Daniele Underestimates the Viewers.

In my opinion, Daniele has severely underestimated the intelligence of the average Big Brother viewer. It seems that she is relying upon us (the viewers) to become temporarily inflicted with short-term memory loss as shown in her conversations, actions and decisions.

Daniele said that she put up Brendon and Rachel because they turned against her when she tried to make a deal with them. Yet she almost never talks about what that deal was. (It was for Rachel and Brandon to go against members of her own alliance, Jeff and Jordan.) It may have been advantageous for Rachael and Brendon to have brought that fact up and more out into the open for discussion. Daniele wanted Rachel and Brendon to join forces with her against Jeff and Jordan. Yet, Daniele had the golden key and couldn’t participate, leaving all the battling to Rachel and Brendon. It would have been a bad move strategically on Rachel and Brendon’s part to accept her proposal. Why would they want to break off a 5-person alliance to join a 3-person alliance? Negotiating is not one of Daniele’s better skills. Go against their alliance? They wouldn’t. So they didn’t. And that is Daniele’s so-called official reason for putting them on the block? The facts point to another reason.

On a number of occasions Daniele had voiced her concerns about the popularity of Jeff and Jordan with the viewers. Before she was HOH she tried to sway Rachel and Brendon to join her to get them out, proving to us that she wanted Jeff and Jordan out above everyone else. Again, in the “Kalia kitchen tirade” where everyone had grouped together, Daniele admitted to Jeff that HE was her biggest threat in the house and that is why she was campaigning to get him put up on the block. She also did not like the fact that Jeff wanted Dominic out of the house. She also did not like the fact that Jordan was the one that nominated Dominic to be put up on the block. She also did not like the fact that this decision to put Dominic up on the block was the direct result of Dominic’s (her lackey) departure from the Big Brother house. Yet, once HOH and given the chance to put up Jeff and Jordan, she doesn’t do it. Instead she puts up Rachel and Brendon? Huh? It just doesn’t fit any of Daniele’s past reasoning or actions. I find her difficult to believe.

During the nomination ceremony, her reason for putting up Rachel and Brendon was because they weren’t willing to work with her. Really? What makes more sense to many is that she was afraid to personally go after the “popular” Big Brother couple in the house. She wasn’t eager to go against America’s favorite couple, Jeff and Jordan. If you seek fame, you don’t get to be popular by putting up America’s favorite sweethearts. Instead, you pretend that Rachel and Brendon got you so angry from not joining forces with you to oust your (in her words) “biggest threat” Jeff and Jordan, that you instead put them up? I will just say, not likely. I believe she put up Rachel and Brendon because putting up Jeff and Jordan this early would go against the general public consensus. These are valid and clear indications that Daniel’s reason for doing what she does, is drastically different than what she is trying to convince others to believe. She seems to be hoping for an outbreak of mass amnesia to strike the viewing audience.

Perhaps her original game plan was to have others do her dirty work for her --- unfortunately for Dominic, he learned firsthand. She told her dad that she would get further in the game if he wasn’t there. Soon after, she is given possession of a golden key because her partner (her dad) suddenly and unexpectedly leaves the house. (As of this writing, no official explanation has been given as to reason for his departure.) With her dad as her partner she very well could have gone far in the game, as he was a major force to be reckoned with and attracted a lot of attention in the house.

With this golden key in hand, she was safe from having to eat slop, eviction for numerous weeks and more. She could have easily sat back and let the remaining groups in the house fight it out. (On occasion, the producers of Big Brother may actually brainstorm the advantages and implications of implementing a twist into the game.)

In short, the vets (Rachel, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan) would fight against the newbies (Kalia, Shelley, Lawon, Porsche, Adam and Dominic). Daniele was safe. Later on she would simply decide which alliance she wanted to join depending on who surfaced as the stronger alliance. Together she and the newbies could have greatly outnumbered the vets. There would have been the four vets on one side and Daniele along with six newbies on the other side, outnumbering the vets 7 to 4! She had the option to stay safe with the vets or rally with the newbies and create a strong alliance. Instead, she chose to play the game (yet again) by lying around with Dominic just as she had laid around with Nick all day when she was in the house before. I’m beginning to suspect that she signs up to Big Brother in an attempt to find herself a boyfriend.

What’s the purpose for Daniele wanting to break up her own alliance? She was sitting pretty. The others felt bad for her dad leaving the game. She had a powerful position within a group of strong, veteran players. It didn’t make sense. Okay, maybe she wanted to break up the alliance. Maybe she wanted to form a “new” alliance. Nope. She didn’t do that either. Instead, she decided to just pass the time staying up all night schmoozing with Dominic. That’s a tough way to rally a new group of people together...unless you want your new alliance to consist of only two members.

She may have gone into the house with the plan to let other people do her dirty work for her. Not a bad plan. But, she was too short sighted to realize that once she obtained that golden key, she had all she could have ever hoped for, had she just laid low and flew under the radar. Instead, her ego didn’t let her and she got power-hungry. So she chose to send Dominic, a happy, friendly guy, (who may have gone far in this game), but was very new to Big Brother and by the way, NOT a target of the vets, into a battle against strong, veteran players without any backup whatsoever. The results? He quickly got shot down. Oops! Daniele plan gone awry. Sorry Dom! Apparently, you were expendable.

In summary, she had the best seat in the house with the most options available. She could have stayed with the vets. They have the strength, athleticism and past experience on their side ---that wasn’t enough. She could have created a new alliance with the six (6) newbies who were all looking for a home. Nope, that wasn’t enough. (Although admittedly, that would have been a more aggressive move in the game.) But there was no need to do that even. Daniele had a golden key. She was safe from harm. Did she make the best use of that golden key? I don’t believe she ever realized its advantages. She had one of the newbies, Dominic, as her ally. She had the veterans as her allies. All she had to do was play a relaxed and pleasant “social game” to win the trust of the other newbies. (Dr. Will went far with this tactic.) And it’s that trust that would have resulted in additional alliances.

She could have simply sat back and let each side fight it out while none of the blood from the battles ever stained her hands. Her position was golden! She could have still ‘officially’ stayed on the side of the vets, yet use her “safe time”, that the advantages of having the golden key gave her to socialize with the newbies, gain their trust and gradually winning favor with them. She had the most advantageous position in the house.

Her greed and ego got in the way of any logical strategizing. Basically...she blew it. She runs on an inflated feeling of superiority over others and gives little thought behind her decisions. It blinded her from seeing that she was sitting in the best seat in the house and ally Dominic, out of the house.

Unfortunately, the viewers are left to continue to endure her vicious sarcastic comments callously directed at everyone, while she continuously whines about how unfair things are until the day when she [finally] exits the Big Brother house.

- My Opinion