Sunday August 14th 2011

Brendon is Back and the Celebrating Begins
When Brendon is announced as America’s favourite Rachel is ecstatic. Kalia says that it is her worst nightmare and feels bad about Lawon. Dani is mad because the four vets are reunited. Jordan is relieved that she doesn’t have to babysit Rachel anymore because she was stressing her out. Rachel is not the only one that is excited to have Brendon back. When the house guests get back into the house after Brendon has beat Lawon Jordan, Jeff, Brenchel, Adam and Shelly go into the purple fortune teller room and celebrate. The group joins in a love circle and jumps up and down in celebration. Adam decided to pick a side and team up with the veterans to get himself further. Danielle is very angry and makes comment that things like that are why you have to go with your initial instincts. Kalia is shocked that America voted for Brendon over Dominic and feels like everything she did as HOH was for nothing. Kalia, Danielle and Porsche now see how the house is split and that Shelly, who they thought was their ally is not with them at all. Everyone leaves Brenchel alone in the fortune teller room and they hug and re-unite. Rachel tells Brendon a sob story about Kalia and Dani threatening her the whole week, but she was surprised that Danielle voted for her to stay in the house. Rachel tells Brendon that last night she overheard Shelly talking about a final three deal with Jeff and Jordan. They show a clip of last night when Rachel appeared to be sleeping and Shelly and Jordan were talking about no one suspecting that Jordan, Jeff and Shelly are together. Brendon does not want Shelly getting between his alliance. In the kitchen Adam talks to Shelly about joining the veteran alliance as opposed to the other alliance were only one player could protect him versus Jeff, Rachel and Brendon on the vets side. Dani tells Kalia that they only have each other and it is imperative that Dani wins HOH especially now with Brenchel back together since she is public enemy number one.

“Count On America”
This HOH is all about numbers and is called count on America. Which is exactly what Brendon just had to do to get voted back into the house. When the house guests go into the back yard there are stations. Each station represents a state that each of the remaining house guests are from. There is a cut out of the shape of the state with the name cross it and something that each is known for. Each station has a small quantity of the object the state is known for as well as a the large quantity of the item beside it. The house guests have a few moments to look at each station and then they must go to a podium. They will be shown the items and based on the smaller amount of the items they must estimate how many of those items the large quantity contains. The answer will be a number. The person who is furthest away from the correct number is eliminated. Dani is nervous because she says that she is not good at numbers. Brendon and Jeff seem confident and are already counting at each station. The veterans have the numbers working for them because they have 6 playing and are safe as long as neither Dani nor Porsche win this competition.
Round 1: Louisiana is Shelly’s home state. Known for Mardi Gras. On the podium are 5 beaded necklaces. How many are hanging from the silver tree?
The correct amount of necklaces is 673. Rachel guessed 1500 and was eliminated.

Round 2: Chicago, Illinois is where Big Jeff hails from. Known for Deep Dish Pizza. On one pizza there is 25 pepperonis. How many are on the two jumbo pizza’s?
The correct amount of pepperonis is 761. Jordan guessed 1450 and was eliminated.

Round 3: Miami, Florida is where Porsche is from. Known for its night life. In one martini glass there are three olives. How many olives are in the giant martini glass?
Porsche is confused by the olives...oranges, coconuts or even alligators maybe but olives for Florida?
The correct amount of olives is 1358. Brendon guessed 319 and was eliminated.

Round 4: Las Vegas, Nevada....I wonder who is from VEGAS? how could anyone forget that Rachel is from Vegas! A city famous for cards, gambling and casinos. On the table is a deck of 52 cards. How many playing cards are on the large poker table?
The correct amount of cards is 369. Jeff guessed 523 and was eliminated.

Danielle can’t believe that this is happening and that now Jeff has joined his alliance. She wants to keep it going and get out Shelly and Adam.

Round 5: Hoboken, New Jersey is where Adam calls home. Hoboken is the site of one of the first baseball games every played (also the birth place of Frank Sinatra and where Carlo’s Bakery from Cake Boss is). In the normal sized baseball glove is 5 baseballs. How may baseballs are in the two giant baseball gloves? Adam says he has this one in his glove...
The correct answer is 242. Shelly guessed 120 and was eliminated.

Round 6: Charlotte, North Carolina is where Jordan is from. Known for being First in Flight. On a piece of metal are 12 black rivets. How many rivets are on the airplane propeller?
The correct answer is 224. Adam guessed 111 and was eliminated.

Adam was the last hope for his alliance of 6, all of which he got to sit beside on the side lines.

Final Round: California is where Danielle, Brendon and Kalia all live. The state is known for the California gold rush. In small treasure chest there are 75 gold coins. How many coins are in the large treasure chest.
The correct answer is 2832. Dani guessed 1351 and Porsche guessed 1200.

This means Dani is the winner of HOH. She throws her chalk board in celebration and hops to retrieve her key from Kalia.

