#BBOTT Last Moments:Pride For Final Three. #BBOTTWarriors- All 

I'm sure the families of Jason Roy, Kryssie Ridolfi and Morgan Willet, are proud of how their loved ones carried themselves; especially during their last stressful hours inside the #BBOTT House...

They should be for the Final Three displayed friendship, class and trust in the last hours, moments between them.

The last day in the #BBOTT House seemed to drag on and on.The tension was excruciating.

There were no more competitions to be played. No more moves to be made.

After they gave their final speeches the night before, a giant weight was lifted.They were almost free. Poised right at the edge between fame, fortune and freedom... Confinement and leaving.

But the tension never really lessened. They wouldn't find out untill the next night, which one of the three of them won.

I spent that last day with them. I know I wasn't alone.
And neither were they. We watched and heard them commiserate and remember; rest and worry. Saw them sleep then scurry... round to pack & get ready.

Through it all they were easy, relieved and friendly with one another.

The possibility of losing- the power of possibly winning -both lay like heavy, heady weights, in the background.Yet they did not act like enemies.

As time went on, the more time spendt alone, they became orphaned allies. Then again of course they would bond. It's what makes us human; reaching for connection, comfort, friendship.

There's a vulnerability, an exchange of trust , if you will, when giving up one's' power -even for something like a makeover. But when Morgan finished doing an understatedly, complementary & professional job on Kryssie's makeup, Kryssie was bowled over.

"I'm going to give you a hug now. Oh my god! That's great! Can't even remember when I wore falsies.(eyelashes.) Had to be in a photo shoot. Thank you.

"I look like a lady. And I have cheekbones."

Morgan was beaming."You're so welcome," she said. Obviously pleased that Kryssie was pleased.

Meanwhile Jason was getting some much needed sleep.
Of course he was woken.

And they still had so much time to kill.

While waiting for the very end, there was some relief.

I was impressed. The end was nigh. But they'd survived. And they cared for one another like friends.

The three together at the end
were soon to leave this fishbowl.
Their cacooned world was about to explode...

They were ready before eight.

They sat close together, almost frozen with fear.
Well, at least at first.
But then Jason got silly. And they tried to joke, even as the tension tightened and threatened to choke.

It all came down to this.
And then they were singing.
Only this time no one from #BB Production told them to stop.

Finally it was time, each one of the three, one at a time, had a professional, never before seen, montage, tracing their path to the end.

I ended up rewinding, rewatching. Then realized I might miss what was happening, finally, live.

The audience was filled with families and friends; former houseguests, past BB winners & most likely a few members of BB royality.

I really enjoyed the montages, and the way Julie Chen handled the very end of this, 1st of its kind, online only,
Big Brother project called #BigBrotherOverTheTop

The diary room montage was hysterically priceless.

Just the Best!

I found myself laughing out loud.
Clapping along.
Really enjoying myself.

Enjoyed the rest too like the...Clip of Justin rocking out/zoning out, like he did so often inside the house, was priceless.

And getting Danielle to profess her love, when Julie asked the-(sadly shorn of his lovely,long,locks)-Shane, was fab.

But then it was time.

When Kryssie came in 3rd place ... She must have been disappointed. But she didn't act surprised. Handled it like a champ. Walked out to cheers as Jason & Morg quitely, modestly, congratulated themselves.

When asked, Kryssie said she hoped that Jason, her "ride or die" would win.

Then it was down to the final two.

In a house split as the Fandom's been; down the middle; fighting like cats & dogs. Guess it's no surprise to find that there was only something like 20,000 votes between them.

That the winner was Morgan... gotta say, that shocked me.

Hell, it shocked her.

Don't know if Jason will ever recover.

I knew it would be close.

Knew it would be neck&neck.
Knew about the push for a Jason win.
Knew about the #JasonNationtrend.

So in the end I thought that would push Jason to the end. Plus, I knew how much he needed the money,
And I've never, ever liked surprises.

Doesn't mean I'm not happy Morgan won. Just totally wasn't expecting that outcome.

But I also know Morgan totally proved herself.

Left all alone, stripped of her alliance, she handled herself with grace and strength.

She may not have been a #BBSuperfan

Nor a #BBfan, born&bread.

But she came through the fires a

For she won when she had to.

Left all alone, she stood on her own.

She then propelled herself forward like a

Certainly became deserving of the title #BigBrotherWinner

So, when the winner was announced, the final three handled it with aplomb.

I was happy for Morgan.

But I was was truly proud of all of them.

By Cindy Rutolo Dietrich, @BBwriterCRD 12/1/16