slowest amount of time. Brendon cheers on Rache. Kalia describes the cheering as how they would be in the sack. Rachel completes the competition with 11 seconds to spare and Adam is eliminated. Adam puts Rachel on the naughty list this year for knocking him out.

Round 2: The veto puzzle. Rachel writes the fastest amount of time again which is 38 seconds. Porsche wrote the slowest amount of time. Rachel is good at puzzles but she is not able to complete it within 38 seconds and she is eliminated from the competition. She came very close and a few more seconds would have done it.

Round 3: The hairy spelling competition. Jeff does not want to spell so he is going to write a high number. Danielle assumes that Brendon will write a very short time since he is a “cocky arrogant hot head”. So Danielle decides to write a fast time hoping to be just a few seconds higher then he is. Danielle’s time is the shortest with only 29 seconds and she has to compete. Brendon gives a cocky comment and then Dani competes, she tries to go fast but does not finish the word in time and is eliminated.

Round 4: The cow milking. Jeff decides he wants to play so he writes down a number that he think he can win in. Porsche is having nightmares of this competition, so she puts a high number. Jeff comes very close and is only seconds off from winning this round. Jeff is eliminated just as his jug over flows with milk.

Round 5: The mini putt. Brendon and Porsche are the remaining players. Brendon writes down the fastest time and has to compete the competition in 33 seconds. Brendon wins the competition with only 3 seconds to spare.
Brendon has WON the POV. Rachel jumps into his arms in celebration.

Brendon decides that he is going to use the POV to save Rachel but that they are going to make everyone think that he will use it on himself. He seems to think that by making Dani think he is saving himself and then actually saving Rachel that he is pulling one off on her? Jeff is pissed at himself for loosing the veto competition. After the veto Shelly goes into the HOH very jumpy and suspiciously and asks Dani who she wants to go home. Dani tells her that it depends on Rachel and Brendon because they have the veto. After Shelly leaves, Dani and Kalia talk about how her behavior is sketchy. Dani is betting that Brendon will save Rachel.

Jeff and Jordan go up to HOH to talk to Dani. Dani genuinely wants to keep both Jeff and Jordan. Dani is nervous that Brendon might take himself off the block and she doesn’t know who will be safe sitting beside Rachel. Jordan offers to go up as a pawn as long as she has the votes. Dani knows that Jordan beside Brendon guarantees that Jordan will be safe but she is not sure if Jordan will be safe against Rachel. Jordan says that if anyone besides her goes up (Porsche for example) then the other person will go home and Brenchel will come after Dani next week. They all agree that Jordan is safer going up. Jeff and Jordan reiterated that Dani will be safe next week as long as Jeff and Jordan both stay.
After the conversation in HOH, Jeff and Jordan ask Brendon what he is going to do. He sticks with the lie that he is going to use it to save himself.
Rachel and Brendon are the next to go to HOH and talk to Dani. Brendon tells her that he will be using the POV on himself. He says that he will make it further in the game. They try to make a last minute deal, they offer her to work with them by putting up a floater like Lawon. Brendon tells her that if she puts someone up that guarantees Rachel’s safety then they will have a clean slate but if not, he will win HOH and come after Dani for vindication. But he thinks making a deal is better for their games. Dani tells them that she will consider it. Dani is concerned that he will be taking himself off the block and she wishes that he would take Rachel off instead.

Which part of Brenchel will stay on the block?
Brendon decides to use the POV on...his fiance Rachel. Rachel acts shocked even though she knew the plan all along. Dani nominated Jordan in Rachel’s place. Dani went along with her original plan with Jeff and Jordan and is very happy that Brendon removed Rachel and not himself from the block. Brendon is gloating in the DR, as if he just screwed up all of Dani’s plans and “got her”, when in reality he helped her. Jordan is hoping she is the pawn...but pawns sometimes go home.

With Brendon gone Brenchel will only be Chel. There is really no question about who will be leaving the Big Brother house. Im willing to bet that it will be 6 to 1 for Brendon to leave tonight. The HOH competition will be more important this week then the eviction. Tonights episode will also feature Evil Dick and Julie will probably unveil the twist that America will get to impact the game with. My bet is still on a player coming back.

Happy Eviction Day my friends