10:48pm BB time -- Candice enters the room 

CANDICE: Uh... what's going on? (Looks at Kaitlin near her bed propped against the wall)
CANDICE: Why'd you move the bed?
KATLIN: I didn't touch that bed (she moves towards GM's bed and lays there)
CANDICE: Who did it? ... Who touched the bed?

Candice begins fixing her bed back. 

Jessie tells her she doesn't know what happened. She just wanted to get her bed back.

CANDICE: Can you go get Howie please (to Jessie)
JESSIE: I can't, I can't leave my bed.

Jeremy enters.

KAITLIN: Jess took her bed back.
JEREMY: It's okay, we're all gonna have to share anyways.
JESSIE: Well Judd is sleeping here.
JEREMY: There's room for 3.

Jeremy sits on the bed.

JESSIE: I don't want any company right now! This is making me really uncomfortable and I'd appreciate it if you could step off. (Kaitlin laughs in the background)
JEREMY: I'm not gonna sleep on the floor Jess.
JESSIE: Okay, I'm asking you respectfully to get off of my bed.

At this point Aaryn briefly walks in, sees Candice fixing her bed and walks right back out. Kaitlin follows.