Dani wins HOH and the Celebrating Ends
After her win in the DR she says, “Lets go, let the good times roll. I am really really ready to take this house by storm. Once Again” (Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.17, CBS). Kalia is celebrating Dani’s win. Rachel is not pleased and just wants “the girl to stop already”. Brendon, Jordan and Rachel go into the Have Not room. Jordan leaves the room and Brendon asks if this means that him and Rachel will be going on the block again. Rachel tells him no because she was making deals with Kalia and Dani this week. Rachel is hoping that Danielle will want to make a deal with them and maybe they can get Shelly out. In the bubble gum room Kalia, Dani and Porsche dance in celebration. Dani wishes she could see everyone faces and her and Porsche are proud of each other for being the last two standing. Dani wants them to all be scared to death of her because they should be. In the midst of the celebration Rachel walks in the room. Rachel congratulates and hugs Dani and then Dani congratulates her for getting Brendon back. Rachel also thanks Dani for voting for her. Dani is happy to have Porsche on their side...the dark side. Dani sees which side Shelly is on and wants to make everyone crap their pants this week.

In the backyard Jeff gets Shelly to mock interview Jordan for a job. Jordan doesn’t understand Shelly’s questions and she thinks they are hard. When Shelly asks what he weakness is, she answers Science. Jeff says “Jordan might not have the best interview skills. But what the hell I give her the job just cause shes cute” (Jeff Schroeder, BB13, Ep.17, CBS).

Deals with the Devil?
Adam is the first to go up to HOH. He knows that Dani realizes that he is with the other side of the house and he needs to do some damage control to protect himself. The only thing he offers her is that if he wins next week he won’t nominate her. She thinks if he is not with her that he is against her. Next up is Shelly. She asks what Dani is thinking. Dani tells her that she does not know what to do this week because she has been making the wrong game moves. Shelly senses that Kalia and Dani are not pleased with her and she says that she needs to fix it fast. Dani calls her out for celebrating Brendon’s return. Shelly tells them that she makes them feel intimidated and tries to turn it on them. Dani apologizes if she ever made her feel that way. Shelly asks Kalia to leave so she can talk to Dani alone. Kalia is pissed and leaves. Shelly tells Dani that she likes her and would like to be on her side. Dani knows that Shelly is only sucking up because Dani is HOH. Kalia goes and tells Porsche what happened upstairs and Shelly overhears them from the other room. Shelly tells Porsche that she heard everything she said. In the backyard Kalia, Porsche and Shelly talk. Shelly calls them out and tells them that she was with them and they just treated her poorly. Porsche tells her that she heard about her deals and she tried to make a deal with Brenchel. They show a clip of two weeks ago of Shelly trying to make a deal with Brenchel. Shelly denies trying to make a deal and is now furious with Rachel. In DR Shelly denies the deal...even though we just saw it. Shelly has also made final three deals with Jeff and Jordan and just last week tried to make one with Kalia and Dani. Finally Rachel and Brendon go up to the HOH room with Danielle to try and strike a deal. The three of them sit and it is like deja vu of two weeks ago. Dani welcomes Brendon back and asks where she is at. Straight out she tells them if they can try and convince her to keep them then they have a chance. Brendon shows that Dani and them all have to fight to stay in this game and they are all in a bad spot. Brendon tells Dani that she is the biggest target and she disagrees and says that she thinks that Brenchel is. They want to call a truce and wipe the slate clean. Nobody has to know about it and they can move forward. Brendon wants to keep it all between the three of them for however long she wants (even to the end) and they can continue acting as if they are on opposite sides of the house. This deal is tempting and Brendon asks if she feels if she can try them. Dani is honest and says not 100% because if anyone else would have one she would have been nominated. They understand this and Brendon thinks that if any of the three of them want to make it to the final then they should work together because all the people down their not winning will let them take each other out and float to the final two with Jordan. Rachel runs the numbers for her and tells her to take the deal and work with them and put up Shelly and tell Adam that he is a pawn. Dani tells them that they gave her a lot to think about. They all hug and Brenchel leaves the HOH room with a truce. Dani is actually contemplating their offer.

It is nomination time and Rachel is hoping that Dani listened to them and takes their deal seriously. Dani is really going back and forth trying to decide if she should take a risk and trust Brenchel or if she should try and go after them again. Right before the ceremony Shelly is going around and telling Jordan that Rachel is running her mouth and throwing them all under the bus. Shelly says that Rachel is the one passing the information...when in reality it was Shelly playing both sides. The nomination ceremony begins. Dani pulls the first key and Kalia is safe, Porsche is safe, Jordan is safe, Jeffrey is safe, Rachel is safe and Brendon is safe. Rachel and Brendon looked terrified and are now relieved. This means that Shelly and Adam are nominated for eviction. Dani says that everyone must be shocked, but two weeks ago when she nominated Rachel and Brendon for eviction he left the house and now we are back where we started from. She says that she wants to make sure that what she wants to happen, happens for good. Brendon is happy but is hoping the the POV does not get used. Shelly is crying and complaining about Rachel being a liar. Adam says that he needs to win the POV so that he doesn’t get his date with Julie Chen. Dani feels like she is in a good spot this week.