10:32pm BB time

The other HG's are joking amongst each other. Candice swings her hair and mocks the ghetto/Shaniqua comment Aaryn made. Kaitlin asks "what'd she say" to which Aaryn replies "something about black people." Jeremy joins the bash fest. They sit there quietly, perhaps eavesdropping on what the others are celebrating/laughing about.

10:33pm BB time

AARYN: I didn't do this when we won. (about the others celebrating/laughing) We didn't go and rub it in anyone’s face. We just went upstairs ...

Kaitlin responds something about how they behaved classy not like trash.

AARYN: We treated people with respect. I was very respectful with my nomination thing ...and I'm trashy?
JEREMY: Well Helen's been real. It's her alliance members that are... (inaudible)

Aaryn agrees and says it’s her alliance members.

JEREMY: OMG, I can't stand her laugh.
KAITLIN: I can't stand her voice.
JEREMY: ...I can't stand her face either
AARYN: Amanda?
JEREMY: No, Elissa.
AARYN: But Amanda's out there laughing ...
JEREMY: (inaudible)... I just don't like people that have things handed to them and get handed more *****.
KAITLIN: If I get evicted, I'm going to talk so much ***** about this entire situation on national television. (I guess she's referring to the unfair MVP situation)
AARYN: Might as well not try for the HOH competition.

Other houseguests still laughing / celebrating. Candice joking / imitating what she would do after HOH to grab her bed, others are laughing. Aaryn is sitting quietly, perhaps overhearing some of this.

10:38pm BB time

GM walks back in.

KAITLIN: They never sit in that room and talk, the only reason they are doing that is because we're in here. It's all catty.
JEREMY: There's not many other rooms... but yeah.

Aaryn names other rooms they could be in (cockpit, kitchen, bathroom, etc.)

KAITLIN: I feel like I'm back in High School but now I'm on the other side.
AARYN: Like... on the losers side?
KAITLIN: laughs-- yeah!