10:39pm BB time

Aaryn begins throwing pillows off Candice's bed. 

...and then proceeds to flip her bed against the wall. 

The others laugh about it and a moment later, as Aaryn takes a seat on GM's bed, Jeremy walks out while saying, "Ya'll are crazy!"

Fast-forward a bit.

10:41pm BB time -- HOH reveal 

10:46pm BB time

GM and Jessie leave HOH room and both race back to the room. GM sits on her bed, followed by Jessie a moment later who claims her bed. Kaitlin enters and asks Jessie if she could share that bed since she doesn't have anywhere else to sleep. Jessie declines and says Judd and her are sleeping there. Kaitlin props herself on the bed anyways. Jessie apologizes but tells her there's another open bed that you can find. Kaitlin asks where to which Jessie replies, "I'm in mine... so I'd appreciate it if you could get out please."

KAITLIN: Oh my God. (She gets off bed and moves away. You wanna talk about immature now... that's awesome.)
GM: Kaitlin you can sleep over here.
KAITLIN: Yeah that's fine.