GM: Okay, but you have to understand that's a 3-person bed.
JESSIE: Okay, I understand, so one other person can sleep with me and Judd.
GM: Yeah...?
JESSIE: So... but right now, please get off of my bed.
JEREMY: I'm not gonna sleep here right now, I can lay here all I want.
JESSIE: I'm asking you to please get off of the bed.
JEREMY: I'm here talking with gems (GM).
GM: ... But it's not necessarily your bed! -- Kaitlin walks back in
KAITLIN: (inaudible)
JESSIE: I am asking you respectfully to get off of my bed Jeremy.
JEREMY: And I'm respectfully declining right now.
JESSIE: This is my bed... are you seriously gonna tell me ---
KAITLIN: -No one has a bed in this house! Nobody has a bed. (Does hand gestures.)
JESSIE: I've had this bed since day one!
JEREMY: Just because you beat me here right now, doesn't mean you're gonna kick me off.
KAITLIN: Oh my God, this is so high school!
JEREMY: I have no problem with you; I have no problem with you!
KAITLIN: You're 25 years oldddddddd---ah!
JEREMY: I have no problem with you
JESSIE: Then why are you doing this?
JEREMY: I'm just sitting here talking with my friends.

CANDICE: Jessie, that's your bed; that's where you're gonna sleep! (Says some other stuff, inaudible)
KAITLIN: We've like... been sitting in this room for the past hour!
CANDICE: That's cool... that's cool. (Looks at Jessie) That's where you gonna sleep! (Inaudible.. something about hitting pots and pans.)
KAITLIN: Go ahead Candice, that just shows who you are even more.
CANDICE: I don't care (inaudible)
KAITLIN: All you guys are such ... (inaudible... she throws her face into the bed)
GM: The noise doesn't bother me; I'm use to the noise.
JEREMY: ....anyways........ (Kaitlin laughs) Are you better Gems, are you feeling better?
GM: Yeah, a little better.

Talk continues about HN comp and Jeremy disregards Jessie.

10:52pm BB time

Judd (a minute earlier walks out of HOH)
Candice walks towards door. Jessie asks if she can get Judd please. I think as she walks out and door closes, she sees Judd and tells him what's happening. I think she also goes to call Howard. Apparently at this point Judd was really heated when he heard this and took a moment to cool down.

KAITLIN: Still can't be by yourself huh? Can you Jess? (GM/Kaitlin laugh.)
JEREMY: Come on ...come on.... we're past that.

Jeremy changes the subject.

10:53pm BB time 

Candice re-enters room. Aaryn follows shortly after.

JEREMY: Did you get in trouble?
AARYN: (laughs and sits on GM's bed) No, ha-ha!
CANDICE: I know somebody got one more time to flip my bed and it's gonna be all hell in this house!
KAITLIN: Wooo! I didn't see that comin' (shouts sarcastically, laughs)
AARYN: (eyes Candice) Watchu gonna do girl, watchu gonna do? (In stereotypical black girl voice.)

GM: Look at the black girl coming outta you!
AARYN: Do something. Do it right now!
KAITLIN: I would love to see you make a fool outta yourself on national television.
AARYN: I wanna see it right now (continues to mock Candice in stereotypical black voice, does hand gestures to match)
CANDICE: I'm not gonna make a fool outta myself.
AARYN: Well then, don't talk. (Others laugh.)
AARYN: And first of all, I wouldn't even get in your bed anyways with all them crabs.
JEREMY: Oh my gosh...
AARYN: I'm sleeping in this bed anyways (points at GM's bed)
AARYN: But I heard you talking some stupid ***** out there so --
CANDICE: --GOOD! I'm happy :)

Aaryn flips hair with hands and does more stereotypical faces at Candice.

AARYN: Are you? ...what else...

10:53pm BB time -- Howard walks in